How Long Does Weed Last in Your System?

how long does weed last

After a night of relaxation and peace, or a night of intense parting and fun, the powerful hit of marijuana starts to lower down, and by the end of the next day, the body is already free of any aftermath. And as easy as that, another marijuana filled experience is written in the book. However, one question would linger – how long does weed last?

How long does weed last in the system? Beginner users may forget to know about this, and the realization of not knowing may lead to frantic researches and a pounding heart. Unless there is a surprise drug test the next day or weeks, there is no need to panic. There are different studies done in order to get a range of days, if not the exact one.

There are different factors that would affect how long the weed last in the system. The chemical found in the marijuana names Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC stays in the body for days or weeks. The factors on how long the THC stays depends on different factors such as body fat, the amount of marijuana intake, how often it is taken, and the test’s sensitivity. Thus, every marijuana smoker and the user must be knowledgeable of this fact.

How long does weed last according to Scientific researches

Unlike alcohol that can dissolve from the body in a few hours, marijuana is harder to dispel and stays longer. The THC chemical can be detected in the person’s blood, urine, and hair for a few days after usage. On the other hand, THC in saliva lasts only for a couple of hours. Since THC is lipid-soluble, it clings primarily to the body’s fat, thus prolonging the time before it gets excreted.

Researches about the specific time frame vary. The researches expand the different cases depending on how often marijuana is smoked and the different kind of tests done. According to the research, for first time users or smokers, it takes three days for the weed to stay and the test to identify it. For smokers and users who have a weekly intake of three to four times, it will stay and get identified for a period of five to seven days. For those who take their daily intake once or more every day, then it may stay and get identified for thirty to ninety days or more. These are very crucial in knowing the general overview of how long does weed last in the system.

How long does weed last and the tests to prove it

These sensitive and effective tests will also help determine how long does the weed last in the system. Get to know these tests better.

Urine Test to know how long does weed last

The most common one test to know how long does weed last is the urine test since it is easy, effective, fast, and practical. Not only can it determine marijuana intake but other drugs as well. What is needed is for the person to give a sample of fresh urine, which a doctor or a lab technician will analyze. The analysis will identify if the person used drugs for the past days or even weeks. It can also identify the influence of the worn off drugs. This is the best option in knowing how long does weed last in the system.

When using drugs, a beginner or single-use has the detection time of three days. If the person used four times a week, the detection time is from five to seven days, while the daily intake of marijuana will have a detection time of ten to fifteen days. A person who uses once or more daily would have a detection time of more than thirty days. The urine tests give quick results. It could take a few days, or on the day the test is done.

Saliva Test

Another way to answer the question, how long does weed last in the system is the saliva test. A saliva test has the same short detection window and would only be effective in identifying marijuana if a time frame of twenty for hours after the use. Also known as a mouth swab drug test, this test is next in line to the urine test in terms of practicality and also use as an alternative. The most common mouth swab test is for knowing the amount of alcohol a driver may have.

It is easier to conduct. This is done using a stick with a sponge or an absorbent paper on one end, like cotton buds with only on cotton end. Then it will swab the inside of the cheek. The sample is then examined for any traces. Samples taken to the lab might take twenty-four hours for the result, while some testing kits and devices, like the road-site test for DUI, give results in just a couple of minutes.

Blood test

The weed, once smoked and taken, goes directly into the bloodstream and will remain for days. Weed can be identified in the blood for one to two days, but for heavy users, it can be possible to be identified up to twenty-five days

A blood test for marijuana detection is also one way of knowing how long does weed last in the system. The blood drug test is the most expensive yet recognized to be the most reliable but only during the detective window time frame since it has a shorter detection window. The test only works when a person gets a blood test three to four hours after taking marijuana. Thus, once positive, the result is considered accurate and true. However, due to its cost, this test is rarely conducted. The procedure is easy; the blood is extracted from the vein and is analyzed by the experts in the laboratory.

Hair Drug Test

To know how long does weed last in the system, the hair drug test will also help to determine. Tests similar to the urine test determines the marijuana use in the past few days, while the hair drug test identifies any marijuana or drug use for the past two months or ninety days.

To conduct the test, there is a need to cut a small amount of hair from the crown; then, the sample will get examined in the laboratory. The hair is maybe styled, dyed, and even washed, but these things won’t affect the result and accuracy of the drug test. Negative results can be identified within twenty hours. Positive results will be confirmed after seventy-two hours since a second test is done to completely confirm the positive result.

How long does weed last and the factors that may affect it

There are many factors what would affect how long does weed last in a person’s body and system. Each person differs, and there is no absolute count. Even after a few days or even months, it can still be identified somewhere in the system.

One factor is the regularity of the intake. If a person frequently smokes and takes marijuana, the THC is already in the blood and in the system and may take a longer time before it gets completely out. The second is the amount of THC content intake. Since the level of THC contents varies in marijuana plants, the higher the hit is, the longer the chemical remains in the system. The way of using marijuana is also one factor. Smoked marijuana has a few hours or days of detection time, while the edibles may remain longer since they are broken down slower. The weight of the user will also matter. A person with a lesser fat has a high possibility of ridding the THC content
faster. Someone who has a good lifestyle such as exercise, sleep, and a good diet also has a faster chance of getting the THC off the body.

There are also tricks that could work to take marijuana out of the system faster. The person can decrease the THC content in marijuana when smoking it. A disciplined habit will do the trick. Observe also the proper hydration; fluids and water can scrape off a high concentration of THC chemicals. However, avoid gulping too much for it can lead to a positive result.

Speeding up metabolism is also one factor. However, this is difficult to do. On the way to digest THC is by exercising. Do not do strain exercises, and on the days near to the drug test days. This might give a positive result. The determining factor will always lie on the day or time of the last exposure from the drug. All these are the determining factor that helps understand how long does weed last in the system.


How long does weed last? It is still in the unclear path, considering all the factors presented. It is different for every person. One may be shorter for another, but longer for someone else. There are determining factors that make each person a unique case. The weed is a person’s system is not necessarily harmful unless a certain test is done to confirm it. If a beginner is concerned with the chemical staying in the body for too long, then it would be helpful to start with a small amount of marijuana. There are also home tests available to people who want to know whatever the concern may be.

Though the amount of time or how long does weed last in the system is not accurately identified, there is no need to worry. Unless, when employment concerns would start doing tests to check on their employees. That is why it is still recommendable to use marijuana responsibly and well.

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