How to Tell if Someone Smokes Weed

how to tell if someone smokes weed

Marijuana of cannabis has long been used for either medical or recreational use. The legalization of marijuana in almost 30 states and several countries has given cannabis enthusiasts access to used or grow cannabis either for recreation or for medicine. Even though marijuana is getting more popular, there are still social stigmas that are attached to using weed, and people are also curious about how to tell if someone smokes weed.

What is marijuana?

Marijuana or cannabis comes by many names. It is is also called weed, pot, reefer, grass, Mary Jane, Aunt Mary, dope, ganja, hash, and herb, among others. This is one of the most abused drugs in the whole world. The legality of marijuana in many states and countries has given access to consumers to smoke or use the weed. As we all know, cannabis is also very helpful in the medical field as it is being used in the treatment of a variety of medical conditions.

There stigma attached to the use of this plant. Even though it is gaining popularity and increasing acceptance from the general public, some still think negatively and associate marijuana with different aberrant activities. Because it now widely being used in some areas, it is important to know and how to tell if someone smokes weed.

What are the effects of Marijuana?

The effects of marijuana depend on the type and quality of the strain. It is also unique in every person. Depending on the dosage and the type, the impact can be minimal. It can let you feel relaxed and stress-free while some effects may let you feel energized, creative, and happy. It increases sensory perception experiences.

How is Marijuana taken?

The high from marijuana can last for a few hours. It depends on the user’s tolerance and the potency of the weed. Marijuana can be taken in several ways. The following methods are some of the ways marijuana is being used:

  • Smoking: this is done by using a bong or rolling papers to smoke the weed.
  • Edibles: drinking or eating cannabis a different effect as it goes directly through your bloodstream. Edibles can be food or drinks that contain cannabis. These products can produce powerful, powerful, full-body, psychoactive effects.
  • Vapors: this is usually used by health-conscious cannabis consumers. This method uses a vaporizer to heat the herb at a high temperature to extract the THC and CBD. During the heating process, the harmful toxins are being released.
  • Tincture or ink: liquid cannabis extract used by consumers who are looking for controlled dosage with fast-acting effects.

How To Tell if Someone Smokes Weed?

As mentioned earlier, Marijuana is one if not the most commonly used illicit drug in the world. While the drug is considered to be safe, research shows that it can affect memory, thinking, and learning functions. Because of this, it is important to know and recognize the signs of marijuana use and if the person is using marijuana.

In general, these are the symptoms are some of the most common that someone is on marijuana:

  • Red, bloodshot eyes – this is the most common physical sign that a person is smoking weed. This physical symptom is followed by dry eyes as well.
  • Loss of focus during a conversation – a person who is high in smoking weed, cannot hold a normal conversation. That person cannot focus on one topic as ideas seem to flow in mind. He may go from one conversation to another, drifting from one topic to the next.
  • Increase in appetite – binge eating is one of the most common effects of marijuana. Marijuana can boost the appetite; that is why it is often used in the medical field to help cannabis patients who are suffering from a loss of appetite. As cannabis can drain your energy after the high, it will compensate it by boosting your appetite.
  • Lack of Energy – depending on which type of cannabis that you have taken, some cannabis can make you feel too relaxed to the point that you become lazy or leave you in a couch-lock state. There are also marijuana strains that will induce sleep. In this case, you become too lazy to move.
  • Hyperactive – The high from some strains will boost the energy and will make you feel “pumped up”. Marijuana can boost creativity and also productivity.
  • Loss of motivation – the lack of energy results in a lack of motivation. It results in a lack of interest in joining physical activity and social interaction. Excessive sleeping may also contribute to this behavior.
  • Bad sleeping habits – some strains can induce sleep and sucks up energy. No matter the time of day, it can bring you to sleep, and if it becomes a habit, the sleeping pattern is no longer healthy.
  • Paranoia or a sense of panic – the person becomes overly sensitive and becomes paranoid with simple matters. This behavior may include suspicious thoughts. They may think that everyone is after them.
  • Poor Coordination – the person may have poor emotional and physical coordination. This may result in uncoordinated physical movement that they tend to become clumsy most of the time.
  • Legal or Financial problems – the irresponsible use of marijuana may result in legal and financial problems as the person will need money to buy his supply of marijuana. The individual may spend his money on obtaining the drug. The legal problem also may involve the transport of marijuana to a place where it is not legal.
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia – a person smoking weed should have rolling papers, roach clips pipes, bongs, and other items. Also, since marijuana can be ingested, check if they might have had eaten some food or took some marijuana-infused product.


How to tell if someone smokes weed is very important to be able to understand the behavior that a person manifests if they are under the influence of this drug. Marijuana is a very beneficial drug. Taken in moderation, it can ensure pleasant effects and avoid unpleasant ones. The goal is to experience a nice comfortable high that can lead to enjoyable social interaction, boost creativity, productivity, and release stress. Most marijuana users enjoy the mild level of intoxication that allows them to stay mentally alert and enhances normal functions such as eating, walking, working, or relaxing—moderation in all things. Be a responsible smoker.

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  1. Wouldnt you say that this list is the extremes? More of is someone is abusing weed rather than using it sparingly for anxiety? For example, I know someone who actually uses weed to think better. His mind is overactive and weed actually helps him to narrow his focus.

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