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High Yield and THC

Type: Indoor / Outdoor
Growing: Moderate
Flowering Time: 12 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: 80% Sativa
Effect: Psychedelic Effect
THC: Moderate - High
THC%: 20.27%    Laboratory Report THC Chart
CBD: 0.2%      Laboratory Report CBD Chart
CBN: 0.9%      Laboratory Report
Country: Spain Spain
Yield: up to 550gr indoor/300gr outdoor
Genetics: Blueberry X Lemon Haze
Price: 5 Seeds / $55.00
10 Seeds / $95.00
25 Seeds / $190.00
Azura Haze
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Marijuana Seeds Canada Azura Haze
Haze is a strong sativa high for exploring your inner self. This tall bushy sativa plant finishes late with full tight buds upon thin stems. Feminized Azura Haze is perfect for crossing with other strains and has a smoke that ranges from earthy to sweet with THC in the low 20s.

This can flower within 12 weeks and it is moderate to grow indoors or outdoors. The THC level can reach up to 20% which is pretty amazing and it is also a good strain for breeding purposes.

This is quite demanding and fussy feeder but it would pay you off with your efforts and investments with high yield of harvest which can reach up to 550 grams.

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20 Reviews of Azura Haze Strain – Feminized Seeds

harald edmund heuchert
Says : like to try , don't no that plant!!
Says : Reviewing at 8 weeks flowering. I am a true beginner and would suggest she is a demanding grow - I had some issues with it but mostly due to my lack of nutrient knowledge. Very long flowering time, suit those with a lot of patience. Tested and high is clear and energetic.
Says : Please get more types of haze. I would also appreciate a multi pack I could buy that had the different seeds labeled or a weekly clearance.
Mr. Buell
Says : In my experience with this strain I don't think it is good for beginners. It is a tricky strain to feed in my opinion. Very sensitive to salt build up and needs more time than other strains to veg and flower. If you can look passed that then you have some tall super frosted nugs that smell like freshly sliced lemons. My friends and I call it "Blue Lemonade" because that is how it tastes smoked through a freshly cleaned pipe :)
Says : This Azura Haze is a fair yielder for a sativa. It's the kind of bud you pull out to impress your friends, a very enlightening high.
John doe
Says : I can't say thank you enough, first time buying seeds online and wasn't disappointed. Fast and discrete shipping, I will be buying more
Captain Fantastic
Says : first time buying seeds. indoor small grow produced 2 oz per plant. Plants were not that smelly as expected. big fat leaves tho. The buzz is awesome, and it was all worthwhile! recommended!
Says : My first time growing and it Was A1 . The whole grow went smooth and the yield was pretty good for my first time; Nice head high as well. On to early miss
Says : Yahoo what a strain! Tall and spread out the yield was modest but the high will energize you to no end. I have 5 acres of trees and a ton of leaves. Smoked a bowl and blew the suckers into the woods. Also smells great you really pick up the lemon. This should be a top seller!!! Long live the king.
Says : In couple more weeks it'll be harvest time! If this goes great might be the top sativa to grow.
Says : bought a pack of five all germinated but the cotyledon leaves and first true leaves were infected with some weird disease. still yet to figure out what it was cuz they died before i could do anything. dissapointed i spent almost 70$ on them and didnt get anything:/ maybe ill try again when i save up more money
Says : Amazing strain, got an issues with a batch of seeds recently for the firsts time, they send me new free seeds as warranty. Only took 1 week with all the snow here. THIS COMPANY REALLY CARE ABOUT THE CUSTOMERS !!
Says : Received these seeds in the mail not long after I purchased, great packaging great customer service 100% successful germination. This was my first time growing, all plants got upto 6 ft tall. Great lemony/skunky smell during flowering. Outstanding high, gave out samples to close friends and everyones feedback was the same, great citrus taste and very good high. Haven't been that stoned sense I started smoking 13 years ago. I highly recommend this strain. Oh ya and patience is a must, very slow flowering time
Says : Seed just showed up in the us. Mid Western. Soaking two now. will post a grow report later. and a smoke report much later
Says : Delivery 5 Stars Propagation 5 Stars Growing 5 Stars Cloning 2 Stars High 5 Stars Overall rating 4 Stars. Cloning took 2-3 times longer then it should have. But all in all a very good strain.
Says : I got my seeds very quick and the packaging was great stealth the seeds look great I cant wait to give these bad sexy girls a go..I will post a smoke/grow Review at the end as well...Cheers -MiGrowB-
Says : I just got my order super quick. Thank you Crop King i will be returning sooner than you think
Says : This is my third order of your Azura Haze. I have been very happy with the result and this has become my favorite weed. Sorry for the late review. :) .. You are awesome. Very quick delivery and you have the best packaging in the world. I'm a big fan of your company.
Says : Got my order very quickly. I have been ordering seeds on the internet and so far you are the quickest to ship. I'm in the USA. Pretty awesome job! I'll order more.
Says : Thanks for the fast delivery. I can't wait to grow them. I will order more soon. Thanks Crop King Seeds

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