Crop King Seeds Can Now Officially Sell Marijuana Seeds in USA

marijuana seeds USA

A number of states in the US have finally legalized marijuana seeds, both for medical and recreational use. Although the law on cannabis possession can be shady, depending on the state and between growing the seeds and cultivation or experimentation purposes. Nonetheless, Crop King Seeds is proud to tell you that they can now officially ship marijuana seeds USA.

Growing seeds at home are comparable to enjoying a freshly cooked meal with ingredients harvested from your own garden. There is a feeling of satisfaction most especially to the grower. To be able to produce the product out of hard work, patience, and dedication. This is the same as growing marijuana seeds, which is better than relying on a dealer. If you ever enjoyed gardening, owning pets or nurturing living things, you will surely enjoy cultivating cannabis. Another advantage when you grow your own is that you control every detail, from start to finish.

Crop King Seeds Is Now A Marijuana Seeds USA

Crop King Seeds now delivers to the US a unique satisfaction with its marijuana seeds. They guarantee 80% germination success, and customers experience a 100% success rate in growing them. If by any chance you receive a seed that fails to grow, contact their customer service and they will arrange to send you new seeds, free of charge. The quality of customer service is exceptional. They have agents available to assist you 24/7. You can reach them by phone, email or live chat on their website.

Ranking as one of the best cannabis seed banks all over the world, Crop King Seeds is a pioneer and one of the first companies selling professional marijuana seeds online. Worldwide shipping started in 2012 and people have loved their seeds. They are also a recipient of Top Seed Company Award in 2017 in the Canadian Cannabis Awards.

Since the beginning, CKS has been dedicated to quality and genetic strength when it comes to strain selection. Most of the strains that are shipped worldwide are completely their own. They have a wide variety available, so you can choose the perfect breed. Whether you want Indica, Sativa or hybrid marijuana CKS has them all for you. Check their website to see what strains are available. Each product has a detailed description to help you choose.

Crop King Marijuana Seeds in Bulk Orders to USA

Are you thinking of ordering marijuana seeds online and delivered to the US? No worries, CKS has it all covered. They offer a few different levels of flat rate shipping depending on your location. You can either choose the $10 regular mail or $30 express mail that includes tracking. Packaging plays a big role in each transaction you make with CKS. They take discretion seriously. With stealth shipping, your package will be unnoticeable and undetectable for your safety. Making sure that the product is delivered at your doorstep without a hassle.

Happy Shopping!

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