Medical Marijuana for Insomnia – Here’s What You Need to Know

medicinal marijuana for insomnia

The perception of the general public is slowly changing about the most illicit drug used worldwide. The most important thing is that the laws governing the use of cannabis are giving the public access to the use of marijuana for recreational and, most importantly, for medical use. The use of cannabis as a remedy for pain has long been acknowledged, and medical marijuana for insomnia is also a hot topic.

The increasing vote of the use of cannabis or marijuana for medical and recreational use within almost 30 states in the United States of America, including Washington D.C and also in other countries, is creating hype and support as it is getting popular than ever. The history of cannabis being used for medical use dates back hundreds of years ago when people tried to use cannabis for many reasons, especially therapeutic reasons, especially in relieving pain and alleviating anxiety or managing mood disorder.

What is insomnia?

In simpler terms, insomnia is the difficulty of getting or falling to sleep. It is a common sleep disorder that deprives the person to get enough sleep or hard to fall asleep or get any sleep at all. The condition can be acute (Short-term, 1 night to a few weeks) or chronic (long-term, more than 3 weeks, months, or more).

There are several types of insomnia. The primary and secondary type of insomnia.

  • Primary insomnia – sleep problems are not linked to any health problems or conditions.
  • Secondary insomnia – this is a condition when insomnia is due to a particular health condition like depression, asthma, arthritis, heartburn, cancer, pain, or substance abuse.

The causes of insomnia will depend on the type of symptoms that you experience.

Short term insomnia:

  • Stress – this can be big life events like a loss of a loved one, moving, separation, divorced or moving
  • Things that might disturb your self like temperature, noise or light
  • Change to a sleep schedule, bad sleeping habits, and other sleeping problems.

Long term insomnia:

  • Behavioral o mental health issue (anxiety, depression, trauma)
  • Medications for a particular medical condition such as cold, asthma, high blood pressure, and allergies.
  • Discomforts due to a particular medical condition
  • Excessive use of caffeine, tobacco, and alcohol
  • Endocrine problems like hyperthyroidism 
  • Sleep apnea or other sleep disorders

Medical Marijuana for Insomnia?

Medical studies showed that marijuana could help treat sleep disorders or insomnia. The subject has been one of the well-studied topics and has shown positive results along with issues concerning mental health such as anxiety and depression. A study published in 2019 showed a positive result. Eighty-three percent (83%) who have been using over-the-counter medications in the past were able to have a better sleep when they began using cannabis for sleep. The study regarding medical marijuana for insomnia has shown positive results.

Research studies conducted the 70s, 80s, and 90s showed positive feedback on the role of cannabis in dealing with sleep problems. The ability of marijuana in inducing sleep is attributed to its sedative effects of the cannabinoid, particularly its tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The terpenes found in a cannabis plant is a promising element that can induce sleep. Terpenes are tiny molecules in the plant that gives its taste and aroma. They have medical benefits form appeasing pain, inflammatory problems and lower the risk of anxiety.

Fortunately, marijuana contains hundreds of different terpenes, and most of them have sedative properties, which are very helpful in curing symptoms of insomnia. Examples of such terpene are Myrcene, Limonene, Terpineol, and Terpinolene, which have been proven to have strong sedative effects.

On the other hand, Phytol and Pinene can shorten the time it takes to fall and phytol, specifically an increase in the amount of sleep. Another important component of cannabis or marijuana is the cannabinoid CBD (Cannabidiol), which is effective in managing anxiety, stress, and pain. On-going studies are being conducted on the role of CBD in promoting sleep. Based on the many studies conducted, researchers have found out that marijuana significantly improved symptoms of insomnia. It showed that CBD has a more significant effect on the symptoms of insomnia than THC. It was also found out that about more than 400 strains can help treat insomnia.

Best Marijuana Strains for Insomnia

Keep in mind that there are hundreds in not thousands of marijuana strains. It is important to know which strain can help you with your sleeping disorder. Choosing the right marijuana strain is a very important part of treating insomnia—there two types of marijuana, Sativa, and Indica.
Sativa-dominant cannabis can boost energy and provide uplifting effects. It can make you feel upbeat. In other words, you don’t need Sativas if you want to sleep. What you need are Indicas or Indica-dominant strains. This is the best choice for treating insomnia. These strains can provide deep relaxation and can induce sleepy feeling or sleep in general. Cannabinol found in Indicas has sedative effects, so strains with high CBN are a perfect choice.

Here is a list of strains that can aid you with insomnia:


To be able to find the ideal marijuana that can help you with your problems with insomnia, you may need to do a little experimenting. It is important to know that the body may react differently to the strains. The best way to start your medication using marijuana is to consult a doctor. Obtain a written recommendation and prescription. 

If insomnia is keeping you up all night, then perhaps it is best to try exploring marijuana as an affordable and natural substitute to over-the-counter drugs. With the legalization of marijuana, more researches are being conducted on the benefits of this herb in the medical field are being explored. Medical marijuana for insomnia has been tested and has shown positive results. If you have suffered enough with over-the-counter sleeping medications, it is about time that you see your doctor and get a prescription, secures a medical marijuana card and shop at a cannabis store or dispensary and get that marijuana strain that will lead you to dreamland.

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