CBD OG Kush (1:1) Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Enjoy a satisfying high and a body stone with CBD OG Kush. It has very high CBD levels to help you conquer different medical issues plus, its fantastic lemon and spice scent and aroma will make you come back for more. It should be grown indoors to cultivate heavy and tight CBD buds.

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More About CBD OG Kush

The OG Strain Just Got Even Better

OG Kush is probably the most popular cannabis strain in the world. Many have enjoyed its blissful high and body stone. CBD OG Kush is an addition to the OG Kush line by increasing the CBD levels of the strain. Made by crossing the parent strain with an unknown CBD strain, this is the medical
variant of the popular strain.

When smoking this weed, one could taste the lemon flavor with a hint of spicy herb. The original OG Kush would have a potent high, but this hybrid strain offers subtle effects than its parent strain. Upon smoking, users would immediately feel a buzz that covers the entire body but with a mix of mental clarity. On top of that, users will be happy to know that this hybrid cannabis has a lot to offer on the medical front with its high anti-inflammatory and relaxant properties.

Made to be grown indoors due to its low resistance to diseases, CBD OG Kush is a grower’s dream strain to cultivate with its above-average yield.

2 reviews for CBD OG Kush (1:1) Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Harley Neston

    Harley Neston

    Not going to lie, this still smacked even for a CBD strain! Really enjoyed the body stone of this OG version. Took me a couple of hits to really get going but it was actually decent for a medical strain. Its also got some og tastes, very skunky with an earthy finish. Grew chunky buds that were very coated and pungent! Loved the easy procedures, its a convenient choice to have

  2. Avatar for Amy


    Its satisfying high and body stone made me enjoy the product more. Most especially, truly, its lemon and spice scent were all fantastic. Not just that, it aroma made me taste it again and again.

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