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Type: Indoor / Outdoor
Growing: Easy - Moderate
Flowering Time: 7 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: 60% Indica, 30% Sativa
10% Ruderalis
Effect: Relaxing
THC: Moderate - High
THC%: 20.06%    Laboratory Report THC Chart
CBD: 0.7%      Laboratory Report CBD Chart
CBN: 0.5%      Laboratory Report
Country: Spain Spain
Yield: Up to 200 gr Indoors/100 gr out
Genetics: Big Bud X Original White Widow
Price: 5 Seeds / $55.00
10 Seeds / $95.00
25 Seeds / $190.00
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Strong and dense, this Fast flowering, easy to grow 7 week Indica dominate strain gives a high yeild, can be grown anytime of the year outdoors as long as tempuratures above 10C. Our Early Miss is medicinally effective in pain therapy. One of the most famous Spanish genetics.

Early Miss Autoflowering cannabis can also be grown indoors and it is easy to moderate to grow. The effect of Early Miss when smoked is relaxing with its THC content which can reach up to 20%.

Early Miss is a hybrid autoflowering cannabis strain which is a result of the crossbreeding of two premium strains namely Big Bud and the Original White Widow.

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Early Miss Autoflowering Cannabis Strain Growing, Potency and Flowering Time

Thriving in both indoor and outdoor grows, our fast autoflowering Early Miss is an easy to moderate grow. It flowers in a relatively short time too, taking merely 7 weeks. In that short amount of time, you will be greeted by thick buds with way more resin than you can ever imagine.

A cross between crowd favorites Big Bud and Original White Widow, Early Miss is also a Spanish strain that is predominantly Indica (60%). A small percentage is shared by its Sativa (30%) and Ruderalis (10%) roots. The yield of this plant is amazing, especially relative to other autoflowering strains. Outdoors, you can expect to have up to 100 g in yield; indoors, that figure shoots up to 200 g.

Early Miss is known to have a smooth relaxing effect that you can feel in every inch of your muscles and skin. Measured at 20.06%, the THC content of this strain guarantees that all that stress is knocked out cold by this lovely plant. Its scent alone, which is an intoxicating blend reminiscent of this strain’s parents, should be enough to pull you in and keep you there.

Thanks to its solid genetics, this strain is also commonly used for pain therapy. This is your ultimate answer to common physical ailments that just won’t go away. It is a good idea to have some of this ready for those times you just want to lie down and get buzzed.

You should have some of this wonderful strain in your grow area if you want a superstar on hand. Early Miss has been around for a long time and has gained her own band of followers separate from those of her parents.

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Experience the relaxing body high of our autoflowering Early Miss by ordering cannabis seeds in our website. You do not need to worry about the process because we have made that seamless and completely private and secure. We also have different payment options (credit card, Interac E-Transfer [for Canadians only], and bitcoin), all of which are completely safe from prying eyes. We also accept cash and money order in the mail. Buying cannabis seeds online has never been this easy. Contact us now if you have any questions!

152 Reviews of Early Miss Auto Flower Marijuana Seeds

Says : great customer service. I had messed up the germination process on my first bag of seeds. one phone call and 5 days later i had a new bag of seeds in my mailbox free of charge.
Susan Lowry
Says : Grew Early Miss last year because I wanted to check out autoflower. I had no clue what to expect. Germinated all seeds and so I had 6 plants. Grew in 5 gallon fabric pots so I could bring in and out as needed to protect from weather. Each plant looked different. One was just one HUGE bud -looked like a big, fat cigar about 20" tall. A couple of others had several branches and each branch was a huge bud, very tight. These got to about 2 feet tall. One got over 3 feet tall. They all did really well - took longer to be ready for harvest than I expected from reviews, but still I'd say about 10 weeks to complete harvest. Right before they were perfect, however, we had a very hot, humid spell of weather for about a week. Caused some foxtailing of the top buds, which was disappointing. I'm a new grower (this was only my second year) so didn't expect that. But I would definitely grow again. I'm now in NY (was in Maine before), so will wait another year to grow again. I still have plenty from my last year's grow and hoping we'll be legal next year. But even if not . . . we'll see.
Says : out Of 4 seeds 3 popped a taproot. 2 never grew past 2inches tall and died off rather quick. 1 made it all the way through. Really weird plant. All the bottom was 3 leaf and the top portion was all single leaf. Plant only grew 12” tall and barely produced 7 grams of dry weight. Super sticky stinky bud tastes great. Low maintenance plant covered in sugar!! All in all easy grow almost zero maintenance. But very disappointing yield. I’ve had better luck with other strains.
Says : First time grower.I had always wanted to attempt this but with the stiff penalties in Canada for cultivation I always deferred. But with it now being legal as of October 2018 to grow up to four plants I am happily endeavoring to now grow my own. Started with three seeds and following crop king's directions all three germinated and rapidly developed taproot's. Four weeks and from putting the seeds in water and all three plants are thriving. I am growing in soil, with 5 gallon buckets and utilizing high quality organic compliant soil that contains a three month feed. Light source is a 1200 W LED panel. Four weeks in and each plan is about 7-8 inches high. I'm: trolling for pH 6.5 to 7 and humidity 45% to 55% as well as keeping the temperature dialed in around 22°Celsius. I'll post back with my yield when the grow is complete which I anticipate will be late March.
First time growing
Says : Put 2 seeds in water Friday night Saturday paper towel Sunday in dirt then Tuesday they both poped one with seed still stuck but looks strong! will be posting more as they progress thanks CKS .... 👍🏻
Says : Just harvested my first grow, 12/25/2018 !!! CKS Early Miss, 85 days germ-harvest, 60 grams dry yield. Now in cure jars and smoke soon, will report back. Thank you CKS!!
Says : Great service fast delivery and awesome customer services can’t wait till they pop will give review when their done thank you crop king
Australopithecus afarensis
Says : I just harvested my second generation of an Early Miss hybrid seeds thaI I'm working on for a little project. I'll select the autoflowers from this generation and eventually introduce some of your CBD Auto Cheese and then Hash Plant and hopefully come up with something I like. Good job with your products, CKS.
Says : Wow! Plant was a easy grow, wow, strong weed I got man, Tasty, Buying again !
Don McPhee
Says : Two Early Miss plants grew very big but did and would not bud. The others produced nice buds that worked well. My eyes would begin to take long blinks and get heavy. In other words it worked on my pain well. It finished in the advertised time. I am happier with this strain than I thought I would be.
William t Brannon
Says : Great quality smoke! Would definitely grow again. Huge main cola and many other branches produced great bud! Thanks Crop King Seeds!!!
Says : Who ever tells you Auto Flowers dont produce Im yelling you they definitly do. 1 Early Miss = over a pound of wet potent bud. When all said and done it wil be 6 to 8 ozs of pure goodness. CK you out did yourself with this strain. Very pleased.
Says : I put 3 of these in soil. In 9 weeks with topping and lst I have 3 beautiful girls. All 3 about 2 feet tall with up to 16 huge colas on each plant. I have 2 more weeks to go before harvest. A total of 11 weeks from seed. These ladies were very easy to grow with outstanding results. They were my very first purchase from Crop King but definitely not my last. Good work CK.
Mama Bear
Says : I thought I was buying autoflowers to give me a quick, small, and fast stash while I waited for my photos to be done. Early Miss has has surprised me at k every turn. It's got bigger buds than my photos, and even more of them. I'm so happy with my Early Misses that I bought another tent to keep them in. I love everything about Crop King, from the ease of ordering to their fast stealth delivery. 💯% germination rate and beautiful plants I'm proud to grow.
The Coffee Guy
Says : Put 3 Early Miss seeds into soil on the 18th (RED SOLO CUPS) . Going onto day 10 now and 2 are looking very similar and getting taller stems while the 3rd one is a lot shorter but showing an insane amount of pistons and fuller leafs compared to the other 2 , Day 10 and not to bad at all.
Layne Rossi
Says : First grow and what an awesome experience. Grew 1 seed in Cococoir with Perlite and a light feed schedule. Started from germination in a pellet and 4 inch pot. At 3 weeks transplanted to 4 gallon growbag, and then she took off! At harvest (71 days) she was filling my 32 inch square grow space under 420 W of mixed LED's. It was 34 inches high. Lighting was 20 hours per day. Produced 217 g of dried flowers. Fairly dense, nice aroma, great buzz. Pretty much just as described by CKS! I bought my seeds at a retailer. Thanks so much, I will be buying another variety after another grow.
Says : Update #1 As Crop King Instructs except 1 hourextra soak by accident. x5 Early Miss germinated Day 1 2pm in water (15hrs oops) Day 2 5am Paper towel Day 3 7am x3 seeds at 3/4inch and put in soil 4th seed looks like it may or may not crack 5th seed looks a lot smaller and does not look promising at all honestly Day 4 (x3 early miss) in soil under 18/6 lights with 2/3 successful germinated Northern Lights that came free with my order. Total Hours 62.5 hours from start of germination Will check the last 3 seeds from x2 early miss and x1 Northern Light that have not cracked. If it hits 5 days with no signs I will try to put them back in water So far not bad since the free northern lights that came with it saved the 80 percent germination rate claimed as of right now . Will report back later for results
Says : Tip for anyone in a hurry use 1 gallon pots. Smaller but not in stretch mode yet. My first batch(2 plants) are in 5 gallon fabric pots and took 6 weeks to preflower. Second batch are in 1 gallon pots and took 2.5 weeks to preflower(my twa and cca are also flowering). Earlymiss likes to eat more than other autos I have grown. Buds are growing really fast too. 7 weeks to finish flowering seems possible. This is a led and coco grow. I would recommend trying the white widow auto too. It has a wonderful buzz and I have received compliments from dope fiends that enjoy their thc in the 30% range.
Says : Early Miss So because of my time frame and space, I wanted the dwarf lowryder I messed up ordering and ordered early miss instead by accident as I was looking at that strain as well . I am in Canada and I ordered a 5 pack of early miss and paid for express shipping (3-5ish business days normally . And postal right now is on strike in a lot of the country. CAME TO MY DOOR NO JOKE in less then 72 hours after I sent payment !!! then I open it to see that I (not cropking) messed up and ordered the wrong one . then I see they even sent me 3 free northern lights that came with 2 packs of papers too :) And an awesome catalogue. Started germinating exactly how they say too and will report back . Honestly overall so far though in these super early stages with this company , I am beyond impressed . I sent 2 emails with questions prior to ordering and was responded to so fast as well . Great job CrpKngSds :) I will be back with tons more business and I will be telling all my friends the same . :)
Says : very fast shipping this will be my very first grow and I know I’ve got a lot to learn .Germinated 2 seats And only one germinated out of two I bought Still have a few more seed to go . I guess the only downside to this I did receive the PIn that came with the package maybe they’re just couldn’t be shipped with the order
Says : I’m new to growing.... how can I tell when my early miss is ready to harvest. It’s been about 3 months since I’ve popped the seeds... are there any visual indicators I should be looking for?
Don McPhee
Says : The seven Early Miss plants are very healthy. Even the two puppy chewed ones are doing well. I have just changed the lighting and nutrients to Bloom stage. I have had the plants on 24 hour lights and they still appear to be going into Bloom. I am adjusting the lights to 18-6 now to encourage the Bloom stage. They stand about two feet tall and are in 3 gal cloth. I have them bunched together under a 600 watt led grow light. Cooler weather could bring out some colours in the buds. It says they grow down to 10 degrees. That only buys me three or four weeks. Might have to heat the shed for a few weeks. Happy Growing Everyone.
Crop King Seeds
Says : Seriously impressive grow. Nice work!
Says : 4/5 germinated and emerged. 3 of them were White Widow throwbacks: structure was shortish/stocky, huge main colas with many good dense lower buds, good/strong close-in branching. 1 of them even tasted like a White Widow. They finished in about 72-76 days from seed. The 4th was a weird Christmas-tree shaped phenotype that had huge lower branches, slow to flower, and has taken another 2 weeks to finish. It occupies about 10-12 square feet of my tent...such a pain in the ass. It's buds aren't as dense, but it will yield double what the others's almost finished now, and I estimate it will produce 150g of dried bud, whereas the others averaged about 90g each. I prefer a more stablized and predictable strain in limited space, but this is some of the best weed I've ever grown, so I'm not complaining! You can find the full report on Grow Diaries, under Silverback_Guerilla
Says : Hey, just wanted to say I was having some issues popping the beans in the paper towel, I called the customer service and the chick who talked to me was super cool, reviewed on how to properly germinate and sent me a new package of seeds to replace the ones that I had... super customer service!, now you have a customer for life! Thanks guys
Says : Was given very good advice by the Customer Service manager. Mark, I believe, stated that the Early Miss was one of the best Autos that Crop King offered, he was correct. Two months into the grow it's as big as any non auto, on average, that I've ever grown. Big buds, lots of bud sites, and sturdy. I've got it dialed in, using your recommended germination method of sinking in water for 16 hours, then moist paper towel until sprouted. And this is a MUST DO...Do Not Use anything but cheap dollar store water, it has just what you need for early development. I was having huge issues with germination until your manager insisted that my problems would go away if I used dollar store water. Up until that point I had tried dehumidifier, distilled and well water thinking that they would have what it takes, but ran into issues every time, even Poland Springs bottled water was no good. Apparently most bottled water providers add minerals for taste and it screws the sprouts up. I then put the sprout into a peat cup with neutral, depleted nutes, soil that I used for the last grow. Don't waste your time with soil at the beginning that's hot, it doesn't need or want it, you'll just stall the growth something fierce. Took me a while to figure that out, hot soil makes them sit and do nothing when they're just a sprout, they won't die but they won't grow either. When they get big enough I drop them into a 5 gallon smart pot with hotter soil, they'll grow into it with no problems at all. I no longer use just HPS, present day hybrid strains need the blue, especially the Autos, when young, too much red makes them stretch too much and slows down vegging. After vegging for a while I use both a 600 watt LED and a 400 Watt HPS for Flowering. The combo works well for Green Crack, Train Wreck, Sour Jack and Early Miss. You folks are the best, you've sent me replacement seeds when the problem was really my approach and not your seeds. Now that I've got it figured out I'll be ordering more of the same and some of the new Lamb's Breath and some White Banner. In case you are wondering, I've been embracing weed since the 60's and growing since the early 80's, I'm no noob. I've noticed that the new strains are picky and very specific about what they need and what they don't want. It's not like the old days, landraces are all but gone and the growing rules have changed, listen to Crop King, they know what they're doing.
Glenn Schmidt
Says : Ordered 5 seeds. Way cool! 5 popped and are 2 weeks old. Auto flowering outside and I hope I have enough time up north here.
Thomas Horsburgh
Says : How many hrs light does the plant need 18/6 or 12/12, Thanks
Don McPhee
Says : Ordered 10 seeds. 7 germinated and are in vegetative mode. The dog chewed up three of them, but not too bad. Just the EM. Moved plants so she can not get at them. Have them in 3 gallon cloth pots, using Ganja Brand nutrients. CKS customer service is replacing the non germinating seeds. I ordered an assortment for next year. WW, NL, GC and CR. PK and EM all choices.
Says : Orderd 5. 4 popped. Crop king also sent me 3 free Jack Herer autos which I was super excited about. Only one popped from the Jack Herer but I’m not complaining they were free haha! Anyways, im into week 3 now and there growing like wild fire ! Going to start LST next week. Can’t wait to harvest!
Athena coombs
Says : i just got my seeds today i ordered them on the 16th and i got them 5 days later keep up the good work on getting the seeds out i will keep on ordering from you guys from now on
Says : 5 seeds popped, 4 sprouts emerged and are nearly finished. Of the 4, I had two each of two different phenotypes. One pheno grew just like the White Widow Autos I also grew: fast, compact growth, really dense flowers and super-funky aroma.(love it) They are 8 weeks and 3 days since emerging and I think these two will be finished next week. The other pheno is much more sativa-like. Much slower to flower and fatten, thinner leaves, and super bushy. I trained the hell out of one of them (FIM'ed and super-cropped) and it just kept stretching. It would have been a 4+ footer if not for the training. The other sativa-looking EM has a diameter of over 3 feet. She has over 40 bud sites with no training, however, the buds are not as dense, nor do they smell as nasty. I'm so looking forward to killing her...she's such a pain in the ass...but, she and her sativa-like sister probably have a few weeks left to go. I don't like the unpredictability of this strain. I just hope it smokes well.
Homo habilis
Says : Fun plant to grow. Just made some oil with my EM. Nice and thick; I can roll it into a ball. Nice buzz from it. Thanks CKS; excellent product.
Says : Bought 5 early miss and they all popped. I drowned 1 and had success with the rest. They took longer to grow than the white widow autos by 2 weeks, all planted outdoors. They are taller than the white widow by a foot and produced more buds. One was a photoperiod. Its about 4 feet right now and should be moved out of 3 gallon pot into 5 gallon im guessing. No buds on that one yet and getting taller. Im not complaining though I'll keep it out and see what happens.
Don McPhee
Says : I got my 10 Early Miss seeds on Friday, It is Tuesday and there are now 10 coco seed pods on my deck in the sun. 8 have germinated using the paper towel method CK advises. One has two tiny leaves. The other seven show action. Two did not pop, I have planted them in pods too, just in case. There is such a wide range of harvest reported on these reviews, I will report mine. The game is a foot.
Australopithecus afarensis
Says : Planted 5 seeds and all of them hatched. The one by the house is starting to bud; gotta check the ones in the ditch on a day off and trim some brush around them for light.
Says : This is a super low maintenance strain and responds well to LST and organic fertilizer. Out of 10 seeds, 8 popped and successfully began to flower about 3 weeks from seed. It really does flower for only 7 weeks, but the buds are dense and have really bulked up the last couple weeks. There is also a decent amount of resin with the buds looking nice and frost. They also have an amazing aroma. Make sure to be running those carbon filters! Definitely a great strain for beginners. As long as you have a good medium and water properly, they don't require much attention! I'm sure to be pleased when I harvest with both quality and yield. Another great strain by CKS.
Says : Very happy,they all germinate and grow well. Very good Early miss i love the taste and the smell . The only thing for me its a bit small plant but perfect for the discretion ! Thanks Cropkingseeds for quality seeds.
Says : Ordered seeds on Friday and they were here on Monday five outta seven germinated so far so good
Says : My first time ordering from Crop King. I can tell you it won't be my last, absolutely no problem with using my debit card, timely shipping, and Mr.Crop King,THANK YOU very much for the extras. Will update on my Early Miss grow. You have another customer for life.
Says : Out of the 4 strains of ive purchased from cp white widow auto, cb dutch treat auto, dark angel fem, and early miss auto, id have to say the early miss was the easiest to grow after germination. All my seeds germinated but my inexperience once i put them in soil ended up killing them mostly due to drowning.....I'll get it right yet but with that said my early miss autos just push through my overwatering and putting them outside in the blazing sun and keep on keeping on. In my opinion as a beginner i would roll with this strain
homo botanus
Says : Just put down two EMa seeds to try and cross with Alaskan Thunderfuck. Want to see if I can breed something for small spaces and early maturation.
Says : 95 days from seed to harvest under cfls . Very orange long hairs looks awsome . 1.5oz dry bud from one plant . Grew like wildfire , had to top it. Then the tops grew and had to be tied down for space purposes lol
Says : Just finished with my little packet of five seeds. Germ was 4/5 (80%). Of the 4, 3 grew a main cola (thick) and a small number of side colas. The 4th seemed to forget its ancestry and expressed more of its White Widow characteristics than anything else. It also didn't auto and had to be triggered. Looks more like a crazed menorah with Christmas ornaments all over it. Initial test after two weeks into dry and cure say this is definitely a keeper though genetic stability would be nice. The oddball was a PITA to deal with.
Says : I got massive buds off of this one it was easy and I would definitely order again
Says : Early Miss just started first time grow 4 plants 1" tall,so far so good.Customer service awsome,some seeds didn't germinate,sent me more,great service,will be coming back,thanks Crop King.
Norman Jacques
Says : Bought these back in April and WOW. Really fast growing and flowering. From seed to harvest in 8 weeks. Beautiful plants and the aroma was great as well as the flowers. This is as good as it gets. Some really potent buds and even the sugar leafs when made into butter was the best I've had. Have to do this one again.
Says : Growing my last early miss along with my last candy cane. the first grows turned out amazing and these 2 are doing awesome again. growing them in a Emily's garden which I found cant handle more than a couple plants. about 4 weeks from seed and they have just begun to flower. they are standing almost at 2 feet already. love crop king!
Says : On day 42 these early miss plants are doing great.My 4th grow from CropKing ...never a problem
Says : Very happy with everything,shipping,germation,grows very well,no problems.the smoke is very strong great if you just want to chill.used LST doubled the yeld.fixing to start 3rd grow thanks cks your the best
Says : I'm about 1 to 3 weeks from harvest and my 2 Early Miss are beautiful plants with 1 having purple leaves. Cant wait to smoke
Says : I am extremely happy I let mine go a couple extra weeks but I'm very pleased with the results. I'll try and post a picture if I can I'm not computer savvy LOL
steve long
Says : is the picture above the look at harvest?
Don S
Says : Well so far it's 50 - 50 . Started 2 seeds out of a pack of 5 and one was a dud so far
Says : This is my second grow of Early Miss, the first a very successful grow from 2 years ago. This grow involved 5 seeds...they all germinated...par for the course with Crop King. One topped out at 25 inches, three at 36 inches, and the last one at 45 inches. The tall one exhibited a multi branching characteristic, while the others had some branching, but mostly was a massive single cola. Yields were around 45 to 70 grams for each of the four, but the big girl had a massive yield of 150 grams of dried bud...OVER FIVE OUNCES!!! The dried weight of the central cola for the big girl was over 30 grams. No complaints here... Thanks CKS!
Harvey Sims
Says : Very impressed with the Auto flower srains . . Easy to grow , decent yield , good flavor ... I like it . .Also had 100% germination.
Says : 3/3 germination Had them in 2 gal under two "300w" led Preflower showed on day 28 It has a sweet taste Very potent and it creeps up on you Only disappointment was the yield which was around 1&1/2 ozs dry 2 phenos has very airy buds and one pheno had dense buds
Says : I just finished drying and jarred up an avg of 4oz per plant. 87 days from seed. The cure is still progressing, but not much of a smell at this point - the buds are airey & covered in trichs. Strength is medium, at best. Not my favourite strain. I also grew White Widow on this same grow -- which I found much gave me much denser, stronger smelling, potent buds -- but finished one week later.
Cole G
Says : Awsome strain. Simply amazing on week 11 from seed first auto grow, decided not to top. So far very sticky,frosty white buds. One l even got to 3.5 feet indoor so not small like i expexted from an auto. Also growing white widow auto and decided to top them. Didnt take as well to topping as the photoperiod plants. But early miss is the best auto strain
Says : 1st whole week of flowering and already frosty. FASSSST strain. I should (fingers crossed) get I'd day 4 zips a plant. Strong and love nuits. Dwc...
Joseph Ortner
Says : I posted a msg under the strain, so I am entering it here as well... EARLY MISS is really good!!! I wasn't sure just how strong it was going to be and TWO hits puts me on my ass!! And a very nice body buzz at that. It was my FIRST ever harvest and I managed to get 90 grams off of one plant. (Not too bad for my first crop!!) I have one more plant to harvest and will probably do it in 3 weeks or so...Try this strain out. I am sure you will like it!!
Says : great strain at 5 weeks from germination the smell is awesome starting to produce an abundant amount of trichomes. Cant wait to see bud production growing 2 indoors under platinum 150w led 2by2 tent
Joe Valachi
Says : First time customer 100% germination 5 out of 5 Easy ordering Shipped quickly Arrived in US in 10 days You guys rock!
Says : not happy at with this strain or the Auto White Widow I'm now on day 98 and nither have finished, seems like a joke to me considering you guys have Early Miss listed as 7 weeks and the Widow listed as 8 weeks. 98 days is 14 weeks so they've been growing for almost the double the time now and still haven't reached full maturity. If I didn't have the packages still I wouldn't believe they were auto flowers. I've read other reviews and heard from others that you guys are Pollen Chuckers but didn't believe it until now . Now I can say for sure most of the information on this site is a joke. Thanks for nothing.
Says : The seeds arrived quickly and I was very pleased with the seeds I recieved. The packaging was great. It was literally so slick, at first I was scared I got ripped off. I will be back to update the overall outcome with the seeds, but I definitely order again from this site !
Joseph Ortner
Says : These guys ROCK!!! I tried to germinate 4 seeds and only one of them popped. I called in to talk with customer service and it turns out I didn't follow their recommended way. It was TOTALLY my fault but more seeds arrived today at absolutely NO CHARGE!!! I think I found my one and only supplier of seeds...Thank you so much Crop King!!!
Says : Had a couple of taste tests 1 week into curing. Two hits and I was totally wasted! Grown with a T5 eight light setup actually using 2 year old seeds. Every seed germinated and I think I finally perfected how to tell when the buds were ready. Very easy to grow!
Kenny D
Says : Got my seeds in a week . Thank You that was great . Your prices were better then most & your service was great
Says : i have 5 growing under 1000hps in 6th wk all is great very little feed but did try terpinator riddled in budss quite a site all are 36 to 40inchs what a site
Says : Just got my beans a few weeks ago, and plants are looking great about 2 weeks into veg! They were under a simple t5 setup but I just upgraded to a 400w led today. Very excited to see the final outcome of these plants! Great looking plants once again thanks to the king!
Says : Grew outdoors best plant put out 13oz trimmed bud
Says : This is my third time growing this strain. Amazing. I currently have 2 in the ground outdoors planted June 1. I just harvest one pulling 84g off. The other two are going to be just as nice. Great smoke, beautiful taste, amazing radial arms. I love this strain.
Says : Third batch of EM from Crop King, these guys are super easy to deal with. Love this strain, I'm growing 4x4 with 1200w combined LEDs, I find that I get a lot of deficiencies with that much light and it's easy to nute burn when trying to compensate. EM seem to be the most resilient to the light and in return, I get super dense, massive nugs all over. This strain consistently yields 200+ dried for me. I've tried Jack and Candy Cane and have had trouble with those but EM, just wow. So many trichs, so so frosty and about 10 weeks from bean to jar. As an aside, I just plant my beans straight in the soil and keep moist, I've never had one fail to pop from Crop King. Happy growing!
Says : Happy to report that my Early Miss are finally starting to flower outdoors after seven weeks, they all grew about four feet high in seven weeks from seed and benefitted from the 24 hour Arctic sunshine. Now have them trained to spread out the plant and take advantage of maximum sunlight, buds are growing crazy and the Bears have scared away the hikers. Last three weeks of flowering is when I will mix in half a can of cream soda into my 2 gallon watering can every three days. This brings the taste factor to wow and gives the plant that extra boost to finish strong.
Dark Side Of the Moon
Says : Early miss was a big surprise to me . It took away my back pain with just enough of a stone to balance everything out. Very good plant.
Says : Planted four plants outdoors in the middle of June and plants are doing awesome and are three feet high and bushy, they love the Arctic's 24 hour sunshine but since we are on the arctic circle the plants have not started to flower yet and now week seven so hope they flower before the snow lands!
Says : I have bought early miss, and wow what a surprise. They all germinated with no problems, and just about ready to harvest, learned so much about it. By the way they all look great. Thank you Crop King. Just ordered again for next year.
Does it matter
Says : This gene is very fast. My quess I will yield 1-1 1\2 oz from each plant what a wonderful investment and all made from the good LORD😂
Says : I received my seeds 16 April. Sowed them the same day. I just harvested a wonderful crop on 4 July. I Low Stress Trained this plant. Got about 10 buds growing evenly and then transplanted it outside. I left it alone for the most part only checking on it once in a while. This is my first time growing, so I'm not an expert by any means. But I am very happy with the CropKing product and the results. I will be ordering more seeds for sure. Thanks CropKing you guys are awesome.
Michael McDermoty
Says : Had my seeds at my door in 8 days! Super discreet shipping. I germinated 2 and both popped. I am about 3 weeks from finish they look great and smell even better. Thanks Crop King Seeds. If anyone has any concerns, don't Crop King Seeds are the best!!!!
Says : My seeds arrived on Tuesday did the water and then paper towel as instructed on Friday put in perlite and coconut husk mixed 6 days later Put in full size auto pots in less than 10 days I have 6" plants doing great!!!
Tennessee Tim
Says : I grew Early MIss and was impressed with them! They matured fast and made great smoke!Compact and easy to grow indoors or out and had 100% germination! Thanks to Crop King!
Elliott Mercer
Says : Received seeds on a Monday. Sprouted one and planted Wednesday. In less than a week it's almost two inches and looking cute.
Amir Ali
Says : Beans just arrived today, only seven day wait. Seed look great and not super old like other banks. Excited to grow this strain
Nathaniel Striet
Says : I've ordered seeds from this company over 10 times. Every single time I place an order I am extremely satisfied are always correct. Everything is always perfect A+++++
Says : Just got my beans I can't believe the customer service . it was by far the best I've ever had. Cks is the only place I will ever buy from. Recommended to everyone!! And don't WORLD CLASS CANNABIS STARTS WITH WORLD CLASS SEEDS
Says : Great company didn't pay for insurance got my seeds within 10 days put them in medium pointy side up four of the eight seeds pop so far
eric overdorff
Says : Love all the auto fem, but the early miss puts out big monster buds. Very impressive. Have delt with crop king several times now any they have custamer service like no others. They have treated me like family. I'll never shop else where. Thanks C k.
Says : I grew all 5 of mine and really liked the taste. Nice buds that grow nice glands....good strain.
Says : Ok this is my first time with an autoflower , how old is early miss on average when it starts to flower of course it will vary just looking for a rough idea
Says : First time ordering from CKS, you guys are awesome. Put order in on 4/19/16 and received them on 4/28/16. Very fast and stealth shipping. You will have my business from now on.
Home grown
Says : My plant is 31/2 feet tall and big buds
Says : Got my seeds safe n sound great stealthy packaging
Says : I ordered 10 EM seeds. 8 days after I made the order my beans showed in a super discreet package. So I wasted no time and dropped 10 beans in a cup of water, a few sank in about 6 hrs and by morning about 18 hrs total all 10 sank. I carefully place them in wet paper towels on a plate with another plate covering them and put them on my cable TV box to keep warm. I checked them the next day and all 10 beans had like a 1/4 inch tap root. I was totally stoked 100% on germination. So I planted them all in 3gal pots with pro mix bx and within 2 days I was the proud father of 10 seedlings. Today they are 7 days old and all super healthy. I have them in a 4x4 tent with a 900watt wellpar led I got on ebay. Everything is going great. Big thumbs up to Crop King for super shipping and great beans. I'm in the North East US so I plan on germinating the other 3 EM seeds at the end of April and do them on my deck outside and see how they do. Thank you CKS
Says : Early miss is here can't wait to pop these beans
Says : Order my ems today first auto grow
Says : Very impressed with these plants. A little over 2 months from seed and you get to harvest. The bigger the pot the better. Resilient and will finish even when they are not in perfect conditions. All 5 seeds consistently started flowering at 28 days from sprout. Hell I had one out of the 4 I grew which looked unhealthy middle of flower, but she continued to push through and stack on the buds. Easily get an ounce and a half just in a 2 gallon pot in far from perfect conditions. I could just imagine what would happen in DWC.
Says : Update:ended up with just under 3oz from one plant.
Says : 1 plant = over a ounce of dried bud...Great plant..Go extra light with the nutes..And ph your water..I used LST , and she responded well..
Says : Wow I have to share this.I planted only one Early Miss this time around and after 75 days from seed she was chopped. Now I never weigh wet but this was impressive. 15.5 oz wet. This strain is amazing.
Marley 1
Says : Update .. I am very impressed with early miss!! Two weeks old today looks like a little bush about 6 inches tall by 6 inches round very impressive first time for an auto.. I like! Hopefully it tastes and Burns ias well it grows 👽💨
Says : Just finishing up my first grow, CKS Early Miss. This was a great auto strain to start with -- tight nodes, easy to grow and not too fussy about pH or feeding! Started with CFLs and then moved to a 96x5 MarsHydro reflector LED unit. I have really dense buds and lots of colas. I'll be harvesting in the next few days, at 12 weeks from sprouting, or 84 days, after almost 8 weeks of flowering.
Says : Excellent results with this autoflower. 70 days from the time sprouted seeds went into coco based medium to harvest. Beautiful buds with fewer leaves and fairly long internodal spacing. Makes it easy to trim. Smells earthy and spicey, some of the most interesting aromas I have yet to experience. Grown under T5 4 foot flourescent high out put lights. Main cola weighed 15 grams cured. Total yield of dried bud = 75 grams. Easy to grow Loaded with Trichomes. I have 3 more Early Miss on the way as well as Revolver and Candy Cane. Revolver smells like lime / grapefruit!!! Really nice high with cerebral rush at the beginning and creeping body involvement. Nice all around. Crop King seeds are legit. So far I have had only 2 seeds not germinate and have received many freebies, Also HIGHLY RECOMMEND JACK HERER auto......some of the best ever for me. PEACE
Jeff n texas
Says : Well got my early miss a week ago ordered 5 awesome am a noob but all germed and now up about 2 inches N my stealth grow box everything looking great start nite N BOUT a week using flora series and Lucas method N hydroponics dwc.will keep posted again Crop King Seeds rock
Says : I am growing out two of theses gals foxfarm ocean forest light 3/4 strenghty technaflora nutes popped the soil on sep 20th one plant is 31 ' tall and still growing a inch a day but shows defenit sings of budding her sister is 15 inchs tall and looks like she can use at least another few weeks of veg what should I do here when the vertical growth stops put it into flower even thou that will be past what crop king said she should finish in ints crazy I have one gaint and one dwarf lol any sugestions anyone run into this
Says : I recommend starting out growing with this strand. And if you live in the states, pay the extra twenty dollars for express shipping. Its worth it!
Says : Just goty early miss fem N thanx great stealth PACKAGING only took 10 days.. Not bad. Germinating now so far 3 out 4 have taps.
Says : Crop king seeds has a awesome service!! Early miss auto from Canada to southern Illinois in 3 days 👍 Great stealth . Beans look great ! Looking forward to popping thanks for the extra beans .. CKS Rock
kirk persson
Says : crop kings have the best seeds, used them for many years. I guess that dark angel was the best. those plants were 5 feet tall and lots of actually grew outside in my garden. they were actually a lot of work at harvest time. there was so much.
Says : All i can say is - If you live in the states Crop Kings Seeds is your best choice!!!My girls have a purple tint to them...Strong genes...You can really tell Crop King Seeds are here to stay!!!
Says : Got my seeds in 5 days!! Crop King Seeds is a company!!
Says : My first grow of Early Miss is now on day 27 after emerging above ground and my two plants are amazingly vigorous, healthy and growing like the lovely weeds they are :) I'm growing them in coco coir/perlite under CFLs and couldn't be happier.
Says : I'm just now getting around to starting my first ever grow. I chose Early Miss for this first attempt. Because of my background in R&D I'm taking an experimental approach and keeping a log and documenting each step. So, I selected one seed and put it in a folded damp paper towel and keeping the towel moist for three days I transferd the un-germinated seed to a pot in the same soil I plan to grow the plant. After 12 days in the soil nothing happend and I figured the technique wouldn't work. I chose two more seeds and used the Crop King regiment methods for germinating. Only one seed sank to the bottom of the glass of water and the other seed continued to float. After 14 hours I transferred the sinker to a folded wet paper towel and let the other seed remain floating for 12 additional hours befor removing it to the damp paper towel. When I put the seed in the towle I notice the first seed the sinker was exhibiting a small shoot. After another 24 hours the shoot on the sinker was long enough to plant so I carefully submerged it below the planting medium. I also planted the non sinker, off to the edge of the pot, even thought it never sprouted. Less than 4 hours later the spouter starting to poke her head above the surface. That was two days ago. As of now she's starting to look like a plant. Even though the other two seeds show no signs of sprouting I'll leave them be.
Johnny Afghanseed
Says : First time grower like many before me, 100% germination, finally seeing the fruits of my labor, was pretty close to 7-8 weeks, I've read it all depends on nutrients for harvest times, some could be as much as 10. Cloning would've been nice but it gets cold quick so autoflowering was the way to go. Very simple soil mix and totally organic, about 1/3 soil 1/3 perlite maybe a bit less and 1/3 compost. I had 2 growing in one 5 Gal (ran out of soil) and one solo in a 5 gal. I probably could've used guano or other amendments, and never did i test the PH but it all worked out just fine. I had to go on vacation and i left a few upside down water bottles which worked out beautifully. only 1.5l over 2 weeks seemed to be enough /w rain.. I noticed a few dead ants stuck on it, i think they either OD'd on thc or they got snared by the stickiness (i should've tried black pepper and garlic). That's nature for you though i can't blame the seeds. I came back from vacation to some nice flowers, I might of picked a tad premature, but compared to the stuff i get around where i live, I was stoked. I Was impressed with how little watering they needed and the overall quality to say the least. only thing i'm dissapointed with is that i can't grow anymore, until next year that is. I have indoor equipment with no place to grow which is a bummer, But i already got my seeds for the next year so i'll be ready when spring rolls around again.
Says : My first order from CKS arrived today -- Early Miss! I've got the seeds in water now, getting ready for germination, and I'm really excited. My very first grow :) Thank you for making it so easy to buy marijuana seeds.
Says : First time grower. Put 2 in 80\20 mix coco\perlite on may 11. Flowers started June 13. Defoliated fan leaves except top leaves on each branch. Used nutes canna a and b with calmag. One caught some bud rot July 22 so emergency harvested her. Estimate about 2 ounces buds plus an ounce of popcorn and trim. No sign of rot in her sister. She is due in 2 more weeks. Sampled smoke last night. Vaporized well. Good flavour. Good result. These are very resinous and stinky and sticky.
Says : First time grower. Wonderful results. Each plant produced about 3 ounces of resinous bud per plant. Height of plant ranged from 2 feet to 3 feet. Harvested at around 70 days. Definitely recommend this strain to anyone. Thanks so much CKS!!!
Says : First time from crop king all 5 took and I am about ready to harvest, fast shipping and am going to try some NL next, thx Crop king
420alll day
Says : Love this! Started growing mid May in my rainforest 66 hydroponics and it's flourishing. Two are 2 in half feet, 2 are about a foot and one more kind of just stop growing. Soon I'll be switching the lights for those buds!
Says : just did harvest of my 1st early miss, it looks great, smelling like grape candy, very frosty, great high, thanks one more time cks!
Says : I have grown 2 of these beuties. First one i got about 1 and a half oz of very resiousous sticky bud. 2nd one i got 1 and three quarter oz of the same quality. I would recommend these seeds to anyone especially first time auto growers. Wellimpressed
Says : First grow of this variety. 100% germination. All cloudy trichs at 7.5 weeks 72 gms of dry buds @62% relative humidity. No fan leaves. Good taste, great high. Thanks, King! R.
Says : Super stoked!!! Seeds arrived in 2 Days from placing the order. I ordered from other companies in Canada before and it took them 2+ weeks to ship out. I'm definitely coming back - Thanks CKS!!!
Says : I am extremely pleased with the customer service and fast shipping offered from CKS, I ordered 5 early miss autoflowering last week and I got them in the mail today and I'm on the other side of the country! to my surprise when I opened the envelope I got more than I was thinking, they gave me a book of all their products along with a few other neat things that I never got from any other site that I have ordered seeds from, you've deffinitly earned a repeat customer!
Says : awesome job CKS! very fast shipping, ordered 5 seeds and got 7 plus all 7 germinated quick! now just give'm love and wait til harvest, repeat customer o/
al leroy bunnell
Says : fast shipping very discete cant wait to start outside thanx crop king you got a repeat customer here
Says : Early Miss has been a great grow. All 7 seeds I received from CropKing germinated quickly. Low dense grow with thick stems. I was into flowering my 5th week to my surprise with dense buds quickly. Great genetics with this strain from CP. thanks.
Says : 3rd time i have used CKS and i have 100% germination. Thanks CKS awesome service:)
Says : I Ordered seeds back in Nov I got them within a week and I started 2 seeds one I think I keep to wet and the root turned brown and died and the other actually came up the first week of Dec. I was told it was a 7 to 8 weeks to finish ,It started to flower within a month and its still growing. The glands haven't turned amber so I am just letting it grow. I am very happy with crop king and Early miss. I am waiting till spring to start the rest of the seeds but I will be ordering more seeds from crop king
Says : Where do I start, first off; great discrete shipping, quick shipping, great variety, and cks is even a litle generous ! Great bank to go to. Repeat customer right here.
Says : holy cow.. all I have to say is wow. its about 2 weeks from harvest. and shes a monster. 5 gal DWC and 1200ppm.. if your ph is 6.1 youll be shocked by the results. probably one of the bigger auto strains you can get..and her white widow traits show through very well.
Says : I order last weds and I just got my order today (Monday) . Very fast shipping! I've tried other seed banks but crop king is by far the best. Especially when it comes to customer service. if you ever have a question or issue there live web support takes care of it right then. Remember to grow and have fun growing!
sam treantafellow
Says : I grew 5 of early miss. I got about an oz off of each plant. The bud was amazingly great. It had a knock out punch. Definatly must try.
Says : grew 3 in 5 gal DWC all in different nutrient solutions to see what works best, I find if you go from 50ppm in the first week and have it at 600PPM by the 5th week and keep the N higher you'll get awesome results.. also loves hydroguard and ZHO or great white shark. I wouldn't go over 1000PPM even when its at its max stages. you should get from 40 to 80G dry
Says : A very nice plant, I had some bad luck with germination but I think more more fault being impatient. This plant is smaller than I thought it would be but great for the space I have. Very healthy full of bud plant. Beautiful. Grown in 5 gal DWC and 400W HPS, New LED light now in place. Highly like the LED. Always great company to purchase from and work with if your having problems. Lots of info here for everyone from new to pro's. Thanks
Says : I ordered early miss took 3 days too get them so far 2 for 2 germinated and both look amazing the first one I planted is gonna be ready too harvest in a week or two now I will post pics asap as well as a smoke review, as of now they both look great and smell the best of anything I've grown so far. Cant wait too try white widow and dark angel on my next order
Says : recentaly finish a grow of early miss.started 3 beans.1 failed 2 grew.easy low mateniance grow .1 was 23 in tall very resious single cola plant .it was very leafy with high leaf to flower ratio.the smoke is fairly good.around 1 ounce .the other was 43 in tall alot of branches alot of buds very low leaf to flower ratio.2.5 ounces of fairly decent bud.not as resinous as #1.but smoke is all good.will i grow these again beyond a doubt .simple easy to grow ans stinky resinous buds.cant expect any better ty crop king
Says : Grew 8 of my 10 early miss seeds under LED's. I have to say I have no idea why people complain about autos, it's so strong! All seeds germinated in the same day, grew incredibly fast, nice dence colas, very few popcorns. Buy early miss, you won't be disappointed.
hillbilly woman
Says : got my seeds in candy cane already poped open good seeds going to use crop king from now on thanks guys early miss is flowering
Says : Seeds came quick, germinated easy, grew even easier. i vow only to use Crop Kings from now on
Says : Grew only one plant so far. Pheno I got showed a lot of sativa influence with long, loose buds; but the plant was fairly short and bushy with a good yield and a reasonable 8wk flowering time. Buds sport plenty of orange hairs and are totally frosted with fine white crystals. High is uplifting and relaxing, very balanced. Intense spicy pine menthol flavor and extremely pungent smoke.
Big smoke
Says : Seeds came in a timely manner and all but one germed. All so far have born fruit. Each yielding between a pint and a quart of dried bud. Grown outside in pots. Easy to grow:ie if ican do it. VERY surprised at quality of smoke. A nice tingly head rush with a light smooth exhale. Great for pain relief in my back! A bit of creeping couch lock with a mellow blasé' state of mind. In my case,gave it an extra week. 56-60 days. Two days hanging,two days in paper bag +/- two weeks in cure. Voila! Can't wait to see what it is after a longer cure? Repeat customer!
Says : picked up some early miss beans at head shop in edmonton.germed 2 tap roots and in coco 36 hours nice germ and great packaging on the beans
Says : lisa was very helpful thanks.
Says : just germinated 3 out of my 5 pack of early miss with 100% success all round!! Nice healthy looking tap roots in just under 48hrs!! This fills me full of confidence for the grow itself thanks crop kings!!!
Happy old man
Says : Received seeds in 6 days, all germinated using paper towel method, 1 inch root in 3 days. Planted today can't wait until they pop up.
Says : I was very impressed, the shipping was great! i m gonna start germenating tonight, the seeds look good and waxy freshness. i was scepticle at first but this site is legite.
Says : Very happy with the purchase. I got my package about a week from the day I purchased them! and I live in the US! Expect a long term buyer!
Crop King Fan
Says : Crop King Seeds changed my thinking about online seed banks. I ordered from Amsterdam before and they ripped me off with either low quality seeds or undelivered package. I gave Crop King Seeds a shot because they are in Canada. I'm a Canadian too. I ordered there Early Miss. Got the 10 seeds within 4 days. Germinated them using the paper towel method and 9 out of 10 sprouted. 1 Died because of my stupidity. well, I'm a newbie. Now the other 8 are growing really well. I'm so excited to smoke these babies.
Happy and Satisfied
Says : I am very much happy and satisfied with your Early Miss. Got them in the mail quickly and 100% germinated. Got the best service over live chat and the plants are awesome. Expect a long term buyer here!

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