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Indoor Sativa

Type: Indoor Only
Growing: Medium
Flowering Time: 10 to 12 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: Mostly Sativa
Effect: Dreamy Head High
THC: Strong Sativa
THC%: 22.76%    Laboratory Report THC Chart
CBD: 0.5%      Laboratory Report CBD Chart
CBN: 5.4%      Laboratory Report
Country: Ireland     Ireland
Yield: Up to 400gr indoors/200 out
Genetics: Purple Power X Haze
Price: 5 Seeds / $35.00
10 Seeds / $65.00
25 Seeds / $140.00
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Get ready to dream while fully awake with Morpheus. The moderately easy to grow strain is for people who want to experience a pure head high without sofa lock and paranoia. Recommended only for indoor growing, the Morpheus strain will produce dense heavy buds between thin spindly leaves.

It is named after the Greek God of dream because of its dreamy effect. This is mostly sativa and can flower up to 12 weeks or less. Morpheus is a strong type of marijuana strain so new smokers are warned. This might not be for new growers but a lot of our customers who are new growers have some successes with the proper growing method and growing materials that they use in growing Morpheus.

For as long as you are giving Morpheus the right soil, nutrient, light, and water then it will dwell and it will return your investment quadruple times.

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8 Reviews of Morpheus Strain – Regular Seeds

Says : This is one of my favorite strains, tooty fruity taste so delicious!Pure brainer, you get real busy and no tried after effect. In flowering stage it wouldn't quit,the top bud grow a string of buds, like ty stick 10 inches long. One male out of 8 seeds! Good deal thanks a bunch.
Says : I was just wondering why this strain was discontinued. I hear nothing but good news about it and am really looking forward to trying it. Please keep me notified if it comes back.
Says : Wonderful plant, disease resistant, fast growing, heavy branching, easy to clone (sorry John, zero issues with her here) and TONS of dense buds. Can't wait to have my first crop ready and cured for 4/20
Says : Having a difficult time trying to clone this strain, is it just me doing something wrong or has anyone else had trouble?
Says : growing Morpheus looking good just entered the flowering stage so excited plants look very vibrant green and stanks in a good way :) cant wait to harvest
Says : Delivery, Propagation, Growing, Cloning and High all 5 Stars across the board. An amazing strain.
Says : My order was seized by customs here in the USA. I called customer service and was answered by a very friendly lady who helped me. They reshipped my order since I paid for insurance and got the seeds just today. Really amazing company.
Says : Your Morpheus is superb. I got them grown and toked them. Really good feeling. Awesome seeds here.

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