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High CBD & Yield

Type: Indoor / Outdoor
Growing: Easy - Moderate
Flowering Time: 8 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: 80% Indica
Effect: Relaxed High
THC: Moderate
THC%: 12.94%    Laboratory Report THC Chart
CBD: 2.5%      Laboratory Report CBD Chart
CBN: 1.0%      Laboratory Report
Country: Spain Spain
Yield: up to 400gr indoorup to 200gr outdoor
Genetics: Pure Kush X Afghan
Price: 5 Seeds / $60.00
10 Seeds / $90.00
25 Seeds / $185.00
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Marijuana Seeds Canada Black Indica
Our purest Indica strain is ideal for relaxing and social activities. A short and stalky plant with wide leaves that is ideal for medical purposes such as insomnia and mild pain relief. Moderate level of THC and a relaxed high make this fast finishing Indica ideal for beginners.

Black Indica Feminized marijuana seed is easy to grow and it can dwell well in both indoors and outdoors set up. It flowers up to 8 weeks and can produce high yield if grown well with proper growing method, soil, nutrients, light and water.

This Indica dominant strain will make you feel relaxed. Stressed out? Then this is the right strain for you. If you want to relax after a long day of work, then grab some Black Indica bud for your relaxation.

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Black Indica Marijuana Strain Growing, THC & CBD Content,
Flowering Time and Potency

Black Indica strain is the offspring of two of the strongest and most potent marijuana strains we know today: Pure Kush and Afghan. Originated from the country of Spain, Black Indica is predominantly an Indica and can thrive both indoors and outdoors. With a flowering period of around 8 weeks, this is classified as an easy or moderate grow.

Black Indica is a high-yielding strain. Outdoors, yields can reach 200 g. Indoors, that figure shoots up to 400 g. This is not a particularly difficult plant to grow or care for. You can expect maximum yield just by ensuring the best growing conditions. This strain has a moderate amount of THC (12.94%) and a high percentage of CBD (2.5%).

Having a relatively tame Indica effect, Black Indica is ideal for beginners. This is the type of strain you smoke when you want good relaxation while still being able to socialize and interact with friends. There are no extremely psychedelic or couch-locking effects. Everything is perfectly balanced.

Black Indica is also popular among medical marijuana patients. As previously mentioned, this strain has a high CBD content and is commonly used to combat insomnia and provide relief from mild body pain. It is good at targeting areas of the body that are experiencing mild aching sensations and produces a nice soothing effect.

This plant offers benefits for those looking for medicinal effects and those just wanting to have a little good time while going about their day as usual. This is an ideal addition to your grow room if you or those close to you often encounter these issues. Black Indica is also a highly recommended strain for beginner smokers. If you cater to this market, then this strain is a must-have in your grow area.

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Buy cannabis seeds in Canada only from a highly trusted and reliable seller. We take every possible measure to make sure that you experience only the best customer service. Our Black Indica and other marijuana seeds can be ordered online, and payments can be made through bitcoin, credit card, and Interac E-Transfers (for Canadian clients). We also accept cash and money order in the mail. For questions, please contact us through our phone, chat and email lines. We are open 24/7.

53 Reviews of Black Indica Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Says : Purchased Black Indica, CBDream, and Hash Plant seeds and the order arrived here in California in good time. Started three Black Indica seeds on the last day of November and all popped so 100% germination. I vegged for 8 weeks in a 4x8 tent using one central bud topping and LST with a SCROG setup, and am now in week six of flower and they are looking fantastic. The lights are a combination of Quantum Boards and Citizen cobs from 3500k to 4000k in my own configurations. The dominant buds are thick and heavy with pistils already 50% orange/amber and trichome production is looking great. Since I have employed a far red initiator of my own design, it may have accelerated maturation a bit. But harvest will most definitely be by the advertised week 8. Given the great customer service, extra seeds, and good strain selection, I will be buying seeds from Crop King again.
Susan Lowry
Says : I grew Black Indica for the first time last year. I lived in Maine so they were outside for the most part, especially once they got really tall and were too big for me to lug in and out to protect against storms, etc. I had to harvest earlier than I wanted due to some mold that started to come in during a very humid, wet spell in late September. So the buds could have been bigger otherwise. But I have to say this is probably my favorite strain so far. For me (a 67 year old woman), this is best smoked at night - more of a "hippy" high than the other strains. Helps a lot with sleep, very relaxing. Whereas the other strains I grew, that were higher in THC were more heady, stimulating, okay for daytime as long as I didn't have to drive. Highly recommend this strain!
Says : awesome reviews ta lets get going growing haha
Says : I am just trying to do something new getting tired of spending all my money on it when I can have it myself
Says : I ordered 5 of black indica fem seeds and it only took about a week for them to get here. I would have never guessed what it was how they shipped it. They seemed a little small but I germinated 2 and they both are growing beautifully. Cup of water 24 hrs, wrap in 5 sheets of moist paper towels etc. If they don’t sprout you’re doing it wrong.
chris davis
Says : I ordered 10 and all cracked none grow a tail.
Crop King Seeds
Says : Please call us on 1844 276 7546 and we'll help you out
Says : I bought a pack of 5 Crop King Black Indica seeds from a local shop at the same time as I bought a 5 pack of Crop King Purple Kush. The Purple Kush seeds germinated very quickly but the Black Indica never grew a tail. They partly cracked but that was it. I still have 1 left but I'm not holding out any hope.
Says : Im new here but have to say that my seeds came in 3 days from ordering and 3 of 5 have popped so far. If they dont come up I may contact the King but as for now, I can wait. I must admit Im excited to see how they grow and with all of your suggestions and experience I shouldn't have too many problems! Happy Growing Everyone!
Says : I wonder if Matt ever got an answer to his question about ants. Ants farm aphids so I'd be concerned that his plants had aphids. Otherwise ants generally don't do much damage in my experience, at least on other plants in my garden. This is my first time growing Black Indica. They are in grow pots, outside in the garden, in southwest Maine. We've had a very hot and humid summer so am concerned about mold in the buds that are forming. So far so good. And the plants are a whopping 7 feet tall!
Says : first time grower . picked this due to its supposed to be an easy grow. 5 out of 5 all growing well. how tall should they be at week 3?
Patti toothman
Says : Is black indicate good for making edibles.. For bedtime. Not a high. I'm new at this. Please help. Where do you get light and nutrients for growing.
Says : I have a ? What is a good remedy that works to get those little bugs that hang around the Bus site mites what’s good to get rid of them. I tried that white powder stuff but it makes the plants look like they have powder mildew. What can I use also to get rid of the ants. Like they are all over the place n I think that’s another reason why my my other plants are not growing as much.
Says : I have a ? What is a good remedy that works to get those little bugs that hang around the Bus site mites what’s good to get rid of them. I tried that white powder stuff but it makes the plants look like they have powder mildew. What can I use also to get rid of the ants. Like they are all over the place n I think that’s another reason why my my other plants are not growing as much.
Says : Very easy to grow, i had no nute issues at all. I topped her and she basically grew has a strong citrus smell, it tastes earthy i suppose. I harvested after 100 days and got 75 grams / 2.5 ounces.The effects of this strain is relaxing, almost numbing feeling if you over do it. I would recommend this strain for mild pain, a relaxing smoke after work or if you want to be fully functional during the day.
Says : 5 out of 5 popped with 1 breach. She is doing fine. Will update in a few months with results. Doing organic, no till.
Says : 3 of the 3 black indica's I germinated sprouted as well as 4 of the 4 diesels I started with. Great seeds. Sour diesels are taking off and the black indica's arent far behind. Thanks cks
Says : Two plants from one seed. A nice surprise. Very consistent seeds. Highly recommend.
Says : Grown 5/5 outdoors on the Southern tip of Nova Scotia. All 5 identical. 6' tall 6' round in 20L buckets. Deep grapefruit smell, powerful kush on the exhale. Can't go wrong with these Black Indica seeds. Sprouted on May 20th and Harvested Oct 7th 2017. Avg dried weight per plant was 140gr of top shelf purple and frosty bud with bright orange hairs.
Says : My first try I started two seeds .. they both cracked as expected, but one's tap root encircled itself, and never came up out of the dirt .. must have just died and withered up .. the second one ws good to go .. no problem as a seedling ... but into veg, I accidentally exposed her to some green house flower garden pots under the jump start ight .. She ended up with Fungas Gnats. Thje dealer who sells equipment and nutes counceled me through it .. and was excellent moral supporst as well as near guaranteed prices on remedies and nutes ... she came out ok .. but man .. a CRAP load of work ... all in all I came out with 35 grams ... through all the drama .. she came out shelf worthy (barely as nugs were small) but the TASTE is fantastic .. with no "flavor enhancors(?? WTF!) why flavour enhaners .. seems like counterfeighteing to me .. but ya .. that perfume floral scent in there .. the effects are low and slow with the cbd DEFINATELY working on this one ... if one needs 20% thc and up to get off then this is not for you .. but as a connoisseur of maybe six years .. I have to say "THE SECRET TO THIS FLOWER IS THE CURE" ... seriously, before a month or so .. I was disheartened to find grassy taste, not burning clean and not much of a buzz. THAT all turned around after a proper cure .. it's a weed you can smoke the whole joint .... as the more ingested, the more cbd comes with it and it works beautifully together. The genetics must be uber good because if I could get a cured oz + 1/4 that tastes like hash, out of a near fatality of a girl, I have to say, I"m two weeks into flower on my second plant and she's basically growing herself, with buds bigger after 2 weeks, than the entire grow on my last one. Serious plant. Try one .. you wont be dissapointed.
Says : Great hardy strain. Easy to grow and perfect for experimenting with topping, LST and defoliation (which it needs alot of). Good relaxing smoke. Recommended.
Says : Curing my crop now. Out of the 4 plants I got just over a lb... Been noticing a strong almost grapefruit citrus odour. Anyone else have this? We grew outdoors ... Going to sample soon.
Says : So... planted 2 beans... got 3 plants ?? Germinated as per usual.. soaked 24 hours.. then into damp paper towel.. had 2 nice sprouts to plant.. 2 days after potting up.. notices a second sprout appear in pot.. carefully dug out and found 2 root systems intertwined... washed off all dirt and slowly got them apart.. now have 1 regular looking seedling and 2 mutants.. 1 is like a phalidamide kid with 1 branch severly stunted the other growing like crazy.. 2nd mutant mainlined itself and has 2 awesome looking branches... anyone seen or heard of this before? In 30 years growing i've never seen this..
Shadilay Cannabis
Says : This plant grows nice large sticky buds. Pleasant fruity aroma, light green colour when dried and bagged. Overall very nice. One issue I had with the plant is that it has very flimsy stalks. The buds are way to big for the structure that holds it. They will start falling over and snapping before 7 weeks. Be prepared with tomato cages and you'll be alright
Says : Into 7th week of flower very happy with trco.production,it seems that the est, of mode.thc % is a little feels a little higher.this is very good medical strain
Jon Paul white
Says : Can I ask u some thing I thought I did everything ,but can I ask u as a beginner of autos what does it mean if some leaves turn yellow when there is some big ones and small now ,im using for bloom from D.N.F.NUTRITION A+B plus it is in a 3 gallon pail and now it's in a two weeks of bloom then the color went yellow on the big leaves king what can I do for this change.from Jonathan paul white.
Jonathan paul white
Jonathan paul white
Says : Thank you for the medical care u could say it did come right on time. Two weeks u were right so at the end of this month I could be looking for the candy cane feminist seeds,so I will be calling you guys ok and that reason why is a friend of mine tommy C, so I will be ordering from u guys for now on peace p.s.blacks IND THIS IS HER FIRST WEEK AND NOW THERE SIZE is about 4"" of growth already was wondering if u could tell me altogether from seeding to finish from jon.
Jonathan paul white
Says : It will be almost a week and a half,of waiting for the production of INDICIA BLACK IT WILL BE TWO WEEKS AGO SOON AND I WAS REALLY THIINKING OF really trying to see if they are better than True North Seeds bomanvall ont.because I was getting a lot of f.up seeds way to much money for nothing .
Eric Bournival
Says : Great seed bank
Medical matty
Says : Had 3/5 germinate nicely so I called crop king regarding the 2 that didn't and they are so great and are fixing the issue. These guys are great. Cannot wait to see how this journey goes with growing.
Says : germinated 2 out of 2 100% , used the crop king method to germinate. seeds popped from soil slowly and i had to aid removing seed hats, noe there loving life and growing quick :)
Says : Easy strain to grow, recovers well from training. It has a great smell, pine lemon with hints of skunk. Very stable genetics with these seeds. Mild head high, great body high. This has helped me with body pain and sleep. Expect munchies with this strain. Flower time ranges from 8 weeks to 9 weeks depending on nutrient usage. On one grow I went heavy on nutrients, on another organic. Both yielded just about the same. She has the ability to grow tall and branchy if required. I have lots pictures of this grow. CKS you are welcome to use them on your website. I saw one of the pictures was posted in tumbler. Happy growing!
The taster
Says : are these good for smoking to get high and for pain?
Says : Great seed bank. I'm on second order from this site. Great customer service also great seeds . 100% germination through paper towel method only. I am now on week 8 of flower and is very smelly . Buds are sticky ass f... . Thanx again crop king keep them seeds coming!!!!
Says : Purchased several kinds of seeds from this company. You will not find another seed company that will give you this kind of customer service. Product reliability 100 out of a 100 customer service 100 out of a 100. Enjoy
Says : takes a while to germinate these babies, be patient, compared to other CKS strains it likes to take it's time until veg but then. responds very well to aggressive HST. Complete stress killer, neck, back, and mind relax. Worth the wait, excellent medicinal properties IMHO.
Says : Great yield easy to grow. Finished about 9 weeks (63 days) after 12/12. Flower stretch to about 2.5 times veg height
Says : Black Indica is lookin' awesome. 3 that are in 3rd week of flower. they're all 4' tall, and about 3' in dia.. Triple pinched - It should be a great harvest come mid September. It grows awesome indoors'!!!!
Says : Ive been growing the black indica for 11 weeks, it still is in veg state. Rain water fed only. Was started by the window, then placed under light for two weeks, then were placed in large pots outside by mid april, have been sheltered from storms. My tallest lady is 22" and my smallest at 7 1/2". I am in week 11 and still going strong and healthy with no signs of slowing down. minimal bug problems. The PHlevel in my soil is +8.0, which is common for Canadian soil. hoping for a finish by September, unless they look good enough to continue, I would consider pushing them to October pending on frost. The Alberta weather has been warm early on this year with a decent amount of rain to supply my growth with plenty of hydration. the scent isn't noticeable from a far, but up close is very stanky. If this plant shows real promise I might clone some and grow mothers during the winter for a future guerilla grow next summer.
Says : Bought these seeds last January ,sprouted 1 seed, used as mother. she has become my favorite strain. on third gen cuttings now. the "black" is coming out strong in this cycle, and is very striking looking. sprouted a second seed a week ago, and she is coming up nicely . 2400watt HPS/MH D.W.C. using "Lucas Formula", big ass air pumps, and exhaust fans. I HIGHLY recommend these seeds.
Robert D.
Says : Black Indica.....outstanding !!! This was my second grow and not one problem from this strain. Grew nice and thick nugs and a very robust plant. I can't wait to germinate these babies again. Ordering was great! I will definitely order from Crop King again....soon !
jean-sébastien henley
Says : Lool its a crazy plant bro
Says : Thank you. Damn this is beautiful. Awesome product awesome service.
Says : Got 2 sprouts from one seed! Separated early and got 2 healthy plants.
Says : I finally got Around to testing this strain. Amazing. The smell alone makes me salute and praise the crop king seeds crew. Great plant. Soil or water they flourish . Granted some maybe duds but from Trial and error if you're not getting over 80% success rate . It ain't the seeds it's you. I've learned it was me. But I shall buy again. As always ladies and gents at the Crop King Seed bank . I appreciate the professionalism and 100% top notch service.
antonio JR
Says : Thank. You
Says : Can confirm Stu's comment, very weird genetics. 2 out of 3 were triploids, had 3 cotyledons instead of 2. When budding the ones that started as triploids have airy small buds compared to the one that germed normally. Weird genetics.
Stu k
Says : Good germination 5 out of 5. Problem is they are all showing very strange variegated growth. May grow out of it but I think this one may have some wacked genetics. Can provide pictures. I know it isn't the conditions or feeding as I'm very experienced and everything else is doing great.
Says : Ordered within Canada ($10 Shipping), received item 4 business days after order was placed, received in an unmarked bubble envelope, product packaged very nicely inside the envelope. Thanks!
Says : Bought The Black seeds on 420 at Vancouver Art Gallery...all 5 germinated, but one didnt poke thru yet, however the other 4 were sprouted and planted in 36 hours, and the 4 that came up all came up within 8 hours of each other so they want to thrive. Using method described here for germinating worked fine. Planted into blend of 5 parts coco coir, 3 parts perlite and 2 parts earthworm castings.took less than 2 days to pop thru surface, so the 4 on the way to being big...
chris siemion
Says : I could not possibly rate Crop King any higher!!!!!!!! Received my order in three days????? Crazy fast “covert” shipping! Half of my order was damaged in shipping. Contacted Crop King with photos of damage via the chat with the king live. Had instant service and was told my order would reshipped. First of all I received way more seeds then I originally ordered, and only half of my order was damaged(some crushed seeds). I only expected to have the damaged portion refunded as I should, right? NOOOOO they resent the entire order with WAY WAY more seeds!!!!! By the way 90% germination with hydo seed mat 78 degrees, super sprouter. Only seeds that didn’t germinate were the damaged seeds, so really 100% germination!!! Crop King has a customer for life. You would have a very hard time convincing me there is any better seed bank then the KING! - See more at:
kim sutton
Says : Got my 10 seeds order of black indica. thanks

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