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High Yield and THC

Type: Indoor / Outdoor
Growing: Easy - Moderate
Flowering Time: 9 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: Hybrid
Effect: Pure Body Indica
THC: High
THC%: 20.29%    Laboratory Report THC Chart
CBD: 0.32%     Laboratory Report CBD Chart
CBN: 0.24%   Laboratory Report
Country: USA
Yield: up to 400gr indoor up to 550gr outdoor
Genetics: Blueberry x Girl Scout Cookies
Price: 5 Seeds / $60
10 Seeds / $110
25 Seeds / $200
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blue cookies
We took 2 world famous strains Girl Scout Cookies & Blueberry and made this hybrid, Blue Cookies seeds. In 9 weeks this frosty, resin laden plant will produce very high yields of bud up to 550 grams per plant. Blue Cookies is fun to grow both indoors/outdoors and is very rewarding.


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Blue Cookies Strain Growing with Flowering Time, THC, CBD Content, Flavor and Other Information You Need

Blue cookies got its name from its parent strains – Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry. Cookies, in general, are popular because they simply taste good, and they appeal to the desire of the palate. In the cannabis world, however, strains become even tastier as they are combined with other varieties. When Girl Scout Cookies are added with Blueberry, flavors change.

While the flavor of the Blue Cookies seem innocent, it would be wrong to take it lightly. In fact, this strain is jam packed with THC, with a content level reaching as high as 28%. What does this mean? You can be guaranteed of a high that you may have never even experienced before. Since this is a mostly Indica strain that offers a high THC content, you have a potent cannabis strain in your hand. No doubt that this strain can be considered as one of the strongest currently available on the market.

Blue Cookies hits quite fast, starting with that buzzing head high which may be surprising. Afterwards, you can experience that intense physical high which overpowers the head high. When you finally feel the effects of the strain, you can feel that feeling of liberation as you start feeling euphoric. When both physical and mental high starts to combine, you will feel happiness and relaxation at the same time. Blue Cookies hits quite fast, starting with that buzzing head high which may be surprising. Afterwards, you can experience that intense physical high which overpowers the head high. When you finally feel the effects of the strain, you can feel that feeling of liberation as you start feeling euphoric. When both physical and mental high starts to combine, you will feel happiness and relaxation at the same time.

One thing that connoisseurs love about this strain is that it offers a pleasant smell, that is, something fruity and sweet. This strain is also smooth, with a sweet flavor that is certainly delightful. You can also detect berry taste which makes this strain one of the best tasting weed you could ever try.

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You will be able to experience all of the abovementioned features of this strain by growing your own plants. Why not purchase Blue Cookies seeds online from us? All of these seeds have been carefully handpicked and prepared by our growers, thus ensuring only the highest quality of seeds that offer a high germination rate. Buy now and you can expect to receive your orders as soon as possible. You can take advantage from the various payment methods available, such as credit cards, bitcoin, cash, as well as Interac E-Transfers for customers from Canada. Money Order is also accepted.

29 Reviews of Blue Cookies Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Says : I popped 5 Blue Cookies beans and 4 of them made it thru the seedling phase. Of that 4, 3 of them looked average but one of them was by far the frostiest (the Frost Pheno!) and she looks amazing in both size and tricomes. This is currently the most amazing looking girl in my garden to date and she is only at 6.5 weeks of flower. I HIGHLY recommend having this in your garden. Crack all of the beans to ensure you find the right pheno for you!
Says : Finished. Germinated 2 seeds 100%. FF soil and nutes. Mars reflector 96. Growth was slow and low. No serious issues with growth, just remember your CalMag. It never produced the big colas I was training for. “If” I were to grow again, I would go for lots of bud tops. Good smoke but Crown Royale gets my vote.
Brannon Warcholyk
Says : Blue cookies are turning purpple and the smell is so sweet like candy. Cant wait to try maybe 2 weeks left!
Says : Blue cookie doing just fine. So is Purple Kush and White Widow Auto and Early Miss Auto
Says : Say what you want about the kings seeds. You can even call them crapking if you desire. I just received my sixth order in two years. I honestly can’t think of the negative comment. I would say $30 for shipping is a little steep but it gets here in like four days. So that’s legit AF also :-)
Says : Fast delivery. All seeds sprouted and are now strong and healthy. Very sensitive to waterings, so keep soil on the dryer side. Love this company.
Says : this was my 1st order from any seed company, ordered on nov.25th got them on DEC 1ST, very quick to my state. very impressed!!!!!! as i was nervous, because i live in the south. but i will use CKS again. Thanks CKS
Says : Response to Tommy - Hey, was the symptom a wilted stem - ie -did it shrivel and fall over? If so, this could be a case of stem will - fungi types Rhizoctonia and Pythium are active in the soil and leach the nutrients from the plant stem, causing it to die. It is common in most soils, so as a precaution, I use an organic anti-fungal solution of chamomile tea and garlic liquid the I pre-spray the soil with and then infrequent maintenance sprays. Worked like a charm for me, lots of guidance can be found online.
Says : Order six. Delivered within a week. Genetics seem good. All seeds germinated two didn't pop. Was my fault rushing to soil. Very happy. Thanks cropkingseeds
Says : I cant wait to try this bud for the first time.This is my first grow. My plants just started week 3 of flower & the already have little 1/8-1/4 gram size buds all over.They look amazing & are starting to smell good already too.I did a bunch of training on my plants so they have about 25 or 30 top buds each then some nice bud sites going down the branches,I should get a good yield. They are a very hearty easy to grow strain, I havnt had a single problem with them. Really great job creating this one guys.
Says : Going into the third week of flower and my Blue Cookies are looking excellent with great trich development. The buds are also surprisingly large for being so early into flower. I can immediately ID Blue Cookies from my other plants by the dark green, almost bluish hue of this beautiful strain. The pistils are also notably longer than other strains I've grown. I had 80% germination, so no complaints there. They've grown as expected and seem to stand up well to PM and mold. I'm excited to finish flowering and give it a try. So far this seems like an overall great strain. As always, my hat goes off to CKS :)
Says : My seeds are germinating great. But after I drop them in soil (Fox Farms Ocean Forest) they die off. My only guess is the soil is too hot. Anyond else have this problem? None of my other strains (all from CKS) have this problem.
Says : Just order these! I love the bud structure that it has with flavors for an Indica. I’m going to cross with haze x so I can’t wait to get these in!
e v i l e d d y
Says : Two of my favorite strains in one! Seeds arrived on time and I followed their directions to have 3 baby seedlings ready for indoor winter veg for next years planting! Thanks CKS!
Says : Wow very supreme work on these seeds germanated two both popped up will send pics soon
Says : Blue cookies just came in just after a week (Massachusetts) which was pretty quick, in discreet packaging. Gonna pop these beans later, I'll be back with a grow report in about 5-6 months.
Says : Germinated in rockwoll and all but 2 of the 28 seeds I got sprouted. Took the best looking seedlings and put them into ebb and flow 4x4. Im 1wk away from flower and everything looks amazing. Thanks CKS
Capricorn King
Says : Got them, sprouted them and planted them. Seedlings lol Thanks
Says : Just got my seeds about 4 days ago. Only ordered 5 (thank you!) So far, all have sprouted! Looking forward to growing blue cookies out!
Says : Just received mine today, will keep updated with everybody else. Thank you Crop King, you guys are the best. Thanks again for the free bees nobody else ever does this . AAA service fo-sho❤️
David McGinnis
Says : My three week old BC were not doing well outdoors so I brought them in and they are flourishing under LED. I'm novice to indoor grows but these plants look great so far.
Says : Just received my seeds. Didn't come in the regular crop king packaging just a plain zip lock style bag. No crop king pin either. They're germinating so let's hope for the best
Says : Trying to grow my own marijuana. I have lupus and am looking for strains to help the symptoms.
Says : hurry need them badly
Says : In the mail cant wait to get these and plant should get them Thursday :)
Says : Just ordered mine can't wait to see how well it grows
Says : I'm first. haha. Just ordered it to try today. Will get back to you in week 12
Says : YES!! Please get these soon!!!
Ives leblanc199
Says : I'm asleep And felt s optimistic fluorescensive

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