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High Yield and THC

Type: Indoor / Outdoor
Growing: Easy - Moderate
Flowering Time: 8 - 10 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: 50% Blend
Effect: Body Buzz, Medical
THC: Moderate
THC%: 15.42% THC Chart
CBD: 0.79% CBD Chart
CBN: 0.15%
Country: Canada Flag
Yield: up to 400gr indoor/250gr out
Genetics: Original Skunk
Price: 5 Seeds / $40.00
10 Seeds / $70.00
Original Skunk
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Marijuana Seeds Canada Original Skunk
Skunk is back in its finest hybrid genetics. Originating in the 70s and bred specifically for Crop King Seeds, our Skunk comes with its classic aroma and potency.

For beginner and experienced growers, Skunk is perfect for cross breeding and making unique strains like "Skunk Widow".

Marijuana Seeds Canada Original Skunk

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Price : $40.00

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24 Reviews to Original Skunk – Regular Seeds

Gary Haye
Says : Love Skunk old school
Says : I would be glad to have a bleuberry skunk breed if possible. My two favorite classic in one seed :)
The germinator
Says : Very good has a skunky fruity smell, grows fast and is frostalicious lol... Il be back the germinator
Says : For medical needs,I would like to try my luck with the original SKUNK .THANKs
Says : Got my white widow in like 4 days very pleased thank u cropking...
Says : Buy 10RegSEEDS, off CropKingSeed$, and earned 7 healthy ones. I sanded the seeds with Sand paper, then put them in a clean DAMP paper towel any Zip lock Bag, till they popped sprouts. Then I put them all one by one on a peice of Styrofoam that was floating on R.O. P.H.'ed water, with a air pump for max oxygen for the roots. And they took off. I trance planted them into dirt, and didn't burn them with food, kept the lights 5 feet, didn't over water, and finished them I was very happy. CropKingSeeds, have good seeds.
Says : These folks know there strains , good covert packaging that comes within a few weeks and the seeds are top notch. So far I have grown silver haze, white widow, skunk and my personal fav blueberry which yield off 7 plants outdoor was close to 5 pounds. Keep up the good work!
Says : I must apologise for an earlier inaccurate review. The skunk is very good. I have grown 3 times now. Nice product. Huge colas. Going on 12 weeks of flowering
Says : Just popped 2 skunkies and they r doing great. Looking forward to my all time favorite strain that brings me back to highschool days. we used to get so excited when we scored a bag of skunk. I'm in week 5 of flower with my haze extreme and she is loooking great but man do these sativas take a long time to mature. This one pheno I have does not look like a sativa in stature, she is real squat like an indica. Buds r looking amazing though. Thanks cks.!!
Says : Got 8 skunk seeds-in wet napkin 5 already sprouted after 3days-very pleased
GreenLine Farms
Says : Loving the Original Skunk wanna watch it grow go to GreenLine420 on youtube. Crop King is definitely my go to seed bank. Growers Love
Says : Fair Enough..Cropking, you really are King of seeds, Thank you very much, God Bless Canada , God Bless The King.
jake williams
Says : bought seeds from local dealer he never supplied any info on germination had one fail contacted cropking and explained what happened and they took care of the issue immediately all have sprouted thank you crop king your customer service is exeptional. cant wait to see them grow :) :)
the germinator
Says : Made some more skunk and some white skunk seeds with the male pollen I collected bee smart lol...the germinator...I'll be back
Covert ops
Says : Just took down my first grow of Crop Kings GREEN CRACK. A very easy to grow plant with huge returns. 10 plants under 2400 watts yielded me 7 lbs 3 1/2 oz of primo bud. Thanks CK Next up is a cross strain of GC and Original White Rhino
The germinator
Says : Got some males to pollenate my females spring is the time of love...bee lol wise save your pollen family...males serve a purpose too lol...the germinator...ill be back
The Germinator
Says : I received my orginal skunk seeds promptly and discreetly as usual. Thanks for the freebies...Spring is upon us get to planting some Crop King seeds..all hail the king baby..I have tried the rest now I stick to the best Crop King Seeds ...I'll be back The Germinator
vishal soni
Says : i love this joy
The Germinator
Says : I was so pleased with not only the results of Crop King Seeds' white widow but with their awesome customer service that I had to get some orginal skunk...Thanks for the freebies..All hail the king baby...I'll be back ... The Germinator
The Germinator
Says : I was so pleased with the not only the results of Crop King Seeds' white widow but with their awesome customer service that I had to get some orginal skunk...Thanks for the freebies..All hail the king baby...I'll be back ... The Germinator
Says : god stuff
Gangaking g
Says : Great seeds all germinated 100% success good on you guys great fast delivery great seeds
EZ Grow
Says : Hell yes, finally some new strains. And some good ones too. I always had faith in you cropkings. LOYAL CUSTOMER
The Germinator
Says : Definitely getting some these on my next order...I'll be back...The Germinator

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