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High Yield and THC

Type: Indoor/Ourdoor
Growing: Advanced
Flowering Time: 14 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: 90% Sativa
Effect: Strong Psychoactive
THC: Extreme Sativa
THC%: 22.6%  Laboratory Report THC Chart
CBD: 0.15% Laboratory Report CBD Chart
CBN: 0.17% Laboratory Report
Country: NL
Yield: up to 350gr indoors / 600gr Out
Genetics:  Haze
Price: 5 Seeds / $65.00
10 Seeds / $120.00
Sativa Star
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sativa star strain
Sativa Star is a feminized, advanced grow strain great for outdoor and indoor settings. Its tall plant height makes it ideal for outdoor gardens and indoor grows with plenty of head height. High yielding, this strain is perfect for advanced growers. Long lasting sativa effect with a cerebral high. Great for reducing stress and anxiety.


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Sativa Star THC and Yield Information for
Indoors and Outdoors Growing

As suggested by its name, Sativa Star is 90% sativa. As such, it is a strain which is perfect for growing both indoors and outdoors. This strain is ideal for growing even for first time growers, as it does not take too much skill to care for these babies. It is also described as a high yielding strain, with a yield that can reach up to 350 grams indoors, and 600 grams when grown outdoors. The flowering time reaches 14 weeks, with bountiful yields to expect at harvest time.

As this plant is tall, it is perfect for outdoor growing, where they can enjoy the space. When grown indoors, it prefers a space where there is plenty of head height. These plants exhibit tall, thin and narrow leaves, with a lighter shade of green compared to their Indica counterparts.

The strain produces a long lasting sativa effect, which means a cerebral high. As such, it is the perfect strain to use for diminishing stress and anxiety. With its extreme sativa characteristics, you can use this strain to treat some common disorders, similar to stress and anxiety, as well as other mental disorders, lack of sleep, and others.

The Sativa Strain from Crop King Seeds is a feminized strain, which means that you can expect to see the characteristics common among feminized strains in this plant. Overall, what you can expect is a high yield, and high THC with this plant.

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It is our desire to provide our customers with high quality marijuana seeds You can buy Sativa Star seeds in our website. You can also call, chat or email us to place an order. We accept major credit cards, debit cards, cash, bitcoin and EMT Interac (for Canadian customers only). We ship our Sativa Star seeds to anywhere in the world inside discreet packaging.

12 Reviews of Sativa Star Cannabis Seeds

Says : First I started 3 seeds, all popped, put them in pots, they all started growing, at about 2 inches 2 of the stems broke and there was no fixing them. Germinated 3 more seeds, all popped, transfered to pots. One did nothing, one is the other 2 are struggling to get their first leaves out of the ground and open. The plant that survived from the first 3 is now still at 2 inches. It's just sitting there, not growing, and I'm doing everything I can to help it. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
Says : One of the 4 seeds germinated. Did not lose is shell after sprouting and died. Hoping the last one works.
Catfish Dave
Says : Received my seeds yesterday.5 day's from order date to New Mexico. I ordered Sativa Star, Blue Cookies and Afgani regular. My third year ordering from Crop King. If anyone has a problem with Crop King Seeds I think maybe they don't know what they're doing. Excellent genetics,excellent germination rate,around 95%. Thanks Crop King.
Says : 1 out of 5 cracked, better then nothing. Really looking forward when its finished. Hope its as good as its name.
Chubs-AKa - Dr. greenthumb
Says : Anyone finish these yet? I’m on week 9 of flower, monster buds, but growing extremely weird. They grow a stem from the top of the bud, like a stick then grow into it. Never seen a plant do this and it’s quite interesting. I’m pretty sure I’m going to beat my record of a 95 gram dried bud. The one downfall I’m seeing w this strain is every branch needs to be tied up, they have very skinny and lengthy branches that can’t supoort weight. So takes a lot of love to make these produce like the monsters they are.
Says : Just got mine in an cant wait to germ an see how they do,thanks CK,ill let yall know how they do
Frank Rizzo
Says : 5 our of 6 seeds germinated. Had the weirdest thing happen with two that grew upside down but I believe it was due to over watering. Growing very nicely and very strong. Topped a few times already and will be growing it as a mother for spring time. Will update in a few weeks. A+ so far.
Says : 3 of 5 popped. Im 5 weeks in veg. Plants are very tall despite topping definitely going to fill my 4x8. I wouldn't attempt to grow these in anything less than 6ft tall. Would make for an awesome outdoor grow.
Crop King Seeds
Says : Hi Reid, please give us a call on 1844 276 7546 to troubleshoot
Says : terrible seeds. out of 5 seeds I got zero seeds to grow a root. DONT BUY THESE SEEDS.Try something else. I had great luck with cali kush 4 out of 4 seeds grew into plants.
Karen Ann Sego
Says : Two popped, two didn't. one is growing so funny, though, can't wait to see how she turns out.
John of the USA
Says : Just ordered mine. Looking forward to growing this new strain. I have been growing Crop King's strains for quite some time now and I'm very satisfied with everything. Too excited to get started with this one :)

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