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Indoor Sativa

Type: Indoor Only
Growing: Moderate
Flowering Time: 10 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: 75% Sativa
Effect: Creative High
THC: Moderately Strong
THC%: 14.70%    Laboratory Report THC Chart
CBD: 0.1%      Laboratory Report CBD Chart
CBN: 1.4%      Laboratory Report
Country: UK UK
Yield: Up to 450gr indoor
Genetics: Original Super Silver Haze
Price: 5 Seeds / $60.00
10 Seeds / $100.00
25 Seeds / $190.00
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Marijuana Seeds Canada Super Silver Haze
The only strain that has won back to back Cannabis Cups has been bottled up and cloned for everyone to have access to. This plant will grow quite high which can result in large yields if you desire. A complete body stone that results in creative thinking and intellectual conversations makes this a strain to share with your friends.

If you want to add up something to that wit, then Super Silver Haze Feminized seeds are what you are looking for. Super Silver Haze will soon become your favorite strain for a few really good reasons.

It can be grown by moderate growers and it can be grown indoors. This is fit for those who don’t have enough grow space because Super Silver Haze Feminized is designed for indoor growing only.

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Growing Feminized Super Silver Haze – High THC Content and Yield

This award-winning strain is an indoor grow that is predominantly a Sativa. The good news is that this is known as a moderate grow, which means that not only the most seasoned veteran growers can get their hands on these and have the pleasure of harvesting yields of only the best looking buds today.

The composition of this strain (14.70% THC, 0.1% CBD, and 1.4% CBN) produce a unique set of effects that you can only experience from the original Super Silver Haze. The yield is quite good at 450 g. From what we have learned about this strain, everything appears to look good.

The effect produced by the Super Silver Haze is moderately strong and gives you a creativity and intellectual boost. It clears your mind and lets you enjoy a good body buzz mixed with a lot of mental stimulation, which comes in handy on more days than you imagine.

Regardless if you are working on a major project, discussing international immigration policies with friends, or just looking for some creative stimulation, Super Silver Haze will serve you well. There is a reason that this strain has won the Cannabis Cup back to back, and you will do well by having this in your grow area.

This strain is highly recommended for people who work in creative fields, such as artists, musicians, and writers. It is therefore a good idea to grow plants of this strain if you move in such circles of friends. You yourself can take advantage of Super Silver Haze on those days when you need a little more edge on creativity and intellectually stimulating conversations.

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Crop King Seeds ensures only the best marijuana seeds we can offer and the best customer service experience. Our Super Silver Haze feminized seeds are handpicked by our experts to make sure that you will only receive the best quality possible. All orders and inquiries are attended to at the soonest possible time, and orders and payments are quickly processed as we are 24/7. We have our phone lines, live chat, and email support ready to help you 24/7. If you are thinking about ordering a pack of our Super Silver Haze seeds or any of our other available marijuana seeds for sale in our website, then place your order and process your payment using bitcoin, credit card, or Interac E-Transfer (for Canadian clients only), cash or money order in the mail.

29 Reviews of Super Silver Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Terry Little
Says : started them indoors 4 out of the five seeds germinated. let them grow late into the season and was pleased with the strength and energizing effect just a puff or two would elicit. I am ordering them again
Says : Germination rate for me was 3/5 seeds. The 3 that did germinate are growing strong . Just started to flower 8 days ago and with LST the stocks and branches are super thick. The aroma they produced is absolutely insane and can’t wait until the harvest to see what the final weight in will be. I’m growing in a DWC system and with the way they are growing and looking Crop King is my new go-to place to buy seeds. I’ have the live chat window open and just waiting on a response about the germination issue as I usually have a 100% germination rate with other suppliers and have followed all the steps Crop King has outlined in their way to germinate their seeds
John B
Says : I just finished up my First grow using this strain. Wow, it has been quite a pleasure. This girl was so beautiful during flower. For my first grow I harvested 2.33oz dry. I'm going to spend some time growing this strain even more. 10/10 nice job Crop King Seeds!
Says : Germinated 2/2 so far. Seems these little guys love to grow. Same day germination as 2 Durban’s. Taps popped out about 12 hours before the Durban, and after 12 days look healthy and are definitely wanting to be transplanted already.
Says : I really like this SSH. It’s like a shot of espresso without the racing heart pounding. I can smell a slight grape smell. I would rate this a sociable smoke. Growth was easy and a decent yield. I’ll grow again for sure!
Says : Good strong strain. I received them no problem in 3 days. They grow incredibly stout. Super strong from seed. Massive growth in veg, with great node spacing. This strain loves LST and supercropping. It is important to know that from the seeds I received I found a phenotype in these that smells and tastes like grape jelly. The strain itself is amazing, but this pheno is a rockstar. I cloned it and it will forever be in my quiver. Thank you.
Says : Kept mine in small gallon pot pulled it about a week early. Gray smell energetic enough Perfect plant
Says : Hi, back with up date. I started germing my 4 strains. I followed crop kings step by step. I got 100 percent success. All seeds germinated in 2-3 days. Thanx king. Im a happy man.
Says : Order last monday here in the Ak, USA. Received that Friday. Sweeeeet. Got 4 strains. Looking forward to a awesome up coming summer.
Shadilay Cannibis
Says : Its medium size in height, easy to clone. Has an interesting smell that reminds me of orange crush. Quality sticky buds that get unbelievably big. And as a bonus it has the structure to support it, nothing falls over and breaks. I love this plant. This is from a light deprivation greenhouse as well.
Says : First time growing this strain. Didn't veg particularly well. Veg didn't look particularly healthy; too light green and shaggy, feeding it a complete line of balanced nutrients at perfect soil pH, the same as my other plants. Even increased nitrogen which it seemed to enjoy slightly but all it did was grow more rather than better. It's medium sized, nowhere near the size of my awesome Sour Diesel, but way better than my Purple Kush. Resistant to light burn but susceptible to mold fungus rust spots (confirmed with black light making the spots glow green) more than my other plants, but it responded well to treatment with greencure (keep it weak or else the greencure will burn the leaves leaving white spots). Flowering is super slow. I'm on week 12 of flowering, having harvested my other plants, and it's still nowhere near done! Only a week or two ago did it start sprouting brand new calyx shoots (off tip top of each cola as well as sides of colas) and now those shoots are thick and curly and juicy and producing lots of new calyxes with snow white pistils. At week 12! The long thin leaves were shaggy but are now propped up horizontally by all the calyx development under their "armpits". These colas were already massive but they are going to be monsters at this rate. Not a lot of frost though until recently. 90% of the pistils are white. No bananas. Light lemon scent. I estimate total of 16 weeks of flowering under 600W HPS before new calyx development drops off and pistils are mostly orange. Based on how unique this grow is this plant must be almost completely sativa. Will update later.
Says : Super Silver Haze Outdoor greenhouse light deprivation all organic soil 10 gal pots. 1074 grams bud wet 1185 grams wet on second plant 1098 grams wet on third plant 1107 grams wet on fourth plant 986 grams wet on fifth plant. Wow!! Curing now hoping to get 1200 to 1500 grams dry. 5 out 6 germination success April 17th to Sept 1 flowering 12/12 started July 1st.
Says : 4 of the 5 seeds didn't sprouted. But 5/5 of the black indica made beautiful plants. I have only 1 super silver haze and I had to chop his head off as it grew in height so fast. Lamps are setted 12/12 since 6 weeks and the super silver haze started to flower last week. 18/6 for 2 weeks only and the supersilver haze was over 6ft after 4 weeks into flowering vs black indica 4 ft.
Jonathan C.
Says : This is the 11th strain I have tried from CK. All the SSH sprouted quicker than any other strain, still very very early to offer any useful comments other than its the best of the 11 as far as germination went. CK is great just wish they'd add some new strains, like OG kush or any of the literal hundreds of different strains that seem to be appearing daily.
Says : Super Silver Haze, what a great strain. Be prepared for a LONG flowering stage up to 12 weeks, but damn it's worth it! I got 14 oz of primo bud from four plants on indoor hydro. As for the's energetic, clear headed, and clean! Just don't let it flower beyond 30% amber trichomes or you'll start to degrade the clear high. Once again, Crop King seeds germinated 100% for me. Stick with the King!
Says : It says a 10 week flower, but I'm onto week 11 now and still gonna wait a few more days. Be sure to check your trichomes before harvesting on week 10. Can't wait to try it!
Says : I followed the germination instructions provided here and all of my seeds have about a 1/2 inch tap root as of today. I have to again say great customer service. I've spoken to 3 different people at different times of the day and all of them have been great. Thank you.
Says : I haven't started my seeds yet but I just had to say that I received them the day that they said I would and the customer service was great.
Says : I bought a 5 pack of SSH 4 germinated i killed one by mistake. I have three that are doing great at 10 days old.
Says : Hey guys thought I would drop my experience with this lovely lady. Its about 13 weeks to finish her decent yields very fluffy hugs but damn the smoke is soo good all my friends wabt it hehehe going to try ice wreck next and uh oh yeah great job on the top ten strain cks!
Mr banyard
Says : My first time and it exceeded my expectations. Out grew my space but produced a lot of nice tasting hugs. I got about two per inside. Very happy. Trying auto flowering now. It is a game changer for this hobby. WOW. Thanks for 100 % germination.
just a farmer
Says : Grew one indoors, and have second plant outdoors now. Indoor grow exceeded my expectations for production, but took 12 weeks to fully mature, and was too tall for my closet. Produced a little over 3 oz of trimmed, dried buds (which is about the top expected for my setup in a 3 x 3 ft closet with 4 plants gown at a time). Smoke is neutral tasting to me, high is on the up side, but with some body buzz. Outdoor grow is similar to 3 other plants in size and form. The others are Purple Kush, White Widow, and Skag, a cross I made between Skunkman's skunk and Afgani #1. I expected the "haze" to have much longer internodes, but so far it hasn't, so I hope I can keep it under control during flowering because it's growing in a raised bed with 5-foot hoop tunnel of floating row cover to screen it from neighbors and protect it from insects and deer.
Says : Super silver haze! Wow, grows tall ,8 of light rest dark. Growing like mad at 5+' tall. Can't get to flower 8 weeks in.but incredible plant. Help on flowering...?
Says : Just got my seeds today only took 6days to get to me and I'm in a small city in Tx called waxahachie gonna start planting soon
Says : Just got my seeds at 4:39 put them in cup of water just waiting for paper towel step. More updates to follow.
Says : I already got the Azura Haze & the Crown Royale. I'm two weeks in & there going strong. I've been dying to try the Silver haze for a long time now. But anyways, I can't say enough good things about this company. Besides having a awesome products. There consumer service is the best I've seen in "ANY" company. I'm being dead serous. Once you do business with them once. You'll see what I'm taking about! They treat you, the way you want to be treated. And take it from someone that has serious pain issues...CropKing are a blessing from God!!! You guys rock. And keep up, doing God's work. Peace out
Stu k
Says : Germination ok 4 out of 5. Huge variation in phenotypes. Some very stretchy and lanky with pinate leave others short and squat with dense branching and wide leaves. Can provide pictures. Will review again when finished.
Says : Thank you very much for the fast shipping! I already have white widow in my garden and now I can't wait to add SSH!!
Says : awesome can't wait to grow them

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