Why Crop King Seeds Is The Best Marijuana Seed Bank You Can Have?

marijuana seed bank

There are quite a number of reputable seed banks today. But, why is Crop King Seeds the best? Crop King Seeds has been in the industry since 2005. This company started from having one-employee, shipping from an apartment in Canada. It has evolved significantly and became a full-scale, world-class marijuana seed bank and selling in over 200 stores in Canada today.

Crop King Seeds stand out from the other seed banks primarily because they have been scouring different parts of the world for the most potent and reliable cannabis strains from all over. Since the early 2000s, they have teamed up with numerous breeders to be able to produce and offer a variety of marijuana seeds. They also guarantee at least 80% seed germination to provide customers the best experience possible. In which, today, they widely recognized as one of the leaders in the industry.

Crop King Is The Best Online Seed Bank

When you check CKS website and browse over the selection of cannabis seeds, you will notice right away that their variety is not as wide as the other marijuana seed banks. This has a positive outcome though. Crop King Seeds meticulously engineer each strain offered. They designed the seeds with precision and careful experimentation. They offer the best marijuana strains for large yields, a high level of THC, perfect for any growing conditions. Customers are assured that the seeds will grow and produce a powerful marijuana plant.

When you are planning to buy cannabis seeds online, the first thing to look for is the company’s reputation. Can they be trusted? Are they able to deliver good quality seeds discreetly? Is it safe to transact with them? These are the first questions that pop up your mind. When we talk about reputation, Crop King Seeds is unparalleled. The company continues to amaze its customers by product, delivery, and customer care. Reviews are majorly positive. Satisfied and happy clients continue to trust and order again from CKS, and seeds are now available in more than 200 stores in Canada for 2020.

Crop King Most Potent Strains 2020

Making up for their limited variety are the CKS’s most potent strains for this year 2020:

  1. Crowne Royale is a signature variety of Crop King Seeds. It is good for both indoor and outdoor grows and is classified as moderate growth. Crowne Royal is suggested for both recreational and medical purposes.
  2. Dark Angel is the favorite of that novice grower.
  3. White Cookies are easy to grow. Users love this for its medicinal effects. It is used to treat pain, loss of appetite, nausea and mood issues.
  4. Purple Kush is famous for its purple leaves and strong smoky dense taste. It has an extremely THC level with a distinctly pungent scent. This is perfect when you want to experience a deep level of calm.
  5. Candy Cane is one of CKS sweetest-fruity tasting autoflowering strains. The seeds are very easy to grow and give a long-lasting euphoric high.
  6. CB Dream CBD Feminized has high CBD and low THC levels made for medical cannabis growers. This seed is classified as “very easy to grow” and is a crowd favorite.
  7. White Cookies Feminized Marijuana Seed is made up of two famous strains. The White Widow and Girl Scout Cookies rolled into one.
  8. Feminized Mix Pack is perfect for the indecisive growers. It includes all the classic strains along with Crop King Seeds’ unique breeds in one pack.
  9. Autoflower Feminized Mix Pack is composed of 9 autoflowering strains in one convenient mix. This variety is known as the mix and match pack of CKS cream of the crop seeds.

Check out Crop King Seeds for more amazing marijuana seed strains today! For more details on the products, payment, shipping, and delivery, visit www.cropkingseeds.com.

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