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Type: Indoor / Outdoor
Growing: Easy to Moderate
Flowering Time: 8 to 9 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: 75% Indica
Effect: Relaxing High
THC: Moderate
THC%: 20.33%    Laboratory Report THC Chart
CBD: 1.4%      Laboratory Report CBD Chart
CBN: 1.2%      Laboratory Report
Country: Canada    Flag
Yield: Up to 500gr Indoor/300gr Out
Genetics: Original Blueberry
Price: 5 Seeds / $35.00
10 Seeds / $65.00
25 Seeds / $120.00
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Marijuana Seeds Canada Blueberry


Blueberry is a well known classic and former winner of the Cannabis Cup. This indica is known for its colorful fan leaves and purplish bud that produce a fruity flavor and taste. This is an excellent strain for pain relief and relaxation.

Blueberry is a famously enjoyable and classy cannabis that has a tasty flavor and vibrant colors. Repeat customers usually germinate a number of seeds so that they can find a special mother plant which is really easy to take cuttings from. It yields good and primarily liked for those who are looking for that special, relaxing and refined high.

These are regular blueberry cannabis seeds. What that means is that all of these seeds are a mixture of both male and female. When you grow them, the males should be separated from the females so that they do not pollinate. If they are kept together and pollinate, you'll have a bunch of seeds produced with no flowers. So if your growing marijuana for producing usable flower, its important to separate the plants once they start growing. The way to tell the difference between male and female plants is when the plants start to flower the males will produce pre flowers that are "ball" shaped and the females will produce pre flowers that are "pistil" shaped.

Blueberry is an easy variety to grow but can be a choosy feeder. However, the payoffs for your efforts and investments are high yield harvests of tasty and high quality buds. Even until now, Blueberry is a coffee shop favorite and even decades after it was first introduced.

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Blueberry Marijuana Seeds Growing, THC
and Yield Information

This Indica-dominant plant has purplish buds, which is what earned it its monicker inthe rst place. The leaves are vibrant and colorful and usually grow in a unique fan-like arrangement. Meanwhile, Blueberry buds are among the best you can get your hands on today. They have a delicious and tempting !avor that leaves a tantalizing aftertaste that lasts an incredibly long time.

A single plant can yield up to 300 grams of glistening, trichome-rich buds. However,you can push that number up to 500 grams by growing indoors with the best setup. The THC content is fairly substantial, and the high is of the relaxing kind you normally look for after several consecutive days of long meetings, killer deadlines, and toxic clients.

A lot of people use Blueberry for its relaxation and pain relieving properties, thus making this strain among the most commonly used medical strain. This strain is the perfect choice for unfortunate cannabis lovers who often suffer from stress and painin various areas of the body.

The effect is simply unbeatable, and this is not surprising, considering how Blueberry has been around for a long time, even winning the Cannabis Cup at one point. Clearly, this is a must-have for recreational and medical marijuana users alikebecause it offers something for everyone. It does not matter if you are after the highalone or relief from ailments. Blueberry will take care of you.

This award-winning strain is recommended for growers wanting to work with an easy to moderate grow. The !owering time is merely more or less two months, which is about the same as that of many other common strains. Just make sure to use the right and only the best nutrients because this strain can be a little picky.

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224 Reviews of Blueberry Regular Cannabis Seeds

Says : I’m prettier sure my strongest survivor is a female I’m rlly happy I’m around 4 weeks and by the 6 I’ll fully be able to tell the sex love u crop king ❤️❤️
Big Jeff
Says : What’s up CKS community! These blueberry seeds I ordered all were female. Not one male and all of them successfully germinated. I was able to take many clones as she is a strong plant. Flipped the schedule to 10/14 to reveal her sex as she is a slow flowering plant. Definitely worth it her buds are dark green almost blue leaves fattest stalk and the biggest bush bewarned she is a picky feeder but she will pay off! Could easily grow outside as her smell isn’t a overpowering stench like other strains. Her smell is just like blueberry jam when flowering it’s incredible it will make you smile but watch out the fertilizer you use could temporarily taint her smell such as Alaska brand fertilizer with fish emulsions (yuck).To all the haterz you guys are just noobs that are too impatient if you can’t germinate then you need to just give up quit wasting your money and let the legends stay legends. Seriously nothing wrong with CKS, you guys just suck Hahaha. Long live the KING 👑 🤴 🍁
Says : I'm not happy with the bb seeds. I planted 5 seeds and 4 popped which is awesome but after letting them grow I noticed I have no females. This was very disappointing as the crops we're growing nicely.
kevin keller
Says : ok so blueberry planted two seeds both female but there was a few seeds i flushed two weeks before harvest waited for a few amber tricombs i was also growing sour diesel it was pretty awsome plant sd but the blueberry not happy at all lots of crystal but one of the two plants the weed dont burn that great and the issue is the taste and flavor is not theree at all i dunno wtf but i hung dry a week jared it burped it for a month in jar i would def not ever buy this reg blueberry again and both plants had a few seeds waist of my time really the sour d awesome yumm yumm now im starting og kush we will see anyways crop king whats with those seeds i was expecting good chronic im pro and its not the primo maybe blueberry kush really if thats how the reg bb is get rid of it sure lots of thc but no good flavor at all pass just my honest professional review I HARVESTED THE BB 8 WEEKS FLOWER A FEW AMBER MAYBE IF YOU GO FULL AMBER 10 WEEKS I DUNNO MAYBE SOME SPEICIAL TASTE COMES OUT A BIT PURPLE BUT NOT LIKE THE PICS U ADVERTISE ON IT IF YOU WISH I HAVE BEAUTIFUL PICSS OF THEM ANYWAYS HAGD
Says : Order came faster the though I bough 5 seeds wate to start the griw
Says : Roger you said you had them under 24/24 for 2 weeks and then change them to12/12. They should start flowering you don’t want that do you. Just don’t understand that all just to be in veg for 2 weeks.
Says : All 5 popped. 4 turned out to be male, but hey that's what happens when you have regular seeds sometimes. The 1 female turned out to be super strong, 3 or 4 new starts at each node, with big buds. Wish I saved some pollen would be nice to keep that females genetics.
Crop King Seeds
Says : Give us a call on 1844 276 7546 and we'll help you out.
Says : Bought a pack of ten only 6 germinated after using their method of those six two died right after breaking the soil cuz the seeds were stuck to the top and two other didnt make it out of the soil the last two one is still growing and the other was a male. Pretty disappointed that im only gonna maybe get one female plant of the ten seeds :(
Says : Ck is Fing awesome ordered 5 bb seeds. with in less then a week I've got 3 that have popped threw the soil and 4 that are still breaking threw. I'm very plz with them as I have one plant that I've been growing since beginning of December and the bb are gaining quick. Should note plant that was started before the bb is a seed I've had for ten years was surprised it even took but non the less these bb seeds are the bomb. Will be ordering from CK again
Ernest Cousineau
Says : best seeds ever buds were as big as my wrist bought 10 all ten germinated great buzzzzzzzzzzzz
Says : Ordered five received 7 7 germinated 7 sprouted 6 females 6 weeks later 6 healthy plants on 12/12 thanks crop King very happy
Says : Bought 5 blueberry seeds and all 5 are taking off. Had them under 24h light for the first 2 weeks and now have em in a 12/12 light cycle. I've never had plants grow as fast as these ones. They've got from 4" tall to a foot and a half in 3 weeks. Just hope they're all females.
Humberto Hernandez
Says : I bought 5 seeds of blueberry Rags on the 23rd November just received them today very happy seeds look good big and puffy.thank you
Says : Ordered 5 seeds, after following the guidelines, only one germination. Very disappointed. Was hoping for at least 60%, but 20%. Not new to the game, also degree in biology. May or may not try some auto flowers. Good luck with yours. Was looking forward to trying out the Blueberry. :(
Garth aka magicbeanz
Says : Holy these beans are the size of peppercorns. I got 100% germinate by placing my seeds in a jar with 120 grain sand paper wrapping the bottle , then lightly scuff the seeds lightly before soaking and fallowing CKing germination.amazong vigour in seedlings
Mary Keller
Says : Good solid information
Says : We bought 10 Blueberry seeds starting Germination tomorrow so I will be reading all your comments. We are first timers we will appreciate all the help we can get everything about lighting . Thanks Mort+ Deb
Says : As a first time grower this plant was a very easy plant to grow no problems at all as said if growinging outdoors in the north it is slow to flower but i still managed to pull around 3 oz off the 1 plant not bad as a newbie grower thanks crop king look forward to planting the rest of my beans next year
Sara Roy
Says : My blueberry female finally started to flower after dropping the 12/12 to 10 on 14 off took 4 days to pop some pistils after that. She also took a second round of growth spurt.. the stem is already pretty thick about 5/8". Can't wait to test its flowers #puffpuff
Says : Update on my last review of my bb seeds..i must say the whole grow was a battle.. they just didnt wanna grow.. but after all the 5 seeds produced one girl that is finally flowering:)...i hope she yields at least enough to smoke... but hey ya win some .. you lose some...thats growing... lol..
Says : Not for outdoors! Started in May,takes forever to go into flowering.It was Oct 10, 2018 before the males would open!(yes i wanted seeds). Females take forever also ,good growth but too slow to go into flower in the north.Going to stay with White Widow autos!see my review.
Says : 4/5 germinated now one week 3, they stopped growing but that was my fault fixed the set up and they are booming now. They are nice green standing a little tall but just carefully buried them deeper
Says : 5 days. Amazing 10/10. Seeds look great. Starting germination now. I'll stay in touch #bbrx5
Sara Roy
Says : She's definitely a SLOW to flower plant. I sent it into veg 2 weeks ago and still yet to show pistils, yet 2 other plants that i had from seed have been flowering the past 2 weeks with the first showing its pistils 2 days after 12/12. At least the blueberry is still growing while it's thinking about flowering.. I stole a clone from it.. I can tell its a female just by how it's growing.
Daves not here
Says : great germination, great smell, very smooth smoke, and a great relaxing stone. The plant is slower to grow than most, and takes longer to go into flower after flipping than most other breeds I have had, so don't panic!! Totally worth it! I intend to try shorter , 10 hour days at least at the start of the flip to see if that will bring it on faster with the next set of clones.
Says : Just updating. I believe its been 7 days but i had tap root yesterday and sprout from soil today. Ill do my best to take care. First timer. .
Says : Ordered 5 seeds. All germinated, but 2 plants died off early. Of the 5 that continued to grow, one looked very small and yellow as if it was a different strain. Either way, that small yellow one and another were males. Ended up with 3 females and have them in 3 gallon pots. Very purple stalk and nice looking buds forming. Planted mid June and getting excited to harvest in about 3 more weeks.
Says : its been a week and still waiting for one of my ten recieved to pop a good tap. not losing hope ive been trying in groups of two in hopes to save some. but im down to the last five. i humbly admit that the first failure was due to my impatience and the second failure to bad paper towels (held too much moisture. had sucess with another strain by soaking in rooting hormone first. may attempt that with the blue... fingers crossed. still great customer service and shipping time...
Says : just a note, people saying the plant wont grow its bad i got it to germinate but wont grow etc. that is 99.9% there problem , in which they did/are doing something wrong usually over water after the initial transfer to soil/medium. To george's comment just below the leaves on the blueberry DO look different but look at the picture on this site its the only one with wonky weird looking leaves, that is its genetics . in no way does that mean its bad genetics. blueberry seeds i bought all growing amazing right now . all of the strains i bought looks so much better then any other seeds i have ever grown even when only a few weeks in. the stocks are insanely thick again at a very young age.
Says : I've never had a problem with crop king seeds until I bought these blueberry regular. Only 2 germinated and they are not looking good at all. I started some afghani about 2 or 3 weeks later and they are already outgrowing the blueberry.both in the same tent with same soiless mix. Very disappointing seeds
Big Jeff
Says : Repeat customer of CKS, scary fast shipping less than 72 hours from when I placed my order from OH. Already popped open thanks for the extra seeds!!! Long Live The King!
Says : Planted 6 seeds and three turned out to be male as expected. Seemed to be quite a slow starter but could've been me. Grew them in coco coir and fed them GH Flora Trio nutes plus calmag. Was worried for a while because they didn't flower in a timely manner after switching to 12/12. However, with a little TLC and patience they all came around. I'm at day 103 from seed and will start flushing next week. The plants reached about 24" high wit respectable bud size and very tight, quite happy with the yield I'll be getting, oh and they smell great, not to pungent. Will definitely consider growing this one again.
Says : I recieved my seeds within a week with awesome packaging..unfortunately after 5 weeks of trying to get these to grow its my opinion that these are some horrible genetics.. seeds looked great.. all 5 germinated.. they just will not grow normally for the life of them.. not one normal leaf on 5 plants.. im glad they were cheap because i wasted alot of time and materials trying to get a crop out of them.. i just ordered fem white widow seeds.. if i have the same problem ill be ordering my seeds elsewhere from now on..
Says : Hey Rory flip the light cycle to 10 hrs light 14 dark and they will come in. This is Indica dominate not those damn sativa's
Says : Hey all just ordered 5 pack of blueberry going to scrog fully organic let you all know after they done on the smoke report cheers all hope you guys get 100% females
Says : Started out in April. Two plants were slow to start. One is tall and lanky the other,oh my humongous bush 9ft tall and still going strong. Late August now with 5 or 6 weeks to go. Don’t want to count chickens yet,gotta be close to a pounder. Smells unreal. Yummy organic bud. Hail to the king
bb grower
Says : as the last guy said do not over water buy a soil moisture meter before you plant these and do not feed them do not put them in potting soil with feed buy some cocoa cohr on amazon it will help with the overwatering cocoa can only hold so much water the rest is just expelled it also helps with feeding when the time comes these are very picky plants it will stunt their growth accidentally got my bb plants mixed up with my gorilla glue and lol I fed them its been a month they look and smell nice but they are only 4 inches tall will take a month to hopefully get them to come back
Says : to willie jones be careful not to over water , and dont use nutrients like everyone always jumps to saying or it will stunt growth at the begging . allot of variables , you would have to give a little info of what u got going and try the forum here maybe
Says : follow the germination method it says in the information book they send you when you get the seeds . The blueberry i got were great seeds. you dont use shitty water and add a chemical. for example peroxide and think thats good, there are sooooo many different contaminants/impurities that you cant boil or kill with peroxide or bleach. bottle spring water only. NO mold no impurities. great seeds great company
Willie jones
Says : Im on almost week three they seem to not to be growing but they look pretty small for 3 weeks any advice?
Crop King Seeds
Says : We take umbrage with this review. This customer made an order, we shipped he received and proceeded to IGNORE our germination instructions. He called, we talked to him, explained where he went wrong and sent him replacements. He proceeded to IGNORE our instructions. He then called and hurled abuse at us and refused to listen. We told him no more replacements as it was obvious he would not listen to us. We don't usually respond to these reviews and let them sit as written but this one has struck a nerve.
Says : I ordered 5 seeds of the blueberry 2 weeks ago and i can nust say the seeds were crap they were very old they sent all tan seeds no black ones only 2 popped and only one has made it i have been growing for 13 years now and figured id try ck but it was a fail $50 waste of money. when i called crop kings they were rude and told them i followed their instructions and the lady said in rude canadian o no dont do it that way put it on top of your fridge it took 3 days to get them to pop took the other 2 that made it and put in glass with hydrogen pyroxide just a cap full terrible company bad seeds
Says : Blueberry seeds i ordered and received easily and discreetly, i ordered a few different strains. that i so far have had excellent results with. that being said the blueberry seeds were really fat big seeds , germinated insanely easily and at the moment ,as just a little sprouts have a very very thick stem.
Says : first time ordering through here, was insanely easy asked questions on the chat with the king icon in the bottom right corner. very helpful people! The blue berry seeds were huge compared to the other seeds i got when added to the glass of spring water at room temp one sank instantly 2hours later i went back and tapped the other two down , one sprouted in the water at about 14hours at around 16 hours i put on a plate with paper towel damped with the same water used with the seeds and now have two of the 3 already sprouted , very quickly. I had the plate sitting on my ps3 running so kept it constantly warm , have to keep checking and adding water but amazing seeds ! I Love Crop King !! only thing was ordered fast shipping and did not get the grinder that was suppose to come with ahaha, Will update with smaller review as the seeds transform to beautiful girls.
Says : Ordered blueberry. Received in 4 days!Soaked in water, then moist paper towels. Towels dried out while I was at work. One germinated, planted all in soil anyway. Over night 2 babies sprouted. Update in several weeks.
Says : tryed growing once before, fate intend,now patience.
Says : this is the second time that I have ordered from CK, first time was my first ever growing experience, out of 5 seeds I had 2 grow .CK replaced the seeds and everything went well, very successful. I now have 5 blueberry seeds all germinateed and are in pots, no pun intended, they all look good and can't wait to get my fix on these new ones, need the pain relief and relaxing effect from this strain. thanks for your help on chat also
Says : Ordered from Texas 8 days ago , Used the $10.00 shipping . Slick packaging . Completely satisfied.
Says : I ordered 5 seeds, they where a little overpriced IMO. I planted only one of the seeds and it's been growing great and beautiful for 2 weeks as I'm writing this, although some of the leaves seem to have a harmless duck foot mutation. I'm very happy with the seeds, it's my first time growing
Says : This company is very professional and one of the best companies out there in this type of buisness . My order arrived very promptly and discreetly. Received my order in 7days after my order was paid and processed. Strains and genes are top notch. Thanks so much KING
Big Wurm Sherm
Says : I couldn't be more pleased with a seed purchase, than I was of CK's Blueberry strain. This was my second order with CK & I ordered these as an add-on & they stole the show. I received my order 5 days after ordering & within 7 days was pushing up seedlings. I ordered 10, all germinated, bearing 5 males & 5 females. I kept 1 of the most vigorous males for breeding. They all were consistent in smell, with pheno form differing little. They're all compact with very close stem to branch ratio & stretch was minimal in all once into flowering & will make a great addition to my micro garden. All were easy to clone. Having just harvested the first pheno at 26" with 30 gr. yeild & another 15 gr. to pollinate. Grown with organic molasses A.C.T & fruit bat guano, the taste is undescribable. Rich in the terpene myrcene, it's taste & effect on chronic pain have made this my new favorite strain, and proudly add it to my collection of stand-out phenotypes. Stay very berry King !
Says : First batch I bought was awesome. Delivered in very discreet packaging. I used the sprouting method they recommended and every one sprouted. As a few plants were differed slightly but most of them were dark grassy green with a lot of purple in the stalk. These plants are really hearty. I tested a few for drought tolerance and another few for extreme pH levels, too high and too low. They do well recovering from all described conditions and can be brought to some unsavory conditions before dying. The plants that weren't exposed to harsh condition flourished greatly. All were grown indoors using nanolux 630's and the Heavy 16 regiment (with a few additional products) the end result was top shelf. I tagged each plant and took clones prior to bloom. Even with the genome hunting I liked the batch and strain so much that I placed an additional order this morning. I also plan to try the Black Indica as prefered the growing conditions will likely be similar. I recommend this product to anybody who wants to try blueberry. My first order was done online, the one this morning was done over the phone. It should be noted that the staff are very friendly and helpful and this is a large factor in my loyalty to a company. Consider me loyal now. -J.
Says : I have had numerous problems with crop kings regular seeds. I questioned CK about the fact that when I grew the regular seeds it looked like there were several varieties of marijuana plants. CK told me that they put all of the plants in a open field and let nature take its course. Only problem with this kind of pollination method is that you can't control the quality of the seeds. Selective breeding/pollination is the best way to do it to ensure quality seeds.
Dorothy ward
Says : I love growing different flowers and plants. Love this site and reading all the different points. Great job.
Says : I purchased a 5 pack of the reg seed last fall. Out of 5 total seeds 2 sprouted both were verry slow to grow and one had a genetic defect on one side of the plant. It never want away. The other I grew out and it did not turn purple at all. It did not small, taste or look like any bleuberry I've ever had, but in top of it all it ended up hermieing out on me. It was harsh, tasteless smoke, but I do have to say the effects were there. I have not purchased from CK since this incident. I have no issues with my methods on good genetics in the past. Just my honest opinion, I hoped for better from fellow Canadians.
Says : Update at 7 weeks of flowering most are really purple and frosty some are more green with hints of purple all smell great took a sample was very nice totally legit genetics got pics that look like above photo
Says : 10 out of 10 germinated, 7 female and 3 male. 200 percent stretch once flowering started. Almost no odor when flowering. Very good yield and a nice daytime or night time smoke. Nice hint of blueberry when cured. Flowers turned purple toward the end of cycle. I grew in live soil with very little additional nutrients needed.
Says : I got 5 B.B. seeds only one sprouted. Was a female but was the slowest growing plant I ever grew and buds were nothing close to B.B.. I have had green Crack, white widow, northern lights before with great success but this one wasted my time only 24.2g of dryed product
Says : Seeds didn’t germinate When I asked for replacements they blamed me and since I didn’t keep my receipt wouldn’t replace them. College graduate Horticulture back ground and 6 years professional Propagation growing experience at a renowned Propagation facility I know exactly what I’m doing. Their germ rate is garbage Even at 80% germ rate if they have a bag of 100 seeds that means 20 won’t germinate and by luck of the draw my 5 pack of seeds came out of the 20 duds and these people don’t stand by their product. Save yourself the headache and get seeds elsewhere.
The Germinator
Says : I got some of these awhile back they came out so frosty, delicious, and potent like all the other strains I have got from CKS. I even made some blueberry muffins with the trim and shake they where so good my mum loved them too lol.. I'll be back the Germinator.. all hail the king baby Crop King Seeds is the best don't mess with the rest
Says : Bought 5 and 3 germinated successfully all three look like completely different strains and had deformities from day 1. Been 10 days since I flipped to bloom cycle and still no signs of sex. Sometimes these things happen tho it's all a part of growing the shipping was fast and discreet thanks CKS! Hopefully order some more seeds soon
Says : ordered 5 blueberry and 2 didn't make it ..the 3 r doing great right from the germination..they r @ 4 week veg now and still going strong..hope they r ladys tho ...but very happy with the outcome so far thanks crop king I wiil be coming for some more soon
Says : Seeds came real quick they blessed me up it’s crazy these will grow awesome in my dwc tent can’t wait to get some green brack so I can cross breed it with the blueberry make me some crackberry ooooooweee thank you again crop seeds
Jackson potgezer
Says : I have always liked blueberry its always been my favorit
Says : Update I ordered 10 B/B seeds got em in the mail all have grown great big round leaves and beautiful purple stems on all, 4 turned out male and 6 female so very happy with results so far...
Says : well out of the 4 that start only three made it and they, are about 23 inches high in 37 days but now they are showing signs of small sacks grrrr not looking like a female well i changed my mind about buy any seeds on'd think there would be one female notha 1
Says : Got my B/B seeds in California in 4 days ordered 10 all germinated very quick and look great most have fat round leaves couple have more narrow twist but all solid green very healthy so far so good
Says : 5/5 turned out male, too bad. They looked great though
Says : Grew 3 out of 5 all female but the plants did not look good they all had strange discolored leaves from germination to harvest with yellow spots on them and took forever to flower not sure if i want to grow the other two
Says : All females from the 5 ordered.Plants were outdoors and finished very nice.Lots of buds and actually did taste like blueberries.Purple in color from the cold October nights.Glad i finally tried this strain.
Says : 5 came up so far hope all females guess we will have to wait and see the seeds seem older and hard as a brick I actually cracked a seed by hand to get root to come out after I seen it struggling so here's a way to save a seed ....
Says : well i bought 5 seeds and 4 out of 5 sprouted and they seem too be doing well, all same looking strain, a little bit on the slow side after germination, but hey all is good thks will be buying more
Says : 1 female plant out of 5. It Grew over 5 feet and bushy. Beautiful plant. Purple stalk and stems. Not the same plant as pics above. Great to smoke. A bit harsh but gets you buzzed.
kozima ryohei
Says : LOVE blueberry
Says : 100% of my 8 bb seeds are female!!
Says : I got ten of the BB Regulars, I've germinated 4 and all 4 popped up above ground. That being said, I'm surprised and the Phenos I'm seeing. Not one of them is the same as the other. All are showing different genetic traits. One is the classic apical style, while another's first nodes are obliquely offset, and the second nodes are apical. A third one is runted and every leaf is deformed. The Fourth one is quite similar to the first but not quite as symmetrical. I realize there are going to be some differences but if you're selling seeds you should have more consistency than this. Even in a small sampling. As for Sex of the Plants, from what I've seen so far all 4 are girls but they are still young and there's only one way to know for sure. We're all here cause we're not all there!
Says : If I'm reviewing the seeds it's always been 50/50 male to female with 90% success. 90% of all my growing problems are from a lack of experience not the seeds.
Says : Fat gorgeous buds covered in snow. I could stare at them all day. But still not the stoneist. After growing three cycles of this it's time to move on. As pretty as it is, it's still just a average stoneiness.
Shadilay Cannabis
Says : I started some cuts indoor to sniff out the males early on. 50/50 ratio, thats normal. Sample had a large solid buds with huge stalk, looked promising. Put more into a greenhouse, no buds coalesced and every thing is weird and pinky shaped. Smell is very minimal but has a beautiful turquoise color. Not sure why it didn't like the GH but it destined for the rosin press I guess.
Says : Don't buy these seeds or any of the regular strands.You will only get 1 female if you are lucky. My friend didn't get any!! My 1 female is doing great. Lol!! Won't be ordering regulars from here again!!!
Says : I bought 5 of these back in april 2017. I used my regular germ method of a wet paper towel, covered and in a nice warm place. Only 2 seeds actually germinated and it took a week for them to sprout a tap root. I persevered with the other 3 for the next 2+ weeks but they did not pop. Thats a 40% germ rate. Over the next 2 months i struggled with these plants: they didnt like anything! They didnt like much light, nutes or water. I also grow another blueberry derived strain and ive never had any problems growing them. I got one male and a female. The female is small and not producing much in the way of yield. Neither plant had/had a smell! I cant speak for the other strains CK sells but im not thrilled with this one, sorry! PS: my plants also dont look like the posted pics!
Markus Flemming
Says : In response to orion, pick any and go for it. Just make sure you give it love and it'll grow. Onto my real review, bought some Blueberry back in June. Took a little while to get here but they did get here, with extra seeds. Within 48 hours of germination (soaking in water) I have 7 perfect blueberry seedlings that's taking well. 100% germ rate. Will surely purchase again
Says : I am thinking of trying growing weed but it sounds difficult . What would you suggest for a beginner to grow inside ouside . Tks
Jean-Guy dePepsi
Says : I bought 5 seeds back in April and have 100% germination rate. The plants are growing with vigour, look really good and already are beginning to have a sweet berry smell. 30 - 32 inches tall. They love my fresh garden compost and are growing like they are on steroids. Can't wait. J
Says : I use a 600watt high pressure sodium hallide and a vented glass reflector. eBay special for 46$ - bulbs costs roughly 9-12$. Don't touch the bulbs without gloves on ever! A tent is also very useful. Remember this setup gets hot , very hot in a tent esp. so buy a cheap 6" fan to slide into either the lamp hood vent hole or one of the 6" pocket holes in a tent. I found that flex pipe ran from AC duct to the fan I put in the lamp hood as well as a little fan at dirt level keeps the plants at a balmy 78-80 degrees and also promotes the main stems to be stronger and hold more yield. These secrets are for you new growers.
southern Outlaw
Says : Started12 and10 germinated along with cali kush all 12 germinated and are looking fine but blueberry are struggling out of the10 6 are except able but still have deformities the other4 are all twisted and just knarly looking. I've had this problem a few times in the past with this strain and it's gotta have something to do with the age of the strain dating back to the70s and been repeatedly inbred. Contacted king about it and no resolution i guess because they were freebies because of the afghan i was seriously disappointed in. I will say their white widow was awesome and so was the green crack white cookies was decent and purple kush and crown royal i wouldn't grow again. Been a hit or miss but their customer service has been second to none up until this issue
Says : I bought a 5 seed pack at the beginning of april and started germinating them right away. Out of 5 only 3 germed and 1 died shortly after the tap root appeared. The seeds were difgicult to get started and grew slowly. The resulting plants have never looked healthy and seem stunted but i have managed to keep them alive. They are both in flower now and both are showing female pistils. Will update in a few weeks.
Says : I have never grown before BB IS germinating now, 4 of seeds have sprouted thus far. I thought I ordered an autoflowering plant. Must I buy a light for my plants? If so what type? I can't keep them outside.
Says : I have never grown before BB IS germinating now, 4 seeds have sprouted thus far. I thought I ordered an autoflowering plant. Must I buy a light for my plants? If so what type? I can't keep them outside.
Says : I have grown these many times and always liked this strain. I recently germinated 5 seeds that I've had about a year in the fridge. All 5 were still good. Two were male three were female.that's about as good as it gets folks. Sorry for the guy that had 22 out of 25 your just looking for free seeds.
Jeffery Barton
Says : Outstanding it took a while hard to get to germinate only four came to life. I recived more seeds than i exp.Wow almost eerily inconspicuoussly delivered,i allmost throw them away in the trash . You have obviously spend a great deal on promotion and great promotion excellent Packaging. Brings me back to the packaging you guys are intelligent unfortunately it was my first try growing from seed, I got for beautiful plants to sprout we got about 3 inches high and San Diego got hit with the worst rain storm in decades three days of rain before I saw what it happened they were three feet underwater tried to save them one of them held on longer than the others 5 days later they were all gone Poor little plants you guys are great your product is great i wish i could have gotton more of them to sprout. I paid for 5 seeds,4 grew into nice sprouts if it wasn't for Mother Nature and the worst rain San Diego CA has seen in a long time enough to raise a lift on water conservation just a bit we all should conserve water always someday I might get to try again God bless
Says : Ordered 25 seeds. 22 came out as males. I wont order the blueberry again.
Says : Great staff called them got my ? Asked friendly reply went threw my bank got a prepaid travel visa beans showed up 5 to 7 days discreet ordered 10 will order again and this toke is for CK and staff thanks
Says : I don't like to be negative but these blueberry are very slow and kind of runty. .I made mistake of growing this with extreme haze in a scrog. .the extreme grows much better and soon had height variance problems ..sadly I lost 3/4 of the haze because they were male ..I would not recommend the BB honestly ..the extreme hazeI give the thumbs up and if crop king offers them in feminized version I would buy in them for sure
Says : Germinated 4 seeds a few days before Christmas. All 4 popped within a couple days. 1 seedling was broken by my own carelessness. After a few weeks in veg, l noticed balls growing on 2 of 3 plants and I had to remove them from the tent. The last plant showed a tiny calyx and pistol, so I knew I had a female. I was cool with having just one plant, because I could now concentrate and learn the correct way to grow a healthy plant. My advice is read EVERYTHING online and learn. It's now March 31, and I'm into week 7 of flower, and I have about 25 fat buds that are filling in nicely. The stock of the plant is thick and strong and the fragrance is mind blowing when you open the tent! I used foxfarm soil and nutes at half dose and never noticed any nute burn or deficiencys. I really love the amazing genetic history of the plant. I'm 64 and recently retired. 45 years as an Autobody mechanic has left me with back problems and a sore body. I can't wait to try my own medicine. This is my first grow, and I'm happy to not have to with deal with unscrupulous people for my meds, or worry about cops breaking my door down. For people who have never grown their own meds, it is a deeply personal and rewarding thing. I have a packet of Early Miss seeds waiting in the wings for my next grow...can't wait! I want to thank the friendly staff at Crop King Seeds for their amazing service and professionalism, and I will do business with them again!
Dr. Green yum
Says : 3outta 5 and other two are light brown.. Not tigers or veiny seeds rather...threw em in organic anyways and nothing yet..One outta five looks strong but all had good tap roots apon trans plantation a week later.. Hopin for the best as my fiance has cancer and relies on her medicine...
Says : I bought these just before the new year and started germination. 3-5 germinated and sprouted. 2-3 are female and the 3rd one is unknown yet as I just germinated it and it sprouted. However I will not buy Blueberry again as the plants are very brittle and break easy. No cropping can be done. I also broke a stem by walking by it. Also something of concern is I am now starting week 5 of flowering and I can just barely see the buds.
Says : 100% germination in 2 days all sprouted a day after planting doing great same with afghan
Crop King Seeds
Says : This is a regular strain. Males and females. No idea why you're surprised.
Says : Not happy spend all this time on them and got some males 6 foot males wast of money growing them.
Shawn Young
Says : I bought 5 seeds of blueberry and out of 5 seeds 3 are growing. The other 2 were too small to germinate.
Says : I'm close to the end with my blueberry and they got so much frost if I could post a pic here I would I do have pic up on 420magazine app ( joel13 ) is my user name there if you wanted to check it out
Says : Out of the bb I received only 5 popped and all 5 turned out male..not complaining tho I successfully crossed my own gsc with BB..running your fem dwarf low flyers now
Says : just copped the 25 pack if you only buy in fives thats why you losing free x
Ms Shawn Young
Says : I bought 5 seeds of blueberry and this is the first time I have ever seen such small seeds. I'm really hoping that they germinate because their also beige. Other than this incident I have always bought Crop King seeds. Thanks for listening. Have a great deal. Peace
Says : Once again the King has arrived, I am so glad I placed my order with crop king the package can to my house with 7 seeds. I can't wait to see them flower.
Says : 9 days total on BBerry Bean arrival, thanks ya'll
Says : My first purchase went smooth..blueberry came on time and %100 hoping for at least 1 male to cross with my gsc x strawberry cough and of course more BB beans
Says : Second time with blueberry got one in week 1 of flower and underneith the the fan leaves are blue and purple smells awesome way more aroma than my dutch treat in week 4 of flower wow
Says : Just received package and product is in first phase of development. I'll keep posting as to the results
Says : Got my Sour Ds, I haven't plant them yet but already have plans for some Blueberry. Awesome customer service!
Says : Well so far so good on my decision to sink my money in a Canadian company rather then send my money to some other country. I initially bought five five packs , green crack which is growing beautifully, white widow which is also growing nicely, purple kush, its having a slow start and two of the seeds didnt pop, northern lights auto which is going into flower as we speak and looking like itll be a strong yield! Im inpressed for an auto for how big it is ! lastly was bubba kush which unfortunately none popped..but after talking wuth lisa on the live chat she said crop king would be sending me , at my request, some blueberry seeds! Im pretty excited and hope they are the blueberry of the 90s ! But so far so good ! I also bought some nyc diesel auto seeds today as well ...heres to happy growing ! Pictures to come..
Stanley troll
Says : Got my first blue berry male plan very excited also got a female in the mix lookin forward to harvesting do i post pics
Says : i have been going and buying from you all for over 2 years now and i will not stop buying from you all are awesome thank you all so much
Says : Awesome plant smells great 2nd time with blueberry its a classic for more than one reason!
Says : so many ways... Thanks everyone.
Frank Castle
Says : Thanks king seed...blueberries are looking good. Sour d is on germ right now. (Deep inhale)life is good.
Frank Parisi
Says : Just wanted to say how great your service has been. its awesome! I have germinated 4 out of 5 seeds of blueberry and I am very satisfied. Thanks again! Great company..
Says : Ordered blueberry seeds they were here in no time flat. Germination as perscribed, all planted and showing themselves already in less than a week and a half. Best company, greatest product and awesome customer service.Thank you so very much.
Says : Just received my beans! Can't wait to germinate. Trick packaging! Love you guys..
Says : Regular Blueberry seeds dirt grow under 600watt MH/HPS. 100% germ rate. Very hardy no problems. If I hadn't grown it myself I would have thought it was laced with something. It is some STRONG stuff. Thank you Crop King for another great grow!
Auto guy
Says : Got this stain because it's a classic favorite. 1 for 1 germinating. And it turned out to be a female so she is now in training. Beautiful leaves. Great growth. Just a pleasure to have. When you look at the plant you cant believe it's something that's in your garden.
Kaelen D
Says : Been medical growing blueberry for about a year and it is one of the most amazing strains I have ever been privileged to work with :) Dj Shorts blessing
Nick conti
Says : Let's see how this goes.
Says : A work in progress my first time. got three females out of the group very pleased. 1 though is a champ just not as bushy as i hoped other two going good still small. not the seed just poor skills thanks seedking great service and product
Dat dude
Says : Another update on the BB I have it LST'n an it is beautiful,an just dropped some amnesia haze in the dirt can't wait to c how they turn out. Thanks again crop kings.
Says : 7 day delivery, 100% rate all doing great. email transfer option is very nice. thumbs up!
Says : Recieved my seeds in just 7 days. Very pleased with the packaging.cant wait to start growing so i can give a full review of this strain.
Says : Anyone looking for Satan? Cause...of course he's here "Down Unda" with us lordin' it over the rest of us Serfs so as we can't rise above his dark light insane drivel. Yeah we is down under alright...."under the gun,under the thumb... And under the commie bums that secretly profit from and make I'll use of The Lord God's Awesome"Cannabis" oh no drink your little Aussie Lives away...Ice in Schools Detectives gettin lap dances n lip service... Four year old girls left to die suffrin' hundreds of seizures a day robbed by police of her medicine... Myself drugged and slashed to cover Qld's police criminal mafia drug syndicate...Now they stand their posin' with their foot on the dead carcass of our families and gain honours for continual harrasment intimidation victimisation of a threat less action... The Emporer is not only naked..he is wretched poor, miserable, blind, naked in a deluded misguided stupor ... Excuse me... I digress.. I love Canada and I love God...And i love Canabis..
This nutz
Says : Got my seeds faster then i expected(1 week). Germination process is going well 100%. Highly recommended. Will be buying more for sure.
Says : Came in exactly a week In great condition.Germination going great for the ones I started so far 100% rate and love it thanks ck will be ordering more...
Dat dude
Says : Just a quick update the BB is doin very well,thanks crop kings you guys are awesome.
Says : Just finished a batch of BB amazing great genetics just got my WC and bk beans super fast shipping CK rocks
Says : My seeds arrived very quickly. All five are growing fast and are healthy. Thanks for all of the help I will definitely will be buying more from you.
Says : First time order-er and can't wait till they get here...another review when they get here on how fast
Says : My Blueberry seeds arrived in less than a week, all were huge, dark and mottled. 4 germinated, an 80% rate just like described. Seedlings are healthy and growing fast, I will be a repeat customer for life. :)
Says : Loving every minute of it. Growing like a champ. Very happy customer here
Dat dude
Says : Out of my 5 I germed 3 an 100% germed can't wait to c how they come along, Thanks CK I will b back.
Shawn Stubbs-Bloomquist
Says : Just got my beans and put them in water great company will be a repeat costumer!
Dat dude
Says : Just got my beans an and Can not wait till I get back home to start them. Thanks will b back soon.
Says : got a pack and ever seed I put in the water germinated. Great company to deal with . Will be a repeat customer. Thanks
Says : Planted four to start all popped asap using paper towel method. All four growing very well. All seeds very fresh and eager to sprout.
bruce ching
Says : ordered seeds and it came in discretly and it was nice and fat seeds.popped two sees in 3 days.growing out in the sun in Hawaii.cant wait to see how it comes out thanks crop king
Says : Lovin cropking got my package and now it's on thanks and I'm telling everyone bout fast and the best freebies ever Thanks CK I'm in!!!!!!
Says : all of my seeds germinated with success, and came is pretty clever packaging. 10/10 would buy again.
Says : All 5 germinated with long roots! Fast shipping as well, will be back for more.
Says : I got my package in less than 10 days and very clever packing lol. The best customer support I have ever seen. Thanks Again CKS
River Rat
Says : Thank you for the safe and sound delivery of my beans. 7 days and there they were looking at me smiling.... I'm so excited.... looking forward to getting started in the germ process. You guys are the best. Got the BB this time, really wanted the w widow but first time buyer didn't want to chance the money. Will be a return customer for sure. Again thanks so much.
Says : Just received my blueberry seeds today can't wait to see how many seeds actually grown will post in stages
Says : Excelent service. got my beans today here on the west coast down under. Highly excited to get growing! Thank you CKS !!!!
Says : Thanks so much from humboldt.seeds took six days to get here. I started germinating them right away all seeds came out within four days I have beautiful Sprouts already out of the dirt
Says : You guys freaking rock!!! got my seeds down in Miami in 7 days!! Super exited!!! Thanks I'm still in shock that I actually got them!!! Lol thanks cropkingseeds👌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 recommended 💯💯💯
Bob T
Says : Got my seeds fast, Well packaged.I am eager to germinate, once done will post back results. A-1 service, highly recommended!
Donald D
Says : This is the best place to buy seeds, their Blueberry is amazing. very easy to germinate, and the growth rate is incredible. Only took 3 days from germinate to pot! AMAZING! I will always order from here. Best thing is the customer service, You guys are the best!
Says : awesome service!! received my seeds in 2 weeks in southern U.S.ive been waiting for 2 months for the "other"company.will definately order again!
Says : Got my blueberry in! Seeds look great quality, still early to say but looks like I got 4/5. More than happy with everything, asked alot of questions and found exactly what I wanted. Thanks CKS
Tee Jay
Says : Started my blueberry seeds on Monday 11 April and will be planting in pots today April 14 :) The vendor in New Minas, NS was very knowledgeable and a nice guy. To be continued... :)
Says : Just got my 10 it was fast with good service will order again
Midnight toker
Says : You guys are spot on ..will come back for sure ..grow on ..
Says : I am very pleased with the Super discrete and unique package. Also it took five days for them to show up in my mail. Once them babies are growing well I will post more reviews. Thank you Crop King.
Says : Received seeds about 10 days after ordering them. I was so impressed with their service, I ordered some train wreck seeds. Planted 5 seeds and all germinated. I'll post with grow methods, observations and results as soon as they're ready. Thanks to the kings. I was hesitant to purchase since I don't necissarily live where seeds are legal, but they deliver!
Says : This variety puzzles me I have been growing cannabis for over 25 years and this is a first to see male grow like a female and the female is third the size of the male.. so 100% germination and vegetation 40% males.. I'm actually thankful as hell that I have now blueberry male breeding program the pollen sacks are starting to open.. only one blueberry father is in flower no blueberry mothers are in flowering.. this weekend I will be able to cut clones off of blueberry female its funny I commented on a couple other varieties rogue thunder and white widow and they were cloned within the first month and the clones are strong.. White Widow can be planted directly into Promax HP or cc or any light mix and it will root quickly with the help of the b12 rooting powder of course... I am satisfied with the quality and value from crop King seeds.. I am in no way a representative and I never give any kind of propers to seed companies since they always have a shortage or they take forever to come in.. I won't go into the specifics of shipping methods that is for one to find out for themselves but I must admit that the speed was unusually fast.. one funny thing with the whole shipping thing and crop King knows what I'm saying is that the product just so happened to be a part of my profession and business that alone was positive karma and was indeed a sign..
randall henderson
Says : my first purchase of Blueberry from Cropking was a successful one. I germinated 14 of 14 (100%) seeds and 11 of 14 (71%)were female. I will post a review of my harvest when harvest occurs and is cured and tasted. So far very good results. I will not be hesitant to buy again from your selection of cannabis strains
Says : I received blueberry beans on the mail. I felt like a kid at Christmas couldn't wait till it is warm to grow outside. I started 1 just to see what I could do with it since I haven't grown a plant since 91. Within 4 days it was germinated. I planted in a soil cup filled with soil and in 2 days the plant is 2 inches high under 150 watt cfl 2700k on 18 and 6 I will be ordering from the king again for sure
Says : Im very happy with my purchase, i live in QC and the deleviry took 5 day. i germinated all the seed and every single of them germinated. I recommend this site 100%. gOOD LUCK WITH YOUR GROWING !
Says : Have had a awesome experience so far. Seeds shipped in about a week. I purchased 5 of them and received 8 and 6 of them have germinated. Wold defently buy from crop kings again.
Says : hello after getting some help with payment i recieved my seeds within 3 days order monday and got em thursday the seeds look very good i cant wait to try them thanks for the help lisa and crops king
Dennis Johnson
Says : Wouldn't recommend if you like a heavy high but I still love it buds get really fat and crystaly I'm on my 2nd blueberry harvest beautiful genetics
Says : Just got mine in the mail thanks a lot crop king
Says : Love this strain! Very easy to grow, one I grew in a tent and the other I had in my window, I got 3 oz off the one in the tent under 250w of cfl's and just under 2 from the window plant. It grew 6 ft high and had a wonderful aroma, didn't need any air fresheners for the house all summer! Will grab more for sure this summer!
Says : Great service! Only took a few days to recieve. Very happy with the product! Thanks Crop King!
Says : Thanks alot Kingseeds.
Tyrone Sykes
Says : I just want the best bud I can possibly grow and enjoy as well
DB Mode
Says : I just receive my beans with fast shipping and great customer service Thank you guys at crop kings seeds. Time to germ :)
Says : Grew this outside, big, beautiful plant. Pink pistils on some of the kolas. Weighed out at 750 grams , cured.I would definately grow again.
Says : I ordered bb a few weeks ago. I accidentally lost a few with my high ass but so far all have been female and are healthier than ever it is worth it guys if u were in my place wondering if it is legit and will actually arrive take my advice ckcs are the real deal!!! Today I upgraded to white whidow fem because I am comfortable with crop king seeds now
Says : Great service got my package in a weeks time. Now for germination
Says : First time leaving a review on anything. First time buying seeds online and first time grower. Ordered some blueberry and white voodo. Got the seeds in 6 days. Cant wait to get started!!! Thanks crop kings!!!
Says : I ordered 2 5 seed packs and received it 4 5 days after the order was placed. from Vancouver to Toronto. Thxs
Says : I ordered blueberry from them about 7 months ago and this weed is so ME of my favorite when it comes to my all round. It has the best clean flavor .it produced 3 ounces a plant indoor. Great smell just gets better and better the longer you cure it. Not the strongest but it holds its own.I will grow again.
Says : Excellent communication, stealthy delivery. Opened up in two days out of soil within three. Have honored guarantee and replaced seeds for a different strain... Definitely go through them again.
Says : Ok order came today. cks rocks thanks guys will post pics later thanks again
Says : Is it really this purple as shown above?
Says : Ordered. My shipment came in 7 days. I'm excited to get started. Great costumer service time to germinate.
rock pinto
Says : first shoping and first harvest, hoping for the best ;-)
Says : I ordered 10 and got 12 blueberry seeds. all 12 germinated and 8 ended up being female. Both the germ. rate and the female ratio much better than average. 5 weeks into flower and buds are very nice with lots of tricones around the buds..Thanks again crop king! I'll be back!!
Says : My first harvest and we are so happy! Thanks.I love the ride. Nice and easy.
Says : Crop King performance bar none the Greatest. Seeds at my box in Five days. Strong germination in just 2 days.Can you say stealth, took me awhile to find them! Thanks again
Chuck lopez
Says : Does anyone have pics of what they grew?
dolores carrera
Says : Awesome genetics a month n they already in flower mode. All of them Fems... Ordered 5 and got like 7. 2 of them failed due to new soil i was trying out.
Cassum Kenneth
Says : Very satisfied! The seeds took 2 weeks to get here. All 5 of the seeds i ordered germinated absolutely fine in under 18 hours. (One had a very thick long root after no germ time at all, We called that one *BlueBerry* and it's one of the remaining, and the BIGGEST of the crop. I lost 1 seed to a failed Hydroponics attempt. It grew fine, but very slowly due to lack of proper nutrients. I had to toss it after 3 weeks, when most plants were standing 1 ft tall, and it was still only 4 inches. It grew an amazing wad of roots, but I didn't have time for it. I lost another 2 plants due to assuming that they were hermied, and putting them outside. (To be safe) After they went outside, 1 turned out to be male, and eventually the other died. (I should note these plants grew independently, and only got screwed after i would do something, These are quality genetics, i assure you) There are 2 blueberry's left, the *Blueberry* and another slightly smaller brighter green blueberry. They smell like candy. (Blueberry JollyRancher) Its awesome and i can't wait to harvest them and smoke some. Thank you so much Crop King Seeds! You'll see my business here again! :D
Dan shizzam
Says : Crop king is just that. The crop king. They were here in 4 business days with some stickers and a pin to boot. I picked up blueberry this time. Next its purple kush then northern lights!! Eventually I want to own the entire cataloge. Thank you for such an awesome experience.
Says : Any chance you guys are gonna feminize Blueberry? This plant is so sweet smelling....and I got one of the stunted girls. Sure would be nice to have feminized seeds.
Says : Ordered 5 only received 5, unlike some people here... All seeds germinated the old fashion way, straight into grow medium. 4 of the 5 look healthy, one remains on the stunted pale green side no mater what I do to it...
Says : after having a fail try with ice wreck king crop help me pick out the strain best for me which was blue berry the help was great talking to the king him self was a pretty cool experiance too but over the experiance was great enough to come back for more when the time comes thanks cks :)
Says : Ordered 10 seeds received 12 all germinated no problems.great company thanks cropkingseeds.
Says : Fast discreet shipping 3000 miles in 5 days. Using suggested method 100% germination! Plus bonus included in order A+ operation.
Says : Well ordered one week ago from today package was delivered discreetly as times before very nifty I must say and extra goodies million thanks again if y'all want seeds use cropkings they stand by there word 100% can't be more pleased
Says : Just got my seeds today took about 7 days can wait to see how they grow thanks cks you'll be seeing me real soon going to try another after I grow these
Says : Using an egg incubator set at 80 degrees F, with water in the incubator humidity channels and following Crop Kings paper towel method for germination I had 100% germination.
Says : I purchased 5 Blueberry seeds and received 8. All 8 seeds germinated. Fast discreet shipping.
Says : I just started to grow Blueberry outside with help of friends. Then we decided to grow indoor. My my health that with rare brain disease and told I was to die in few weeks. After two years of being sick the doctor are blow away it stop progression of disease and got my help back! BlueBerry was a magic plant for me. I never thought this plant save my life.I don't fall in front of people and more!Thanks and love your coming and way you market awesome job!
Jon Stephen Fulton
Says : ready to grow and smoke!!!
Justin Mann
Says : Hey there looking to buy some blueberry seeds. Can i use a debit visa?
Says : Thanks.. just got my seeds .. very fast shipping .. cant wait to see how all 5 and the 2 extra one they sent me... come out .. :-)
shawn v
Says : Awesome company, excellent service. I got my discreet package pretty quick and i'm in deep south texas, they hooked up extra seeds.thanks cks. cheers
Says : How can i buy your seeds ? :) ) i'm Mongolian
Says : Awesome, ordered 10, planted them in May. Out of 10 ( no extras) exactly 5 were female, the rest were tossed out due to being male. It's now almost Halloween and they are over 2ft tall and just started flowering a few weeks ago. Awesome!
Ron Ramadani
Says : I want so much that weed i love blueberry
MR Bush
Says : Love this Blueberry!Very easy to grow and WOW it grows very fast.Love Crop King Seeds,Fast delivery and Great to deal with.Thanks Guys.
Weed Lover
Says : Fast delivery server, I got my 1 pack of 10 seeds. I an't wait to grow them. I love Crop King Seeds.
Says : Let me start with a big Thank YOU just got my seeds cant wait to get started vary fast delivery to USA only 5 days I will be back for alot more again 1000 thank you Crop King
Says : Let me start with a big Thank YOU just got my seeds cant wait to get started vary fast delivery to USA only 5 days I will be back for alot more again 1000 thank you Crop King
Says : picked up a 10 pack at my local hydro shop and actually got 11 and every one of them popped within 16 hours and are doing great def making this company my main source of amazing quality seeds great job crop king
Says : first order 5 seeds of blueberry yum yum!
eric hedenberg
Says : this is my first order with you guys , because you take master card and no bitcoins! so a 5 pack of blueberry is my order wish me luck?
Weed Guy
Says : Very quick delivery to the the USA. With all the seed companies where I purchased seeds from, you are the quickest to deliver. Will come back for more.
Says : I was wondering if you can send the seeds to skunk funk
Says : Your blueberry is one of the tastiest cannabis I have ever smoked. Ordered from you and grown them very well. Got all 5 seeds germinated. I just placed my 2nd order today. Got very excited. I will try your other strains soon.
imari harrell
Says : good
kc mo
Says : First purchase of 5 pack blueberry any advice would be greatly appericated. [email protected]
Says : I bought 10 seeds of blueberry and 9 out of 10 germinated using paper towel method. Will order more soon after growing these.
mark in Calgary
Says : PIcked up a pack of Blueberry in May and had all 5 germinate. Crossing them now with my own strain that I cloned back in spring and am making "Blue Nasty" I call it.

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