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Type: Indoor / Outdoor
Growing: Moderate
Flowering Time: 10 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: 50% Indica / Sativa
Effect: Full Body Stone
THC: Strong
THC%: 27.70%    Laboratory Report THC Chart
CBD: 0.7%      Laboratory Report CBD Chart
CBN: 2.1%      Laboratory Report
Country: USA         USA
Yield: Up to 450gr indoor/250gr out
Genetics: Ice x Trainwreck
Price: 5 Seeds / $35.00
10 Seeds / $65.00
25 Seeds / $120.00
Ice Wreck
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Ice Wreck
We took Ice and blended it with Trainwreck creating our favorite knockout strain "Ice Wreck". A complete full effect blend of Indica and Sativa traits that is perfect for daytime or night use. Moderately easy to grow with solid fuzzy buds coated in tiny spindly hairs tightly packed with THC. Be ready to get Ice Wrecked.

It can grow in both indoors and outdoors growing environments and she’s going to grow well for as long as you are giving her proper light, nutrients, soil, and water.

Ice Wreck can leave you with full body stone because it contains a strong THC content which can reach 27.70%. It is also a great provider during harvest. You can actually harvest up to 450 grams if grown well.

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40 Reviews of Ice Wreck Strain – Regular Seeds

Rick Bliek
Says : Curious why you discontinued Icewreck! I was interested!
dave danis
Says : well its july 9th on van. island b.c. and although there all 3 to 4 feet and healthy,ive yet to see any of them signs of buding at all.ive got maybe 12 weeks of season left and wondering should i cover them up a bit to help them bud.induce them by covering them up to lessen the light hours ? but out of 20 voodoo and 20 ice wreck i only got 23.thats 23 out of 40.thought id do better,plus how many males ? please sex. peace,overgrow the gov.
Says : the green crack i orderd with the ice wreck growed very well two of them one was about 6 feet the other about 5 feet the third a shorter one probably 3 an a half feet but bushey the two taller havested with close to nine ounces the shorter one about two an a half ozs but he bud appear two have been dirent more of a skunk smell with bud clusters completley different than the tall ones it is a different kind possibly mix of green crack a skunk type both are good the green crack has a strong high half a small dobbie an you are very high
Says : ordered some ice wreck along with green crack the ice wreck all are mixed got purple kush an white voodoo mixed in the pack got one ice growing strong the purple kush looks wild only about three feet the ice about five feet the voodoo about three seems to be a dwarfi guess a mix is cool did not know what was going on an i just compared them to the pictures on cropking they match right to the voodoo the ice an the purple kush
Kun T Bastard
Says : well, its like this,, got 5 seeds, 2 were female, one looked great, the other, not so much, lots of leaf and seemed confused about gender., after 10 weeks, trichome level was not impressive on either, buds were airy, overall a disappointment, I know how weed can be from one seed to another so not bashing King Seeds, but the 5 seeds I got of this strain were very disapointing, peace
Says : 4/5 germinated, they are healthy plants now, about 1 month into veg and they are resillient even though i made them go through hell in the past month. Would order again.
Says : I bought some candy cane while in a shop in Toronto and all five germinated in less than 48hrs. The one plant is growing like its freaking super powered compared to the others. Think I found my mama plant 0.0 Can't wait for the ice wreck in the mail! Fingers crossed for females but I'm not worried (and as long as I get one female, all will be swell) 🤑 Thanks crop king! I'll be back!
Says : 2/4 germing great. Still waiting for 2. 2 PK germed fine. Right on CKS.
Says : Order thru cks several tymes no problems. GreT cist service. All seeds were fem. Ice wreck. It was the shit. Leafs full of frost
Says : 3of the five seeds didnt germ. The other two did but the candy cane is booming
Gary Benavente
Says : Looks like it will work well for my mother cause she is diabetic and she gets really bad body pains and sometime she can't get up until 30 minutes to an hour hope I could perches these seeds sir crop king. Sir king I live on island in the Pacific known as the Marianas island of Guam U.S.A & Saipan but I live on Saipan had to relocate from Guam to saipan to take care of my mother non of the meds they give my mother doesn't work for her it just makes it worse thank you sir king:)
Gary Benavente
Says : Looks like it will work well for my mother cause she is diabetic and she gets really bad body pains and sometime she can't get up until 30 minutes to an hour hope I could perches these seeds sir crop king. Sir king I live on island in the Pacific
Says : Great service fast shipping. I'm growing inhydroponics going great! Zeus and ice wreck. Going to cross strains.
Says : Ordered seeds with these guys and got such great service!! Only 3 out of the 5 seeds germinated so they sent out replacements for the ones that didn't. These guys are GREAT!
Says : Very fast shipping. 9 out or 10 became nice seedlings; 1 seedling was a runt.
Ezekiel Moises Davila
Says : I loved them they were great and growing and my dog fucked them up but im lookin forward to buying more
Says : Just received the 5 seeds amazing fast shipping now time to germinate
Says : All 5 seeds germinated within 3 days.After 2 months it was apparent that 2 were males.The 3 female plants were very different from one another and the 2 males were over 5 feet tall.The females varied in height from 3 to 4 feet.The smoke is very mild, no irritation in the throat at all.But the THC couldn't have been as high as advertised because after 90 minutes I had come down.All in all it was a good high but not as good as Northern Lights.
chuck anderson
Says : Growing pretty fast. A little on the 'stretchy' side though. Hope they start stacking up soon.
Larry Nayler
Says : Cant wait to try...
Chuck Anderson
Says : Out of the 10 , 8 were females. They are all about 10" high now and have been in the big pots for 3 days and have really taken to the soil, grew about 1~1/2 inches in 2 days. Excited to see end results. Weather down here has been HOT! 88+ today. TY chuck
luc brisson
Says : very brautifful near of my window, what a beautifful plant
Says : This was my first time ordering seeds. Got them in 1 week!!! Very Cleverly Shipped. Happy Customer:)
Says : Just received my order yesterday, 5 days coast to coast! Will post later after seeding... Merci!
Stu k
Says : Good germination 4 of 5. Seems to be quite a variation in phenotypes. No two look alike. Cloned well and will be in production soon. Will see how the outcome is of the final material as far as variation. Will post further review when done.
Perry M
Says : Very high germination rate, but huge variance between seed. Very unstable strain. The three that are female look NOTHING like eachother....NOTHING. Only one is turning out similar to the photo. A pretty big waste of space and time between the males and the rejects. Nothing ventured nothing gained, but be warned.
Rachel. Harmon
Says : Can't wait very excited, love your page
Says : Topped my plants 3 days ago let the tops dry out, Taste great, strong stuff, but not harsh at all, very easy on the throat. I highly recommend this product it is worth the wait. Sativa mostly or mine is.
Says : Grew nicely but didn't use nutrient booster
Says : ordered these and crossed my fingers to get them but they showed up 7 days later super excited did the cup of water no light 48hrs all 5 plus 1 extra rooted switched to paper towel for the 3rd day half inch taproot potted them and in 2 days they pop out over all great experience will do future business with you guys
Shel M
Says : Holy WOW, ALL 5 germinated quickly, and being a first time grower I cannot imagine a better choice for beginners. We were concerned about sexing them, but in the end when the time came it became clear we have 4 girlz and 1 was predominately female with a few male balls appearing after the buds started. Then we stripped the hermie of all her wee buds, dried it and I can tell you it is Potent (and 7 or 8 weeks til maturity). We cannot wait for the REAL crop. I didnt know Hermie's had THC.ICE WRECK, even though it is NOT feminized is SO well worth the grow. No couch lock, lots of energy and a head high to Take you to a whole other world. Extremely HAPPY high. This was a super happy surprise. Crop King seeds ROCKS !!
Says : Ordered here in Ontario Canada, Ice Wreck and Morpheus, Great package of stuff came that I wasn't expecting, with a strain booklet, some planter signs etc etc - Have germinated 2 x Ice Wreck and 3 x Morpheus with success. So happy im thinking of grabbing some Northn Lights autoflower as kind of 'starter' as it would be ready a few weeks early than my main course- Xmas bounty...
Allen Russell
Says : will post review after harvest
Dr Clone
Says : Wow...I thought The Black seeds I got from you came up fast, I got my Ice Wreck seeds, and germinated them, all 5 were over 1/4 inch long in 24 hours, and after planting them in the same mix as the other seeds, within 30 hours all popped thru the just hoping at least 1 is a girl :)
John B
Says : Your seeds are great Crop King Seeds. I ordered 10 seeds and got 13. Thanks for the extras. 9 Germinated. Awesome product and service.
Says : I've read that only apprx. 70% of seeds you get through the mail will germinate. Every single seed that I've germinated has sprouted from here. Still have 2+ months to go before harvest, can't wait!
Juan Malaquias
Says : Need 5 now.
Says : Can I order this to Masset, British Columbia
ralph markson
Says : Hi, just wondering can I get in Aus ?
Says : I got my Ice Wreck and all germinated. Awesome strains from you Crop King Seeds. Let's see what happens next. Will surely order more if they turn out great!!

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