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High Yield and THC

Type: Indoor / Outdoor
Growing: Moderate
Flowering Time: 9 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: 70% Indica
Effect: Strong Indica
THC: Strong
THC%: 21.50% Laboratory Report THC Chart
CBD: 2.10% Laboratory ReportCBD Chart
CBN: 0.17% Laboratory Report
Country: Canada
Yield: up to 500gr indoor/400gr outdoor
Genetics: Blueberry X Purple Kush
Price: 5 Seeds / $60
10 Seeds / $110
25 Seeds / $200
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Our signature strain is a full bodied, bushy Indica that is a great yielder, easy to grow and strong in both CBD and THC levels. An overall “Best Of” in all categories, the newest addition to our famous strains was specifically bred for commercial, home and medical growers. Crown Royale is a combination of Blueberry and Purple Kush bred in North America.

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Crown Royale Cannabis Strain Growing, THC Content,
Flowering Time, and Yield

This beautiful Crown Royale cannabis strain is a signature variety of Crop King Seeds. Bred as a cross between Purple Kush and Blueberry, this plant mixes the benefits of these two popular strains in perfect harmony and produces a unique effect that is greater than the sum of the advantages of its parents.

Crown Royale is good for indoor and outdoor grows and classified as a moderate grow. This strain is predominantly Indica and hence possesses a lot of properties common to its class. The flowering time is around 9 weeks, after which you can expect to find fat glistening buds filled to the last pore with yummy resin.

It has a tantalizing, pungent smell that signals its presence from meters away and lingers for a long while. The taste is unbelievably irresistible. You just can’t stop at having only a little bit of it. One of the key characteristics of Crown Royale is that it is high in both THC and CBD. THC content can go up to 21.50%, whereas CBD is up to 2.10%.

As a result of this unique combination of properties, Crown Royale is recommended for both recreational and medical marijuana users. Because of this flexibility, this strain has become a favorite among many of our medical, private, and commercial growers.

Thanks to the high THC and CBD content of Crown Royale, it is ideal for all kinds of cannabis users. It does not matter if you are a recreational user who is looking for the signature high offered by Purple Kush and Blueberry or a medical weed user looking for some relief from certain ailments. Crown Royale is an ideal addition to your grow room.

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If you are looking for high quality marijuana seeds for sale online, then you have come to the right place. We have premium quality cannabis strains seeds for sale at very affordable prices. We ship worldwide inside discreet packaging while Canadians will receive their order inside our original packaging. Buy Crown Royale seeds now and we will ship your order the same day we receive your payment. We accept Visa, Mastercard, bitcoin, EMT interact for Canadians, and cash and money order in the mail. Got any questions? Contact us now!

135 Reviews of Crown Royale Feminized Cannabis Seeds

James s
Says : Berry sorry I bauhhythis strain but they came through and replaced them that see a lot to me I will always use this company
johnny mad apple
Says : urbanachiever 420 what gives you the right to tell people not to give a review until they grow it maybe they just want to mention the customer service they received letting people know that they recived what they ordered and how they was treated is more important than you bragging what a good grower you are not everyone is out there is wanting people to think there a master grower
Don McPhee
Says : I have one Crown Royal plant, now a mother. When cutting clones from her, the odor was very strong, we looked at each other and smiled. Wow. Her babies will be a proud part of my grows this year.
Josh Lamarche
Says : Last years crop was amazing the taste the smell the yield all much better then expected over 650g of off 1 that was outdoors tried it again and this years batch of seeds a total dud hopefully crop king honors the warranty but I'll be picking up more either way
Says : First off, stop writing reviews after only ordering seeds, smoke it or grow it before reviewing. You don’t get a hero cookie for buying seeds. Certainly don’t need to review on it. The Crown Royale in my tent is a beast with over 25 tops. This thing loves to branch and be trained. Quite vigorous. It loves the calcium and magnesium under LEDs as many cannabis plants do in that light. Beautiful aromas coming off the buds. This is going to be a solid yield, made more impressive since I am growing in soil under LEDs. One of the best growing strains I have grown in my short gardening experience. I believe I won these seeds but I would buy them to grow this again. Nice work CKS.
Sean Pender
Says : Crown royale is a permanent addition to my clone collection.A little sensitive to over/under feeding, but vigorous and above all DELICIOUS! Sweet blueberry with all kinds of complex notes(earthy,pineappley,skunky,piney etc.) How many terpenes does this bitch make? Tastes better than anything I've tried that had a tax sticker on it! YOU CAN'T CONSISTANTLY BUY WEED THIS GOOD ANYWHERE IN SASKATCHEWAN!I'll be sticking with crop king/sonoma seeds for the foreseeable future.
Says : Just finishing curing 3 plants of Crown Royale. Initial taste testing is a big thumbs up! Very satisfied with the results. Used the trim to make dry ice hash for the first time- talk about knocking my socks off. Exactly 9 weeks of flowering for the early harvest, waited 10 1/2 for smaller buds to mature. Will definitely grow this strain again.
johnny mad apple
Says : ordered crown royale and 3 other srains havent had time to get here yet but sure they will ck has great reviews and and freindly costermer support got to love lisa shes the best looking forward to sharing my grow as it progresses
Says : Purchased 25 crown royale seeds last year. 24 seeds spouted and produced beautiful hugh plants. super strong high. My largest plant was in a 40 gallon pail, using promix soil, growing outside. It was over 7 feet tall and 6 feet side to side, produced 15 ops. Will plant cr again this year.
Says : After first grow with this strain and WOW buds super fat dense and frosty killer strain
Crop King Seeds
Says : Sorry about the mistake and the shortness. We're just busier than expected this year. No excuse. We're rushing out the missing seeds.
Says : Order 3 packs of seeds, only 2 came, called and the person answering phone told me that they will send the other pack out, the person answering the phone was very rude, didn't have time for my questions, I am a first timer so that really didn't sit well!!!! Guess I will have to find another place to order seeds from.
Says : Bought 5 CR seeds they all popped havent flowerd them yet but nice hearty plants well done crop king (as long as there all females)
Says : Been growing for over 20 years now. I stopped using MH lighting 15 years ago. It's not nesseary.
Happy Gardener
Says : I've read a lot of comments that this plant doesn't like the heat. Many have said "fussy" to grow. Last summer in southern ON temps hit 30c for 3 weeks straight. My WW thrived, but would CR respond well?
elizabeth hook
Says : Crown Royale will be picked in a few days. It grew easily in soil Ocean Forest and Happy Frog mix with a cup of organic bonemeal. Fed with Fox Farms, Seaweed Flower Fuel and Cal Mag. Open tent during light cycle, Bud Candy the last 4 weeks. Just smoked an early bud that got pruned off (bottom) Well well well, 1/2 joint in and I am very nice indeed. I water the plants with artesian well water, which is our tap water, no ph adjustment, dont need it. Cheers.
Nooobie not
Says : Well peeps I am 4 weeks into veg and all I can say is I have leaves 7 1/2 inches in total wide and each blade is 1 1/2 inches wide these plants are beasts, lots of grows for me but these 2 plants are out of this world , short(12 inches tall) not much branching but huge leaves and lots of bud sites , they have been a joy to grow (easy )in coco , great job CKS definitely gonna clone these plants.
Says : Wow what an outstanding quality smoke! 100% germ. FFOS, FF trio nutrs, 6.5 ph, feed every other watering, and a touch of cal mag. Slow cure in fridge. I did this for night time, but it’s functional for day also. I get a strong euphoria effect from it. I’ll go through this one quick. Nice work CK.
Scotty C.
Says : Troy need to learn to grow properly brother! You don’t start seedlings out under HPS! HPS is a yellow/red sprectrum lamp. You need to start/grow unde MH as it produces white/blue light. Or...upgrade to Full Spectrum LED with controllable Blue/Red or Blue/Red/White. Consider it a learning wasn’t the strain...its your lack of cultivation knowledge. Try it again using proper lighting. Also, for best results, look for 600w for each 2x2 to 3x3 footprint.
Says : Update:I would grow this stain again for sure.My CR plants grew 5.5 - 6.5 feet.Organically grow using lobster shall compost and ordinary garden soil.Some organic Pro-mix 9.16.16 at the beginning of the flower stage til last 2 weeks.Yielded well with big buds.Harvested Oct.7th.The taste and smell is amazing and not even cured yet.I'm pleased with buzz too.Great stain!!
Says : 5/5 seeds popped greatly within 24 hours. They grew a 1 inch tail over night. They all wanted to grow strong to see the world right from the start. A couple different crown royale phenos. Had a crown royale that grew purple sugar leaves then i had a crown royale that grew purple buds, all very frosty and kushy. Really does have a nice herbal whiskey sort of kushy smell to it. Loves full sun. The crown royale burns very nicely. very nice white clean ash and a smoothe tasty smoke.
Says : This is my second yr growing CR.both yrs have givin me tall healthy the big buds.very happy with this strain.
Daniel Fortier
Says : its first time for me , never grow anything and never use that . its for fun .
Says : Am harvesting a Crown Royal plant now. Grew in DWC and it was an amazing grow. Finally count isnt in yet but over 150 grams from 1 plant and I am sure I can do better. For the smoke from this. Killer. Plan on not going anywhere for a while on this stuff. Very good for pain and relaxing.
Says : Wondering about how tall the plants grow indoors, I have an enclosure that is about 3 feet tall and wondering if the Crown Royal will want bigger than that?
Says : I found that CR does not like heat and high humidity. Harvested two of three early (many undeveloped flowers)due to flower rot. The third CR (Monica)was experimented on using the raspberry picking method(?) I took the 5 main colas on the first cut. 5 days later the smaller thinner stems were harvested with very sticky flowers ( dont touch your eyes!) and an incredible smell (2nd cut). Today was the 3rd cut (10 days) and there is lots of plant left. Two thumbs up for Crown Royale!
Says : I bought 5 Purple Kush from a retailer and only two cracked and out of them only one plant that looked healthy enough to keep.Later on after planting it outside second week in June,which was cooler this year.Now mid August it is in a blooming stretch.The plant looks awful but around 6 feet tall.On the other hand the Crown Royal that was sent free to replace the PK seeds are doing great.The Crown Royal seeds that were sent for replacements.All germinated but only 4 healthy looking plants were kept.Started inside first of May under T5's and outside first 2 weeks in June at about 20 inches tall.I live in Nova Scotia.The plants stretched about the 1st of August and started blooming mid August.Some are about 5 feet and one is over 6 feet tall now with lots of bud sites.They were topped inside before going out and now have 3 to 5 very healthy looking tops on each plant.Very pleased with Crown Royal so far.
Troy Stewart
Says : 100% Germination rate. Found my plants to be a little spindly inside under HPS but outside.... these ladies grew to be bushy with much larger nugs. Like a previous poster stated, they start slow but finish strong. Plant is very hairy. Have had more than a few cures and find it hard in comparison to everything else to get it right. Bud density lacked but smell did not. Very berry fruity and slightly above average high. Wont grow again.
Says : i have a 2x4x5 tent and don't want to outgrow it, and would like to grow 3 plants. what would you suggest
Says : Ordered 5 purple and 5 crown royale seeds earlier this year. All but 1 sprouted by using the CK method. Killed 2 due to inexperience but the rest have gone strong since. Harvest in 2 weeks. Used LED so slower going but looking like great yield.
Says : I started these inside in Feb. Moved outside in May. After three weeks flowering (in shed after 6pm)they are doing great. They're 6 ft high in the pots and covered with frosty flowers. I did the F.I.M. topping method in April so I have multiple colas and they're very bushy. They barely fit in the shed. I plan to harvest at the end of Sept. and I cant wait! Its the end of 8 months of moving pots around but for pesticide free smoke its worth of work.
Says : I got these seeds from crop King lt me say that I had 21 plants going all clones since I gave the sisters to a friend but kept 1 mother plant. The colas on these clone blew me away what a beautiful plant.Easy to grow under led lights definitely going to get more of these seeds and will grow them under HPS lights. You will not be disappointed in this plant the High is great the plant is wonderful
Says : I bought 5 and got 5! I started them mid-April. I'm on the east coast and wanted to try an outdoor grow and we have a short grow season so I wanted a head start. I did 2 toppings to make a 4 branch base and the then LST. Put them out in mid-June and then it snowed! I lost a bunch of fan leaves but they bounced back. They are all about 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide now and beautiful and very robust looking. I made up my own soils and organic nutrition with bone meals, wood ash, alfalfa, fish hydro and seaweed tea. I give them some neem oil every once and awhile to keep the critters away. I am so excited! I cant wait to finish.
Says : Second order, again prompt delivery. Ordered 10 Germinated within 48 hrs, all looking real good. My first order was WW and PK, great yields, very nice plants. Great customer service.
Says : First timer. First order. All pop open. With instructions from crop kings so far so good thank you thank you crop kings
Tim Lonctot
Says : I ordered some Crown Royal Female seeds, and I am really pleased with the seeds. When I receive my package it was envelope and not the regular packaging I thought I would receive, but no worries, I popped three seed in the class and they all cracked open. I am looking forward to my progress with this strain, Thanks Crop King!
Jesse James
Says : Bought 5 seeds to check out, only 1 sank and cracked, the other 4 floated, the plastic dome was separated from package during shipping , not sure if they got damaged or just got duds. Crop King immediately re shipped me 5 seeds for free and all 5 cracked. They re shipped with an extra sticker holding the dome in place. Great service guys, I will re post when the plants get larger and head outside for the summer. Thanks Crop King.
Says : This strain is a very slow starter with small nimle leaves and stems at first which did worry me then boom she evolves late right before flower never seen anything grow quite like this strain but man super tight beautiful nugs i was able to achieve Some purple bluish underton with 7 degree change finally found a keeper works great for me
Says : I'm a bit disappointed I don't think they like heat the plant is small as and my other plants are doing fine it's a bit wired
Says : All Kings seeds I had no problem put seeds in Fox Farm dirt all work perfect. 3 - Crown Royals medium frame lighter leaves not deep green does not like heat slow finish. The Kings 4 - Sour jacks which is tall and taking time to stack and making buds "Sativa's" 5 - Kings Green Crack super lush and green stalky fast to produce fat buds nice strain. 3 - White cookies I have problem's leaves turn bad with some kind disease and my others are nice whats up not good genetics? All in week 7 and 7 to 10 inch pots soil.
Says : Ordered, came within a week, had 11 sprout within 24 hours, only 6 survived, other 5 died from seed shell sticking to first leaves, but other plants looking healthy
Says : Started 6 and all sprouted in 2 days but all died after putting in dirt these might not like warmer temps it was about 85 in the room i had 6 nyd auto flowers and only one of them died off realy wanted to grow this strain one seed left hopefully itll work for clones
Says : Just got a small order of these hope for the best on delivery and grow this will my my first grow so I'm excited to see what happens
Dave G
Says : Love the Crown Royal I get Large plant with huge buds. Great THC and CBD levels grow nicely here in Colorado. On a side note I love the staff at Corp kings I had a problem with an order that turned out to be my fault but they went above and beyond my expectations to resolve the issue even when it was not their fault. Great Job
Cody jay
Says : This past summer was my 2nd time growing. From one potted plant I got 300 grams of this strain. Its VERY smooth and it smells and tastes amazing! It’s sweet and fruity, just what you’d expect from this mix of strains
Says : So far so good. Placed my seed order Friday, 1/26, and received today, 1/30. Fantastic customer service and shipping, I will definitely be buying from Crop King again and again. Will update after growing some Crown Royal.
Says : Is there a book or something to grow this???
Says : Ordered Crown Royale and got my girls in juat over a week. 100% germination. The King delivered again.
Says : Grew Crown Royale in the past. Hydro closet comando style with General Hydroponics nutrients and came in just over 420 grams of primo on a plant. Needless to say I am going Royale again.
Says : I started late so I didn't get full growth. I thought it would have been stronger and tastier. Got 50% germination. King compensated, thank you King. I'm going to try something different. I'll get my order in early. Peace
Says : Finish outdoor sep 30 cut the tops and I let the bottoms another 10 day biggest buds out of the wc da ev hp. You can taste the blubery average 7 0z plants in 35 gallon grow bag
Says : Ive two of these plants along with three CBDutch in my closet grow room. About two weeks from harvest of both varieties and all I can do is say WOW ! Huge buds, surround by “ dew” covered leaves, I just look at them in amazement, no doubt , the greatest producer’s I’ve ever grown, thanks Elaina for your recommendation.
Says : I loved growing cr seeds.had a bad batch but ck sent new ones promptly.all came a lb off each.amazing potency.piney smell.sticky looks frosty.gorgeous buds.great yeilder w no genetic defects.
Trevor Alan
Says : I've had some good results from some Crop King seeds,but the Crown Royale I got was one of the lowest potency and tasteless breeds I've seen in years. Bought one pack Crown Royale,2 out of five came up. Looked,grew and smelled like Master Kush. Complete crap..not even worth making hash from.
Says : I will be harvesting next week in flush now. I could not be any happier! I have 20 kola's with buds that are as fat as a soda can and a foot long plus, I was very skeptical when cks suggested this seed let me put it this way I will be growing this strain to enter in the cannabis cup lookout Michigan. I have a true winner. I have picked a couple nugs for testing wow mind blowing buzz. However this is NOT the easiest plant to grow but it sure is worth it. I will post pics, weights, complete stats on 420 mag next Saturday I will put this weed up against anybody grow bar none!!! This is a slow grower if you need fast plants this one is NOT for you.
Says : My crown royal plants are great but said they grow 3.5 to 4' mine are 91/2 feet and couple more weeks I hope to go
Jannette martinez
Says : We harvest are crown royal and Wow! There assumptions great smells fruitful. I am so looking forward to making my next order Thank You so much
Jannette martinez
Says : Got my seed in a week ready to harvest in two more week thank you nice and health buds so excited to order my next seeds
Says : My Ladies are nearly 6' tall and just started showing signs of budding. It has been since first of May until now. Maybe it's because I topped my Plants 3 times during the veg. state. I don't know! I need some big OG buds but I have a fear about the smell, I hope it's not too bad. P.S. I had 100% germination
Says : Bought from local retailer in early May. All five seeds germinated. Grew in soil. Very slow growth for all plants - 15cm (6") after two months. Had an experienced grower check my procedures after three weeks. All procedures and soil were fine. Had a web chat with the King where they re-iterated that they only guaranteed germination. Threw the plants out yesterday. Very disappointing experience.
Says : hi i have a question. i want to use Advanced nutrients for my plants i have buy your seed so it is a good combination or i have to use a another one brand of nutrients
Says : Hello I have another post on here regarding a poor batch of seeds I purchased. I have been in contact with customer service and they have helped me. I just wanted to say I have grown a few strains of CKS and had good experience except for one package. My experience with Customer Service on this issue has made me a very satisfied customer. Thanks again and the King rules.
Says : I ordered a pack of 5 awhile ago. I only had one of five germinate. This plant stretches a lot after kicking. I took one clone off of the first plant and mothered it out. My first go around I was ready to drop this strain due to the stretch. This particular Pheno grew Kush style with lots of popcorn nugs, no huge colas. I harvested at 7-1/2 weeks and was quite surprised with the yield, as it didnt look like it was going to yield much. The smell on this plant is incredible and the smoke is terrific. It's not overly crystallized but people really liked it. The photo you guys have looks absolutely nothing like my plant at all. Still happy with the strain but what I have learned is that each seed has there own traits and you can't rely on any review or anything else until you run a couple rounds. Overall it's a good strain that I will be keeping, and with each round I will learn more about it. Thanks Crop King
Says : Hello, i am currently growing 4/5 germinated seeds (Crown Royal) i received and they're 2 weeks in and growing tall and already have big thick green leaves, i am overall happy with the outcome so far but i had a few question before proceeding with the process. I am growing outdoor, is there any reason for me to reduce sunlight later on in the process to help with flowing ? if so when should i begin this process and what should be the ratio of light and darkness? Also would you recommend putting these plants in a small green house with some fans when reducing daily sunlight or even daily. Last 2 questions... What is the average yield per plant for the Crown Royal & if i wanted to test the buds when is the earliest i could grab a small bud off the plant ?
Says : Hello I cracked 10 seeds on my grow. 5 Purple Kush and 5 Crown Royale. 6 germinated of that 5 were Kush. The single Royale was not as easy as the Kush to grow but I had a decent and comparable weight/harvest. I don't think I will grow this strain again. I think I'll stick with the Kush or try another.
Says : I ordered seeds on monday got them on friday. Excellent service started germination per instructions today will keep posted. So excited. Thanks Crop King!
Says : grrrrrrreat seeds\
Crop King Seeds
Says : We've got something in the works for this. Not ready to announce yet but we will soon
Says : I think CK should spend a little less attention to their packaging and trinkets and a little more on the freshness and quality of their seed. Their reputation on customer service is well deserved, it's great! I understand that controlling freshness when you sell retail is difficult. Perhaps date coding packages and offering retailers a 1 to 1 replacement on fresh stock would help. But when a customer has an issue with your seed because of old stock cheerfully replacing it with the same old stock, does not a happy customer make! Regards: K
Says : Nice plant , doesnt like to be topped so much nor defoliated , she will be a low yeild because of it (test crop) but she is a few weeks away from hsrvest , snipped a popcorn bud off for a sample and the smoke is inf*ckingfredible . Very classy and exotic smoke
Says : So far all 5 seeds germed and are growin all right. Really excited for the strain to pull through.
Says : Low yeilder , very fussy plant , feeding with 2.0/2.2 ec and gonna be a low yeild with 2 weeks til hsrvest . But a beautiful plant , nice smelling of blueberries and cheesecake
Says : Growing this strain under led lights it's about two weeks from being chopped down...I have no complaints at all deff a get bushy indica with frosty buds can't wait to see these girls finished 🔥
Says : Well out of 5 seeds only 1 germinated which is not the 1st time from CK. So far the CR seems to be growng ok. Seems a bit of a slow grower...In 2 weeks it has only grown about 7 inches tall. I find Crop King seeds to be only arverage grade seeds.
Says : Updated for this strain. It is still very healthy and continues to have huge fan leafs. Going into 4th week of flower, This particular plant will be a very low yielder. I don't know if it was just that particular seed but this one has huge fan leafs with very few flowers. It is being grown next too your White Widow and Purple Kush. The other two strains will have nice yields, especially the White Widow.
Says : Had trouble outside with this one. Temps here can get to 100 once in a while. Definately heat sensitive. Friend grew inside last year, did good with that. wouldn't recommend for outside if in a hot climate. High desert of colorado here.
Says : After completing 3 separate grows I can report very consistent high yielder averaging 2z per plant grown via basic hydro. Buds big and primarily solid, curing very well in 2+weeks in jars watching humidity drop. Not the most aromatic externally, but dense buds become super aromatic and tasty smoke when broken up. 3:1 stretch ratio consistently. Sweettttt
Says : These seeds germ'ed fine. I am growing PK along side White Widow and Crown Royal. These have been a real challenge to keep healthy. Out of all the strains I am currently growing these are the smallest and more fragile than the others. I flipped all of them into flower today. I honestly didn't know if they would make it to flower. As many issues as I experienced with them and based off of their size now I do not expect any sizable yield. Hopefully the quality will overcome the lack of yield.
Says : These seeds germinated just fine. I flipped them into flower today, They are going great with huge fan leafs. They are a little more finicky to grow that the White Widow I ordered and germ'ed but they are doing great.
Says : hi all just to let u all no had my royal tested and low and behold 19.23 thc 1.86 cbd 0.09 cbn that's a indoor grow using my secret soil the soil is the MOST important part of a successful grow and don't forget to feed they need to get nitrogen in veg phosphorus in bloom don't hafta go crazy keep the cost down feed at least 12% in veg then do about a 25% and let me tell you i no u will b like holy cow this is easy and it is follow those simple steps in my last two posts and u will have those numbers to bragg about thanks KING # 1 company in the WORLD trust me i have been trying to get true strains like these for 15 years now we have 5 of the best strains in the world PROOF POSITIVE go for it HAPPY HARVEST
Says : Most prolific plant i have seen in years, the beauty of its varied fall colors makes trimming a fun job, heavy kolas with huge side arms, unbelievable! outdoors in Norcal.
Says : wow got my royal as usual 7 days had my seed did my thing and BAM big fat tasty flowers I love the KNG this stuff is unreal great effects you will be very happy wish this strong healthy strain happy harvest
Says : Grew this strain outdoors in kansas and have a new favorite plant great yeald great thc levels .10 foot tall plants using Alaska fish fertilizer.
Says : well it only took 5 days for the package to arrive to south US. the package is so discrete but I don't think its a good idea to say on what it came in. seeds look dark and I'm sure my germination will be 100%. I'm very satisfied with how they do things but I didn't like how the lady was on a hurry when I called them for question haha its all good. you guys have a costumer for life here.
JB Shaffer
Says : Has a wonderfully bright Purple Kush flavor and Kush like buds. Great yields indoor with 5gallon buckets. Outdoor plants are currently topping 9ft!!! Amazing!!!
Says : Dont know why people say not to grow this strain outdoors? Im Growing outdoors in Manitoba Canada and this Crown R is awesome..Started indoors in May..put them out mid June and Boom,I now have bushy thick 6 ft plants that are producing nice buds with heavy crystals. 3 - 4 weeks till harvest ..cant wait smells awesome.
Says : Beautiful outdoor plant. New one for my favorite list. Southeast BC Canada
Says : Just got my crown royale seeds in 6 days to the US.
Says : Growing one outdoors.she's a thirsty girl that needs water everyday during hot conditions.much more so than my other 3 strains.that said if you can baby crown royal outdoors she will be great.could be my nicest plant but time will tell.
Says : These are weaker genetics than other strains. Not hardy at all, do not even attempt outdoor. Smoke is decent but I feel like the blueberry takes away from the kush. Pain and insomnia relief were both better with purple kush or big bud.
Says : This is the first strain I've bought/grown and I got to say, this is the best Indica weed smoked in one year living in a small area. Thank you so much crop king seeds, I Highly recommended CrownRoyal for a happy, euphoric, "munchy" high that lasts. Super excited to try more. Currently have some Sour Diesels growing very quickly. Puff puff pass everyone!
CO Finest
Says : I got CC,CR,EM AND WC. First round went awesome but I know I could have done better. Round two just started, transplanting seedlings today. I am going to push these hard this time under the scrog nets. Outstanding company, orders get out fast and make it safe. I will recommend crop kind any day. P.S 100% popped.
Says : Bought 5 CR seeds, grew 4 plants, got a pound, and it is yummy yummy yummy, and it was my first time growing anything.
Says : Having great results with the seeds from the "king". Service was second to none, initially had grief with starting seeds, but contacted over the net and had new seeds in 3 frikn days. Who does that!, Will be getting my next seeds from no one else but CropKing.
Says : I have these on the way... can't wait to try them. Great customer service as I bought PKush and had issues. Every other strain I've tried from CKS are growing like a bat outta hell... Awesome Customer service I received yesterday :-) thank you CKS
Says : This plant is one of the easiest I have grown. It is a great looking g strain the flowers are beautiful and the nodes are so tight I gives you such a high yield 10/10
Says : Spent a fare bit of time with this strain. It's a nice strain but nothing to wright home about. Good looking, dank and easy to grow. I have had 4 different pheno types. The stone seems lack legs compared to my exodus cheese. But it's a good all around plant. Cheers
Ras Z
Says : Greetings all, CKS I salute you for your fast and reliable service. I purchased a pack of Crown Royal and I received them in less than 5 days to Cali. Germinated 2 with 100% success rate. Much thanks to Crop Kings!!! I'll definitely buy more in the future. Bless
Says : Yikes I don't know if I got a lucky pheno or what, but this Crown Royale is some amazing genetics the breeder clearly knew what he was doing. She purpled out in flower with big fat juicy buds from top to bottom. This Quebec grower is truly impressed, will definitely order again!
Says : I've grown CKS CR from seed 3 times now, and many more cycles from my own CR momma clones. Not notch genetics, stable, consistent and moderately easy to grow. Very resinous plant ... very sticky. Good yield, great quality, all around great hybrid. Develops purple hues during flower. Makes great hash.
Says : Delivered excellent. Coming out great. 3 weeks left and will be dropping another order on Saturday for next round. Thank you King
Says : excellent company to deal with as kiwi resident have had trouble with other chains this one took ten days to letterbox seeds all worked don't waste your time with anyone else
Says : 6 months from start to finish of basic 3 week cure. Very nice buds, gets pretty purple leaves near the end. Grows nice and low when clipped and fimmed, has a great spread for the lower canvas if fimmed, they do well for multiple colas. Next time I would do a SOG as it works out to be a nice spread out bottom canvas if trained properly. Amazing nice and easy vape, great for chilling.
Says : Holy shit, am I impressed! I ordered 10 seeds of C.R. internationally, not only was it delivered earlier than expected, it came in such stealth package, that when I received I was wondering "When did I order a package of paint brushes from Canada?!" After opening the package I saw the seeds in there! I'm so pumped!! You guys are phenomenal, thank you so much, can't wait to germinate these ladies! THANK YOU!
Says : 2 of my favorite strains in one!!! I will be starting my seeds soon, growing outdoor so cal. Gonna turn them into giant monster plants!!! I can't wait to see how it smokes
Says : Got my order in 5 days can't wait to start them I know I won't be disappointed
Says : Ordered Crown Royale and received a very discrete package 7 days later. 100% germination in 48 hours. I can't recommend you guys enough. Thank you!
Says : Just chopped mine down, and I am completely blown away by the yield(mind you it still has to dry) the dense buds, sweet smell, and purple nugs are to die for! Cant wait until it is cured up, will be trying more of your strains, or maybe just stick with this one ! cheers!
Says : Just harvested CR for 1st time with amazing yield results for this 2nd time grower. WARNING: My CR tripled in size when 12/12 started n took 3 weeks to start flowering vs the WC & HP plants that stayed small n flowered immediately. CR ended up a good 4ft tall, despite being topped 3x. The sativa dominant looking leaves n big buds was worth it dwarfing the other 2 n reduced yield to learn so much.
Says : Thank you very much. It receives today. Since the first time grow, please advise me.
Says : So I placed a order on Saturday. Monday it was shipped (yesterday) and today my package was awaiting for me at the postal office @ 11am. Simply amazing.(I am in BC tho..) My hat's off CK's, overall this experience has been void of stress which is comforting coming from a consumer perspective. Now let's see how your original genetics are like. If I'm pleased in a few months from now I will guarantee my status as a valued customer with CropKingSeeds. cheers! PS: Thanks for the freebies and extras. Can't say enough about customer satisfaction when it comes to you guy's..
Jay from Fla.
Says : all sprouted...about 30 buds per plant,,,not mature yet,,, very happy with this strain *****.
Says : first time trying crop king seeds had a little hick-up with germination but after contacting crop king everything went well. very fast shipping,very discreet packaging and awesome customer support!!! i highly recomend crop king seeds to anyone that is looking for a safe hassle free purchase. thank you crop king and i look forward to growing out the rest of your strains.
Mr. Buell
Says : This was the first strain that I tried from crop king so I just ordered five seeds. I got the package in six days and it was super discreet! I found the seeds inside and all of them popped within twenty four hours. Very pleased, thank you crop king. I'll be back!
Belair richard
Says : Try il it good
Says : Awesome plant! Out of my 7 seeds, 3 made it. I've seen two phenos. One started growing strangely in the beginning. And is starting to do better now. But still way behind the other two. While the other two were growing perfect. My girls are in there 8 week of flowering. And they need at least another week two for sure.These girls stay short, around 3 feet tall. I'd recommend topping a couple times. All three of my CR are turning purple as hell. All the fan leaves on top are dark purple. Even the buds are turning purple. Didn't expect that. Very frosty, & tastes great. Very easy to grow.
Says : Ordered 5 Crown Royale and they just came today. Only took 4 days to get here!! awesome packaging and stealthy. Will definatly order from crop king again! Thanks CKS :)
Says : 4 months from germination to medication. Beautiful plant. Very resistant to insects and mold. Just smoked the first joint.....nice
Says : bought 5 white widow 5 crown royal 5 black indica white widow best plants easy to clone great deal crown royal I've had problems from the start,grew same for all strains crown royal just didn't go well. black indica i didn't clone ill buy more
Says : Ordered auto flower candy cane nice tall plant about 4.5 feet tall used a 400watt hps/mh yielded an impressive 15grams very happy sucks I couldn't clone in that's ok plenty more to buy and clone crop kings rule
Says : Great strain. Nice yeilder and very crystally solid buds. Awesome as always CKS:)
Says : Crop king is the best seed bank to this point. Thanks a bunch! Got my order for 5 Crown royale, seeds and was delighted to receive 7 ,White cookies 7,Purple kush 7.Thank you very much Crop King!
Tim Akins
Says : Ordered 5 crownrowel got order in less than week. Thanks quick shipment and received 7 two more than order . Very happy, in less than two days have two sported already , good job
Says : OK OK This plant is Amazing. I can for a fact say I will order more of her she was so fun to grow and strong. Just now tasting her a little Cheat nugs before the full harvest in a flush week. Just OMG man this plant is sick. She is my first female ever to harvest and she made a very great Impression. I do have records of my grow journal and plan on starting a new forum on here or sending CropKingSeeds a Video. CR is tasty even without the full flush on these early nugs. Kick ass smoke.
Says : Wow..Ordered total of 10 seeds and received 15 total of two different strains..Better deal than originally thought..You guys rule the seed world..Thank you very much Crop King..!
Says : Seeds just arrived and to my suprise received 7Crown Royal and 8 White Widow and only ordered 5 of each..Fast shipping and LOVE the packaging,I can actually use this it will come in handy for labeling..!
Says : Got my order for 5 crown-royale seeds and was delighted to receive 7. Popped them into my pods and within 5 days, all 7 germinated. 9days later after germination, i now have 7 3 inch plants which will be be planted in my garden after the last frost tonight. Crop king is the best seed bank to this point. Thanks a bunch!
Darren Robillard
Says : I was short a seed, but the ones I recieved were 90% successful. I've ordered a lot of seeds from cropking and was never short. Maybe they are getting short on this strain. Cheers!
Says : I germinated described in the instructions listed here, and it's been approx 16 hours and all have popped. I'm going to wait a little while longer to let the roots grow a bit more and then transfer them to paper towels. I received more than I ordered and it appears to be 100% germination. The stealth shipping even had me fooled into thinking I got ripped off. It could have been slightly better, but it was still a cool idea. I won't describe their methods, but I think you're in good hands with this company.
Says : Well my seeds arrived a while ago. I can't wait to plant these babies in the soil. If they grow half as well as the Purple Kush from Crop King, I will be more than happy. Stop by the forum and have a look at our plants. Happy Growing and Thanks Crop King
Sheck Purple
Says : First time grower seed buyer...CR is poking out of the dirt standing up straight, purplish color... DA is coming up, the WW is still trying to come up and it will when it is ready! So far so good. Got 1 bad seed out of 21, it was broken from the get go but it is all good! Growing under a top of the line 560 watt LED, in a tent with humidifier and a little heat. It is amazing. Gonna supplement with C02 Eventually. I like Crop King Seeds so far! Germination page on here is a MUST FOLLOW!
Says : Have had this plant for almost 3wks now. Ordered 5 and got 7. That was great my company and I have made a video of the germination process and some of the grow already. The CR is growing a little different then I have had my other plants but we will see how they turn out stay tuned for pics. Also crop king seeds when I place my next order we need to talk... Happy growing
Says : **Happy new Year CropKing** 2015
Says : They have arrived, Thanks to the CropKing. Crown Royal will go well with my White Cookies sent today. All the best to all during the Holidays.
Says : We are very excited about the new strains that CropKing has. We cant wait to grow Crown Royale, thanks from all of us a Grow Chat, peace

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