CBD Shiskaberry x Candida Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Take advantage of CBD Shiskaberry x Candida’s amazingly high CBD levels to reduce pain, anxiety, stress, and depression. You’ll experience a euphoric high as you work on different tasks throughout the day. It’s best grown indoors or inside a greenhouse to control its growing environment. This way, you’ll grow its large and potent CBD-rich buds.

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Additional Information

More About CBD Shiskaberry x Candida

Your New Favorite Bedtime Weed

CBD Shiskaberry x Candida is mostly an Indica due in part of its shared heritage to an Afghani strain. However, what truly makes this hybrid strain shine is its CBD content. Bred to produce more CBD than its predecessor, this strain has at least 18% CBD level, which is way more than what other strains has to offer.

The earthy and citrus flavor also makes it very enticing for a lot of cannabis enthusiasts, while its wide variety of medical benefits cater to the medical marijuana community. Its main medical effects include anti-anxiety and depression. This hybrid marijuana is also a key solution to stress and pain.

With its euphoric high that promotes good and happy feelings, CBD Shiskaberry x Candida is a great weed that serves different groups within the marijuana community. When growing this strain, it is best to keep it inside a greenhouse where the temperatures are more controlled.

1 review for CBD Shiskaberry x Candida Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. 5 out of 5


    CK is a great company and it made me purchase every time I desire to try other types of seeds. I will surely recommend this to my friends as well because of how fast and efficient is your service. Great job, CK!

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