CBD Diesel Marijuana Seeds

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More About CBD Diesel (1:1)

Medicine That Tastes Like Fuel

CBD Diesel (1:1) is predominantly an Indica hybrid that is a cross between three very famous strains known to us as Critical Mass, AK-47, and Dieseltonic. This hard-hitting strain is known for its award-winning lineage, but its long-lasting effects are not to be underestimated as well.

Bred specifically to provide a healthier option for those who want to smoke weed without getting overwhelmed by the cerebral buzz, CBD Diesel (1:1) gently eases the user into a state of euphoria until the full effects settle in. The body high will result in a relaxing experience for the user. The strain is most notable for its health benefits, which include healing from pain, glaucoma, arthritis, and migraine while also lulling you to sleep.

This Indica dominant hybrid gives off a very pungent aroma; hence indoor growth is highly recommended for cultivators of this strain. With its sweet and sour taste, one can expect a good time with this hybrid as well as be the receiving end of its healing properties.


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