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High Yield and THC

Type: Indoor/Ourdoor
Growing: Easy - Moderate
Flowering Time: 7-9 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: 85% Sativa
Effect: Energetic, Cerebral High, Introspective
THC: Strong body-stoned
THC%: 18.49% THC Chart
CBD: 0.32% CBD Chart
Country: USA
Yield: up to 250gr Indoors / 150gr Outdoors
Genetics: Original Lamb's breath
Price: 5 Seeds / $60.00
10 Seeds / $110.00
25 Seeds / $220.00
Lambs Breath
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Autoflowering and easy to grow, it thrives in both outdoor and indoor settings. Lambs Breath was Bob Marley's favorite strain and is known for its focus, creative and energetic properties. Great for reducing stress and anxiety, this Jamaican strain is a great way to start the day positive.


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Lambs Breath Strain Growing with Flowering Time, THC,
CBD Content, Flavor and Other Information You Need

The Lambs Breath strain is oftentimes claimed to be smoked by none other than Bob Marley. The origin of this strain can be traced back in Jamaica, where it grew in the wilds. Recently, however, this strain has been considered as among the in-demand strains, even though it is also one that is quite difficult to find. For this reason, if you are planning to take advantage of the benefits of this strain, growing your own plants would be the best thing to do.

As a strong Sativa strain, you can expect that this strain will give you that exciting cerebral high, which is evident early on as the high starts to kick in. it also features a high content of THC, at about 19 to 25% on average. The high kicks on fast, influencing the mind almost instantly, while energizing the entire body simultaneously.

Lambs Breath is also endowed with a unique and distinct aroma. You can immediately sense its skunky and cheesy smell, which is often associated with the smell of fresh tobacco. It features some hints of woody, sour and piney flavors, which are all pungent smells. The smoke, however, is different from its aroma, as it features creamy and sweet elements which does not just make the smoke delicious but pleasurable at the same time.

If you are planning to grow this plant, what you will notice immediately is that the buds are remarkable, not because of the strange color, but because they radiate of vibrant and pure green. The buds are also big enough, which can ensure of a harvest of buds that are filled with frosty trichomes all over.

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Sadly, however, not all recreational shops and dispensaries carry this cannabis strain. This is one reason why growing your own Lambs Breath strain is the best option to consider. Our growers made sure that all of the seeds have a high rate of germination, making sure that you can enjoy a good harvest in no time. You can simply process your order with us, and pay through various options available, including credit cards, bitcoin, Money Order, Interac (for customers in Canada). You can also opt to pay cash and Money Order through mail.

31 Reviews of Lambs Breath Auto Flower Marijuana Seeds

Says : Just about to finish my first grow. 5 seeds all germinated. One should have died but it carried on in a solo cup and will produce. Some input if you can on when are the tricombs right for harvest?
CJ Hames
Says : My first ever grow, and did I ever hit a home run. Simply some of the best smoke I’ve ever had! It was super easy to grow. If you are looking for an indoor autoflower that will thrive even in HIGH humidity areas (my tent was usually between 56-100% RH.) this is the plant for you! Humidity didn’t seem to faze this beauty. All seven seeds germinated just fine in Fox Farms Ocean potting soil. One seed was a horrible looking thing out of its shell. I’m mean the poor thing was so ugly and deformed I almost pulled it up. But I thought what heck, let’s top it and see what it does. It ended up being the best plant out of all of them! About 4’ tall and as bushy as can be. So I started topping the remainder of them with outstanding results. And the buzz ... wow. Bob Marley was right. Excellent smoke. Couldn’t have been happier with Crop King. Many, many thanks!
Says : 2nd grow finished. This is currently my favorite auto. With my current setup, I’m lucky to get around 100g dry cured per 3 gallon plant. Plants were all similar in appearance and growth. Easy to grow and it’s a heavy hitter.
Says : Very nice smoke and easy to grow. High is very strong and lasts. Will definitely grow again!
Says : My 3rd order from Crop King, somewhat satisfied. Bought 10 seeds, paper towel germinated 4, one died trying to shed its shell and one had 3 sets of leaves then went into flower at 2 inches tall. Germinated another. Have harvested and cured the 2 first plants and it was all worth it! Very smooth smoke with strong head. Time to drop the other 5.
Says : 2 ladies in 8th week getting very close to finish i had no issues through the 8 weeks and have a very nice sweet smell i remember from 1982. thanks crop king for the trip back in time. simply amazing.
Says : Have been a loyal Crop King customer since 2014 growing various autos. picked up some Lambs Breath at my local hydro store and just finished one- 77 days 55 in flower in a 2 gallon smart pot with a 60/40 coir/hydrocorn mix used the General Hydro drain to waste feedchart under 6x t5 lights. and must say this Lambs Breath was a pleasure to grow- not a single issue but not a heavy drinker/feeder! Plant produced 60 grams of bright green buds loaded with red hairs on a 2 foot high plant Fimmed and LST'd with 15 tops frostier than a White Widow auto that finished last June. An early sample blows me away- smooth taste and nice high without any body stone-too much would for sure rip your head off so be warned.
Says : Really accurate description given about this strain. Quick, cerebral high. Big buds, high yield, amazing smell and taste. I just may keep one of these autos going at all times.
Says : Harvested a single plant-8.5 oz of great dope. Super easy to grow-Have three more on the go. Thanks CKS!
Jo Johnson
Says : just received my gift. Thought I had been duped. These guys are the very best. if you are state side, open package with care and do not under any circumstances throw anything away. omg rofl I will NEVER EVER EVER order from any other place. You guys have me for life whether you like it or not!!! Signed...… just another toker
Says : Bought these awhile ago.Harvested them a little late, lots of brown pistils on 11/7. Cured for a month and sampled today. All I can say is WOW!
Tennessee Tim
Says : Final report: Maybe the best Auto Flower I have ever grown! The 4 foot tall plants made very frosty buds with a nice yield! The smooth but tasty smoke is loved by all who try it! A winner for the King!
Ken Carlson
Says : Some of the nicest that any of my friends and I have ever enjoyed. Bob Marley was right on. I harvested 2 Lambs Breath plants at about 11 weeks fro seed sprout date. Without trimming the tops they were only 17" tall. But completely packed with flowers. I trimmed off all of the large leaves gradual during growth to allow light to the flowers. Gradually is the key word. The word on the street is that my buds are outstanding. Very nice high that keeps building after about 15 minutes. Pleasant medium taste, not harsh. I could have let them grow for another week but did not want to "cook" them. I am glad I harvested when there was about 75% amber colored pistils. I hung them for 5 days. Snipped off most of the remaining leaves. Cut the buds off the bigger stems. Sealed in glass and plastic containers for 3 weeks, opening each jar twice a day for a few seconds. This seasoning stage was beneficial. They cure nicely.
Says : Got 10 seeds 2 weeks ago, i have now 10 healthy seedlings of lamb breath. Can wait to harvest! Hail to the king.
Says : This merchant placed very high on my recommendation list . My seed germinated .Excited to venture into the next stage of development
Tennessee Tim
Says : Just a few days from harvest,now. I just had to let people know how easy to grow and how big and nice these plants look! They smell so sweet and pleasant, while being spire after spire of very long buds, a sight to behold and savor!I just know these girls are going to be at least as special as the very fine Jamaican weed I had in the seventies!Looking like a very nice yield is to be forthcoming from organic soil grow.
Says : Orderd five lambs breath got them in less than a week all 5 popped (including the freebies)I have used c.k. seeds about 5 times and it's always the same story fast shipping and I personally have had a 98% success with their seeds and one of the 2failed was my bad lol the king is the best order some seeds and see for youself!
Says : started growing lamb's breath about 5 weeks ago. They are flowering now and I snipped the tops so I have man colas just starting to develop. I can almost see them grow daily. Just starting to have a little fragrance. All of my seeds germinated. I took a few cuttings for clones but they all started flowering. Funny. I've never grown stuff that flower so early and easy. Can't wait to try it. my first grow in ten years. Great to be back. Thanks, Crop King.
Says : 3 gallon FFOS FF trio & some Cal Mag Feed is every other watering. Don’t hesitate to flush, should you need to. The light is a low cost extra Chinese blurpule. The grow was easy and textbook. I forced it to flower early and still got a few dried (curing) OZ off the plant. Smells and looks great. Unfortunately I don’t touch it for a few months of curing. So it should be another month before sampling. I see no reason not to grow more. I’ve already started the second grow (100% germ). Good to grow...
Says : Bought seeds about a month ago germinated 2 and both popped started flower only has 3 sets of leaves under18/6 light cycle.
Says : Crop Kings great service,fast delivery and easy germination just like they said.My Lamb's Breath are starting their fourth week and looking real good. Can't wait to toke up.
Ken Carlson
Says : I germinated 2 Lambs Breath seeds successfully on my first growing attempt since 1975! [Back in the old school days of 11 foot plants when no one knew about snipping.] In 3 weeks growing in my indoor tent under LED light they are looking fabulous. The 6th tier of leaves are growing.
Says : Excellent service king, keep up the great work!by the way, this strain is loookiinn good!! oh yess
Says : Just like all seeds ordered these cracked. I have 100% germination with Kings seeds. All seeds sprouted except for one of all auto’s I’ve ordered. Will always buy from the King. Lambs are 3 weeks in and looking good
Kevin white
Says : Looks good
Tennessee Tim
Says : Crop King has shown again the excellent service they provide! Lost shipment possibly, so they reshipped asap, as soon as I asked about the status of the order! Received the seeds now, and am excited to get the Lamb's Breath growing! Thanks to Lisa and all of the CKS crew for years of great customer service and some awesome good weed!
Says : Wow.Ordered 10 on Wednesday and received on Saturday.All germinated in 2 days and already in the dirt.First buy from CKS. I’ll be a customer from now on.Can’t wait to give feedback when they are harvested.
Uncle T
Says : Excited to be amongst the first to grow this new strain!! I have 1 in dirt that popped into the light in a day. I will be growing another one in hydro under an LED so will write a follow up in a few months to report back on each. I have had amazing success with Crop king strains to date: Green Crack, Trainwreck, Northern Lights, Dwarf, Purple Kush, and Super Silver Haze...props to the King!
Says : Ordered and received package within 5 days. Soak and pop with paper towel method. Day 1 in the Fox Farm Ocean soil... Stoked to toke!!!
Says : Seeds are already soaking can't wait for them to pop! Will have grow journal on one of the herb websites! Thanks crop king I'll send pics!
Says : Just ordered my 5 pack today😎😎can’t wait to see how they grow

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