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High Yield and THC

Type: Indoor / Outdoor
Growing: Easy - Moderate
Flowering Time: 9 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: 60% Indica
Effect: Indica Body Rush
THC: Moderate - High
THC%: 19.25%    Laboratory Report THC Chart
CBD: 0.75%     Laboratory Report CBD Chart
CBN: 0.24%   Laboratory Report
Country: Netherlands
Yield: up to 400gr indoor up to 200gr outdoor
Genetics: White Widow X Girl Scout Cookies
Price: 5 Seeds / $60
10 Seeds / $110
25 Seeds / $200
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We took the world's two most popular strains of White Widow & Girl Scout Cookies and created the world's best Hybrid with "White Cookies". A knockout in high THC levels, white crystals and a short flowering time of only 8 weeks this Indica dominant hybrid has characteristics of both parents. Fun and easy to grow, flourishes in Indoor grows.

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White Cookies Marijuana Strain THC, Yield and Growing

The offspring of the widely popular White Widow and Girl Scout Cookies, White Cookies is slightly more Indica than Sativa. The difficulty level of growing this strain ranges from easy to moderate, which is good news because that means it is not restricted to veteran growers only. White Cookies flowers within 9 weeks, which is about average relative to our other strains.

Measured at 19.25%, the THC content of White Cookies can be anywhere from moderate to high. The yields are quite impressive, ranging from 200 g to 400 g when grown outdoors and indoors, respectively. These figures make White Cookies one of the largest yielding cannabis strains available on the market today.

White Cookies gives you the chance to experience what its parents do best. Just like Girl Scout Cookies and White Widow, this strain may produce relaxed, contented, euphoric, and body-heavy effects. This is therefore an ideal smoke during finals week in school or the month-end rush at work.

White Cookies is also popular and widely used because it may replicate the medicinal effects of its parent strains, which are typically used to treat pain, loss of appetite, mood issues, and nausea. If you want to see how the benefits of those two strains are integrated, then you should give White Cookies a shot.

You may want to consider growing White Cookies if you like the sound of its advantages and its genetics. These are feminized seeds, so all grows will certainly result in fat, delicious buds that you can smoke up for mere body high or happy feelings or for an attempt to experience the various medicinal properties of its parent strains.

White Cookies Cannabis Strain Seeds for Sale Online

Purchasing cannabis seeds in Canada can be easy, fast, and seamless if you work with the right guys. As one of the most trusted marijuana seed banks in Canada, we want you to have an easy and secure access to high quality marijuana seeds that’s why we make sure that every process is secured with us. We can also assure you that you will always be given top priority and client experience will be nothing short of exceptional as we are always available 24/7 with our phone, email and live chat supports. Simply place your order for White Cookies seeds and other high quality marijuana seeds that we have for sale online, and submit a payment by using bitcoin, credit card, or Interac E-Transfer (if you are Canadian), and cash or money order in the mail.

128 Reviews of White Cookies Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Says : Well I can't be happier! I am six weeks into flower and my white cookies are looking AWESOME. I've had ZERO issue so far. All I started germinated and are mature healthy plants. Next grow are some CK blue cookies. Currently in the veg tent and responding very well to environment. one seed didn't germinate. The others are doing extremely well. THANKS again CK
Says : As always germinated easy, cloned easy, grew easy. Honestly no issues. Smoke is good, can be intense and I wouldn’t recommend it for amateurs!!
Says : As always germinated easy, cloned easy, grew easy. Honestly no issues. Smoke is good, can be intense and I wouldn’t recommend it for amateurs!!
Says : Well I thought I would try a couple of different companies to order seeds from. THANKS Crop King you were the only company who didn't screw me around. Other company sent part order, terrible customer service after the fact hardly any communication. From now on you get all my seed business. BTW I just started to germinate some of these. CAN'T WAIT! Thanks again. CROP KING is the BEST if they have the strain you are looking for order with confidence!
Says : Wwooww verry easy to pop got 2/2 in 48h its verry nice thanks
Says : Grew out 2 nice plants from a pack of 5 still have the other 3 seeds. The first plant I flowered out into a very nice yielding plant. Very frosty. The other plant I left to veg longer. I clipped 8 clones from that one before I sent it to flower. Every one rooted within a week and a half. Buds smell extreamly sweet. Taste is just as good. Over all very happy with this strain. Can't wait to get some of the new strains here.
Running dog
Says : order 5 seedsthanks! all cracked and germinated 1 didnt pop through the soil. cant wait to sample the taste
Says : Hey all, I am an experienced cultivator. My experience w this strain was a mixed bag. I like the pure white widow much better. It is more forgiving for sure. I had two main issues w this strain. The first was the fact that the seedlings were super leggy and weak. When transplanted in an effort to bury some of the leggy stems it stunted them badly. This has never happened. Before. I have had many sucessful runs w the same equipment. Once in flowe they thrived. By the time the trichs were cloudy I ended up w bud rot. I am doing this review to hopefully keep others from making the mistake I did. Even though I had good circulation and temps in the high 70's I let my humidity go as high as 55% in flower. Normally this would have been fine, but w this strAin I think it was too high. I think this is probably a decent strain, but transplanting them when they are too small and humidity over 45% in flower is not a good thing. I hope this helps someone I would also like to add that my experience w cropking has been a good one. I usually get my orders within a few days and I live in California.
Says : 5 out of 5 cracked open and 4 germinated or sprouted. That's perfect because 4 plants is legal in Canada. I'm trying for an outdoor grow,till October or so. I have a 600 watt light for flowering. Its all gonna be great with crop king white cookies.
Says : White banner eh ! I'm interested... I want some seeds.
Says : I ordered a pkg of White Cookies and another strain a few weeks ago. They arrived fast. I had an issue with the WC germinating and called to talk to them. They were helpful and sent me a replacement pkg that arrived after about 5 days. Top notch service from this company and I will be buying again!
Says : I talked on the phone with a crop king rep. I got the seeds and can't wait to grow.. . ,thanks crop king seeds.
Says : Easy to grow outdoors. Most seeds germinated. I exceeded the anticipated outdoor yeild. Easily close to 400gm per plant. Only issue I had was the plants got too heavy and I lost a few to branches breaking off. Good strain for Nova Scotia, but watch molding if growing close to sea level.
The Germinator
Says : These are definitely my next purchase. I have purchased numerous strains from CKS and all have been so frosty, potent,that sticky icky icky... That stuff u get from Ricky.. #Trailerparkboys.. All hail the king baby 👑 CROP KING SEEDS
Bam bam
Says : Hello all..this was my second purchase of seeds threw crop king.They have really steped there game up this go around.i had trouble ordering so i went on the live chat and lisa helped me out within 5 mins my order went threw. I ordered sunday and by thursday they were here soaking in water. Pay the extra inn shipping its worth for the product its self i order 10 seeds 5 of white cookies and 5 of bubba kush. 5 stars in my eyes..
Edward waugh
Says : So I placed an order and had to cancel it cause I broke my phone and when I contacted CK they where so nice and respectful and held my order for a week while I got the money. CK was nothing but helpful, I love these guy and will never go anywhere els. My order was shipped out on a Friday and I got them on Wednesday!!! Holly cow!! Love you guys and can’t wait to pop these lovely seeds.
Says : white cookie in a green house finish Oct 7 yield 1 3/4 pound next to a dark angel that got 2 pounds this is how it's done you start your seed your seeds in February as soun the you can work the soil added this for ever plant dig hole ad promix the good stuff with the beneficial fungust in it then ad 3 pounds of bone meal 3 pounds of blood meal 2 pounds of alfalfa meal this speeds up the fermentation 1 pound of feather meal 2 pounds of green sand crush oyster she'll bat gwano 3 pounds . Worm casting 5 pounds. Glacial rock dust 2 pounds .azomite 2 pounds. Compost 5 pounds. 3 pounds of 2 year old chicken poop and 3 pounds of rabbit pour mix sea weed and kelp meal ash from hard wood and mulch your soil with sea weeds give molasses every week for the last 3 weeks .KEEP IT ORGANIC NO MIRACLE GROW IT WILL RUWING THE FLAVOR AND MAKE IT HARSH. Mix this in every year and reyouse same soil get better every year. This works good outdoor in 35 gallon bucket no problem getting half a pound or more of any strain out of all the strains i ever grown the white cookie was the most mold resistant finishing sep30 outdoors one week earliyer then in the greenhouse . I have seen this happen with other strains .the cold makes them finish cwiker
Says : Finish date outdoors sep 30 super good tasting smoke 6 to 8 oz plants if you grow in 35 gallon grow bag with living soil all organic
Says : 5 stars. I never review online purchases, but I would have felt bad if i didn’t mention how great crop king wasn’t to deal with. They were very helpful over the phone. My package got to me quickly. So far all 5 I put in soil have popped! Thanks crop king!
Mike Jones
Says : Seeds just got delivered. Just ordered them 11/19. Super fast for them to get from there to me. Will update soon! Thanks Crop King Seeds!!!!
Steve Garai
Says : The White Cookies (4pkgs) worked out perfect. Also the (4pkgs) of Candy Cane perfect. The White Widow (2pkgs) 8 of 10 very good. One problem,Purple Kush (1pkg) 5 seeds not one split. Allways do it your way, works the best.Tried for ten days I gave up. So far we purchased 16 pkgs of various strains not to many problems. Thank you. I hope my review helped. Keep up the good work........Steve....
Matthew Shaer
Says : Crop King rules!Arrived within a week , I'm excited to get crackin😉
Dr Greenthumb
Says : Definitely one of my favorite strains from cropkingseeds...dense, flavorful and the high is world class. It also makes amazing hash and dabs. Another winner from cropkingseeds.
Says : Shipping was great. Germination 100% with 2 of the seeds. One plant was very bushy the other taller and more open branched. Growing in 3 gal pots under t5. Following Fox Farm nute schedule as usual. Am getting impatient as still no buds. Were supercropped one topped one fimmed. Put into flowering room 7/26 Also, did foliar spray Epson salts 7/26 and kelp spray 9/5.
Nicole Oncay
Says : I ordered the white cookies and early vixen and they germinated and grew easily and had no problems. The bud itself though isn't that great and it doesn't tastes or smell anything like GSC or widow, very dissatisfied.
Shadilay Cannabis
Says : Compact plants, very frosty. Super hard nugs. I found the smell so so and dried you end up with buds with a coating tight red hairs, which I don't care for to much. But its still good pot, your mileage may very
Says : Got my seeds on 8/17. Smart as hell packaging.. Decided to start 4 and save the rest for later down the road. I have a 3x3 tent with 5 gallon smart pots. Median is 50% Farm Fox Forest Ocean, 25% Perlite and 25% Coco. Full spectrum LED 1000w, carbon exhaust, circulation fan etc. Followed the germination guide by CKS. Suckers popped in 14 hour once in paper towel. 8/20 @8am they were .7 inches long on the tap root so I decided to plant them. Just using distilled water at 6.5 PH, 75-80 degrees at 65% humidity for the first two weeks while they shoot up. Can wait to see the little green heads pop out. Wish me luck on my first grow!
Says : So far so good, I am a new grower so I am nervous. My outside grow is doing nicely. All 4 seeds popped and I used rapid rooter. I can't wait to try the White cookie it looks beautiful! My mother is almost 4 feet, and the other one is 3 feet. My two indoor are 2 feet. We still have not gone into flowering, yet, I can't wait so excited! Does any one know the average stretch when flowering W/C?
Bryan Steele
Says : Omg. I love this company sooooo much.... already did the Cali og x haze and it was the bomb. Very healthy Seeds popped and grew great. Now it's time for the white cookies. I will update in a few months with photos! GO CROP KINGS!!!
Says : TO JUSTIN NO dont , this is a 9-10 weeker man , let her go til you get 10-20% amber trichomes , knocks one out man big time , very potent . The hair colour dont mean much tbh , heat ,humidity and feed can affect them .
Says : WC is a good choice anyone. Friends with long term lung problems seem to tolerate the smoke. 100%germination. Smaller plants,nice tight buds. Enjoy
teddy lombardi
Says : going int 4 weeks of flower,all 7 seeds germinate and are doing freaking amazing,easy to grow and resistant to heat and nutes,i am growing this babys with t5s and i am really glead with results so far .
Says : NEED HELP. I'm in week 5 of flowering (supposed to be 9 weeks) and my hairs are already turning orange. ... Should I flush and make it into a 6.5 week flowering or just go till the 9 weeks? I've always gone by color but never have had such a huge time difference
Says : All seeds germinated. One had a strange growth pattern but all produced a very fragrant and potent bud. I used Technaflora nutrients following the recipe for success chart. They developed brown spots on the leaves early into veg but adding a light dose of Magi-Cal to the water between feedings fixed that issue. Flowering went about 4 weeks longer than recommended in order to get peak trichome maturity, but that is par for the course. I have never had plants finish in 8 weeks. The bud produced is like nothing I've ever had before. Smells a lot of citrus, almost like orange peel. The smell is so potent, only mason jars will keep it properly contained. I would definitely grow this strain again.
Says : Just ordered my seeds today, and now im anxiously waiting them to arrive. I will post another update as soon as we get rockin. If all goes well, I'll be back again and again for bigger and better orders in the very near future, until then, stay green my friends LOL & Thanks Crop King!
Pat Jenkins
Says : C du beau, C du beau, :) ))) is it good, is it good ,,
Says : Of the many seeds i've got from CK these are the only ones I had no luck with. All my plants grew to about 3in and stoped growing. Not sure why because all the others seeds I got from CK done very good. I will try the WC again in the future. Maybe next time will be a charm.
Says : How does the refund policy work for seeds ? We bought 5 white widow, and only 1 turned out, bought a pack of white cookies 5 so far germinated 4 and only 2 have worked so far. I don't have the white widow seeds anymore but I do for the white cookies
Liam Collins
Says : Warning to everyone do not use RO WATER. Ordered mine came in less than a week, three out of five cracked and are doing great the other two did not crack start their tap root (not my first time doing this). I was told it was because I did not use SPRING WATER...
Says : Great Strain, Grew out one bean in super soil (7 gal smart pot) under a single 400 HPS. Great Yielder, pulled 170 odd grams. Product speaks for its self. Always a customer.Chado
Says : First time ordering from cks. I Placed my order about 8 days ago, here in usa I did pay the "express/insurance" fee of $30... when I got home from work I looked in the mail box and to my suprise my package was in there !! Super fast shipping and was super discrete. I only ordered 5 gcf and 5 wcf I was very happy with that ! The GCF (green crack feminized) seeds are smaller and darker while the WCF (white cookies feminized) seeds are more plump and grayish. Thanks again cks I will be ordering again one day..
Says : Little smoke report . Organically grown ,very pungeant smell , very good taste . Well balanced high , very strong , not for noobie smokers !!
Says : I agree with Trex this strain is closer to a ten week finisher than an 8 or 9 weeker. Check your trichomes. Mine are currently at 9 weeks and 6 days and I am just starting to see amber triches now. Customer service was A+ will definitely order from this company again.
Says : @bear. Hit her with some calmag brother
Says : Order seeds about seven days ago just received them. They look great made it to the US. Very discreet and quick. So far I would recommend this place And will be using them again.thank you crop King
Says : do the stems naturally turn purple if not im dealin with a problem
Says : U.S. buyer arrived in 4 days after ordering. 3/3 popped. Can't wait to see the end result. A+ customer service. Will order again soon. Candy Cane or Early Miss.
Says : Nice ,very nice . Medium feeder in organic soil with homemade worm casting and compost teas and homemade seaweed nutes,more of a 9 maybe 10 weeker , 8 is pushing it like they all claim haha ,maybe in hydro ?
Says : This is a very honest company they believe in honesty sent seeds out before they received payment it's hard to find these kind of people in this type of business I will only order from here way into the future thanks CKS
Thomas Hill.
Says : The best seeds I have ordered yet. Bushy and beautiful. On week for of flowering and doing 1-2ml of calmag along with watering of 6.5-7.0 and feeding weekly and nodes are shooting out left and right. Week 3 of flowering and there are literally flawless. I have done a few strains with crop kings and almost all of there seeds are amazing.. but these white cookies are just so easy to grow.. they are just always thirsty for more water to grow bigger! Good job crop kings
Says : just ordered white cookies.. beginner learning. anyone willing to help me become a better grower please email me for help along my coming grow. i never have problems germinating i have problems not getting buds. i mean buds but not growing big. i am finally fixing soil in ph to 6.5 instead of 7.2 ph watering 6 - 6.2 Help!
Says : I bow to the King as his strains brought me back from 7 years of ingrown toenail genetics from other seed banks from BC to Amsterdam at best one had a BBB rating and 75% genetic return on the clones. I started White Cookies 3 days after I ordered when I got them. I started 2 seeds and they came up in 3-4 days.4 months later I took the first set of clones. The genetics were the best I have seen in 25 years of cloning pot, the roots were coming out of some of the cuttings 1/4 above the jiffy puck. And they needed to come out of the tray before 2 weeks vigorously 100% rooted clones. 7 months later as I smoke this sweet creation of AAA quality I taste the thick sweet widow on the inhale and high lights of girl scout cookies on the exhale. BRAVO! Thanks Crop King! You Rock! As for the complainers here, they should stay a buyer and let the pro's grow.....LOL......=O)
Says : White cookies seeds 10 germinated and are all looking great two of the first four I tried didn't make it. My buddy got all four of the ones he got from me to go and the last 4 I took out of shot glass into paper towel an again in 2.5 days they are just shy of being ready for the medium.
C.a Pellet
Says : Absolutely beautiful, fantastic genetics, super vigorous growth.mine fought Major bug attacks, fungus, Heat stress valiantly, then Grew in greenhouse to 12& 14ft high...buds forearm size Very discreet sweet minty balanced sativa Buzz.text***book weed...need I say more? I could go on but...
Says : Alright king game on, all four germinated though one got a little stubborn by being the only one where all she would do was peek out the husk. But the other three were all 1/2-3/4 inch in 2.5 days from the time they went to the bottom of a shot glass you germane, I'm impressed! I will sign in and post progress. ALL HAIL THE KING
Says : Alright all hail the king I'm 4 for 4 with the wc! Thanks again
Todd manuel
Says : I was not pleased with my white cookies seeds! Only 3 seeds out of 5 have sprouted
Says : Well I'm impressed so far with ck delivery, i started their process of germination. The seeds went into a shotglass of distilled 18hrs and are now in paper towel fir the last 12 hours and 2 have signs of successful germination the other two may just be a little behind i expect they will also be successfully germinated I hope. I will post as it goes.
Says : I grew one of these girls up in a SCROG, ended up with 155 grams dry, nice smoke fellas!
Says : Got my seeds in 7 days!! Great shipping as usual. Thank you for the seeds CKS. :)
Says : Got here (in the US) super fast! Very impressed!
Says : I placed an order from central U.S. on 11/28 and received my white cookie seeds on 12/6. I've germinated 2 for 2 so far and they are doing good. The stealth shipping was fantastic! I'll try to provide an update after harvest.
Says : My first ever grow - just dried 3 plants - excellent strain, excellent yield. In a 3x3 lo-rise scrog yield was 345g + 42g LARF. 38 day veg, 62 day bloom using 315W CMH in HP ProMix and AN nute line. Two phenotypes I had were both excellent with the indica dominant pheno supplying great fruity terpene profiles. All hail the King!
Mark Wallace
Says : I had my first grow this year and it turn excellent. I grew 2 plants outside in 3 gallon containers in my backyard and 4 plants indoor with LED lights in a closet and they all turned out great. All plants were your White Cookies. I can’t believe how potent these girls turned out. Two or three hits on a bong and I’m totally buzzed big time. I followed your instructions, tips and advice on your website and that helped me immensely. Thanks so much for all the good information and the GREAT seeds you sent me. Mark
Says : Visited the CK HQ in Vancouver last month and grabbed several types of beans. Only started the WC and all 5 germinated great and are now proud little plants, too big to be seedlings.. Going to train them nice to maximize my take. I use long pipe cleaners to great effect.. Stay tuned..
Says : CK is the best!! Never had a disappointing experience with them, the one time I had an issue they took care of it greatly. I've now been getting all my beans from them and no one else. I had the WC strain indoors and out this season and great success both ways. In my top 5 strains for CK.
Says : You guys are great. White cookie seeds arrived today. I'll update after harvest. I am sure I will not be dissatisfied.
Says : I flipped my 2 white cookie plants into 12/12 flower stage and WOW!! Talk about a lot of budsites! And the stretch! She's loaded with potential colas. I topped her(5x) and let her grow to 6 nodes, then I took the 2 heads and bent them away from the center of the plant and secured with wire hangers cut into pieces and bent at one end. I used paperclips on seedlings for LST. The other W.C> is VERY squat I think I may have an indica dominant AND sativa dominant. Pineapple press seedling doing perfect, regular seed so who knows what sex it is. I can still use the male for his pollen and cross with another fav. 9 seeds are germinating/working on taproots. I'll transplant them after I rearrange the growing space. The closet has an immense amount of room on the top shelf, so they can flower there since they'll be taller. I did try GSC and omg, it's been a long time since I laughed so hard, by myself! I did notice that White Cookies likes VERY light nutrients and not a lot of water. Luckily I didn't kill them! White cookies in my last harvest were able to be pleasantly smoked, not harsh. Thinking of changing coco coir, since white cookies does not like too much water.
Says : All I can say is superb. Low stress training does these girls right full dense colas and A1 smoke unmistakable sent the indica dominated veg stage gives way to perfectly balanced mix of Sativa in bud stage excellent plant easy to grow . If you buy seeds anywhere else your missing out. I've grown 4 strains from cropking not 1 herm very stable genetics.
Says : Entering week 5 of Flower with my 4 ladies. I have the same results so far as Rusher. The smell is starting to get strong and delicious. Bud growth really started a couple days ago. I placed 1 lady outside and she is a growing a little slower but that is to be expected. I am using Fox soil and no nutes. VERY happy with this strand so far. TY CropKings!
Says : Finished nicely. A nice racey, buzzy immediate headrush, then a calm relaxing mellow medicinal feel, almost narcotic. A true Hybrid. Moving on to the Jack Herer Auto Fem next.
Says : I can see everyone raving about White Cookies and thought maybe I should give it a try. I have no regrets! It became my instant favorite. This is my 3rd purchase and I am always satisfied with their service. Here is what I learned from growing my White Cookies. I found that letting them vegetate a little longer allows perfect opportunity for Scrogging, then wait up until almost 75% of the screen are filled before switching into flowering mode. I learned these tips from here ( Hope it helps!
Says : Ordered my white cookies and the process was easy and fast great costumer service and quick delivery. Germinate 2 seeds storing the rest. Both seeds are now in my hydroponics system I'll post later with more results. . Thanks cropkings
Phil Newman
Says : I deal with 2 sites for seeds that are 100% on par with awesome deals,fast shipping and never had any trouble with there very stelth shipping. I have seen this Crop King Seeds a lot and wanted to try them out, BAD IDEA in hind site. First time i dealt with this company my package gets siezed by customs,1st time i ever used them and i get hit?? To be 100% honest they have great customer service very polite,i paid the $30 for the guarantee shiping if somthing happens when u pay the $30 they kerp sending them till you get them and i did. But it worried me that #1 i got snaged,then that customs had my info and Crop king was going to keep shipping. It worked out i got them. But not a good start at all with a new upcoming company. One of the customer service reps was quite rude when i called and asked to please be enotified when they had the 2nd tracking # she hemd and hawed,kept saying they will make it this time,i had to plead for a frigging email with the tracking #. But everyone else was very good as far as customer service hind sight is 20/20 and i say if you have a good solid site u use and never had issue with stick with them. This is just my experience with Crop King not exactly a smooth one sorry to say because the site looks good and good customer service for most part. But overall not good.
Says : Entering 5th week of flower with my 3 beautiful ladies. They are starting to smell and it is heavenly. The buds are stacking very nicely, and with another 4 or 4.5 weeks to go, I can't imagine how nice they'll be. Thx again CKS, your genetics are amazing!Next update should be harvest. I am growing in plain soil and perlite, nothing special, and using coconut water, aloe juice and molasses between light feedings (@2/3 recommended) of Botanicare Bloom.
Says : 5/5 pop, all sprouted, great smell and appeal, loves scrog/LST, resin production off the charts, one of the best strains I have grown, Wish I had clones of all the phenotypes, let the hunt begin again! Thanks crop king
Jack Hu
Says : one of the best strain i've grown so far; shipping was a breeze. smell is dank, bud is dank, clones of mother plant are healthy and lively green.
Says : Anyone recieved a shipment to the US?
Says : Update: 5/5 germinated, 4/5 sprouted. 1 was too weak after 10 days above ground, and was terminated. 3 beautiful healthy vegging plants now. 3 more weeks until I throw them into flower. Really looking forward to some LST and training.
Says : 9 out of 10 popped nice fat leaves getting ready for the first feeding then about 15 days will repost with some pics a finished product here in Puna Hawaii
Says : I purchased a 5 pack of WC at my local vendor and I have nice tap roots (still in paper towel) on all 5. Hitting 100% so far. Thanks for being awesome CKS!
Says : Very pretty plant love the smell never had a pan leaf worth 15 leaves on before very cool
Chris Oglesby
Says : All seeds germinated. The finished product is above average.
Says : Awesome plants and awesome bud. Dense hard and covered in resin. You really know you are smoking this one. Full marks from me and all who have had the pleasure to try it 😉
Says : Switched to 12/12 at day 40, germed all five seeds with 100% success. Plants were 18" and super bushy! I'm scrogging this time and it's going perfect. Screen is almost full and have had zero issues. At this stage the smell is very strong, for me it smells of strong fresh brewed coffee? Extremely happy so far with this strain!
Tyrone Sykes
Says : I simply love all different kinds of great bud its totally awesome
Cory Nixon
Says : This is an awesome strain! I'm on day 41 of flowering with these ladies, and all I have to say is wow. The trichome production is phenomenal, the buds and fan leaves look like they have been dipped in sugar! The smell is very sweet like chocolate, with a very peppery undertone. I gave one seed to my buddy which he is currently growing, and I popped the others. From what I've seen there are 3 different phenos, all of them displaying traits from both parents. I have not noticed a big difference in smell between the plants. When you put these babies in flower expect a monster stretch! My plants stretched around 3x what they were when I put them into flower. Like I said originally the trichome production is awesome, and the bud formation is great. The buds are very uniform if you use topping and scrogging. They are a very resilient plant so don't be scared to top these babies multiple times or scrog them a bit longer. Overall this is my favorite strain I've grown to date as far as quality of product, the way the plant responds to growing techniques, everything about the plant. Hope this helps your decision, happy growing!
Says : Just finished the cure on this strain and WOW!!!!! nice job with this one. The yield was a little lower than expected but this was my first try with this strain. I will be keeping a mother out of the next run. The buds are dense and get rather large. The high is a great relaxer but your not done for the day if you have to get something done. Works well for pain as far as taking the edge off. Hope you all enjoy it like I am. Thanks again crop king.
Janky Yames
Says : Amazing strain!! This is the second strain that I have grown from CKS and i am amazed. Very very strong genetics that show! Just harvested and got a very pungent and frost covered nugs. A highly recommended strain that will not disappoint!
Says : I got one very nice outdoor plant, about seven foot tall and ten foot around, buds are over a foot long and I can't even get my hand around them, they have only been budding for three weeks, they smell fantastic, can't wait to try it out, will definitely be getting my seeds at crop king seeds again
Says : Just recieved my second order. Currently in veg 100% germinated so far. Great service will continue to shop here, and recommend to all.
Jorge Rialvo
Says : hey TxGrowman, i have six of these outside, and i only had 1 pheno type that was similar to an indica totally... shorter and squatty canopy, formed a nice hedge looking ball easy to manage. The other phenos i had 3 i believe, from sativa dominant to an indica dominant and then a solid hybrid. Uniform smell, getting heavy limes/skunk dessert smell undertones of grape, cheese and chronic.
Says : Rick A. Daniel: My plants (which are a bit too tall) that are directly under the 600W bulb have thinner bud structures as you describe. The plants not directly under the light have much fatter buds. I would suggest that your 1000W lamp is too much and/or too close to your plants. Too much light will produce thin buds. I doubt that "bad pheno's" are your problem. I have germinated 70 white cookie seeds now with little variation.
Says : Indoor height experience and suggestions: These girls really stretch. They will double in height during the two weeks after you put them into flower. In 5 gallon pots, with a 4 week veg, these plants will be almost 5 feet tall. After your seedling becomes a plant (has its first set of regular leaves), I recommend that you veg for only 3 weeks or slightly longer. Top no later than third or fourth node, and top the results again about a week before you go to flower. This should give you bushes about 4 feet high including the soil height. Nine 5 gallon plants as described above will fit nicely in a 3-4sqft growspace.
Says : These seeds sound good. Can anybody tell me how tall the plants get at maturity? Do follow the Indica pattern of growing with a compact height? Thanks TxGrowman
Rick A. Daniel
Says : Have gotten several orders from Cropking seeds, fast delivery and excellent germination rate. The only negative is I keep getting several phenotypes, especially the white cookies. I germinated 2 and both were bad pheno's. Everything grew right up the center and buds were maybe the size of a pinky finger after 7 weeks under 1000w. The smell, taste and growth were all good but I had to 86 them as were bad pheno's.........:(
Says : I got 6 of these ladies outside, almost 5 feet tall the tallest, about 4 and some change, only about 80 days from seed, doing phenomenally its the hottest year on record in southern oregon this year and these babies aside from needing a few extra waterings they are giving off some nice heavy lime/key lime pie scent and i get a slight hint of a widow mixed with cheese its really funky and not sweet, but really beautiful. THANK YOU CROP KING! I WILL DEF RETURN!
Says : First time growing this strain. It grows short with lots of laterals. Beautiful smelling strain that smokes up nice but not the highest yeilder
Says : Hi, pretty good feminised hybrid genetic, don't be shy on fertilizer for the stretch and the boom, the top finish with the size of a monster drink 473ml minimum if not the double. Really good for pain relief
Says : Firs time grower and first time ordering seeds. Very fast and discrete shipping. Awesome customer service. I am 2 weeks in to my 12/12 cycle, white cookies are showing beautiful flowers already. Very easy plant to grow can tolerate a lot of rookie mistakes.
Says : Got them stealth shipped fast ordered 5 got 2 free got them germinating all popped hell yes they are going outside thanxs
Says : Felt compelled to leave a review after my first order recently. When i initially ordered from this site i was worried, since it was my first order, that I might have a problem getting the seeds in texas. Well, i can honestly say they have great customer service and very fast/discrete shipping. I was very impressed! havent germinated but the seeds all look like good quality so far. Thanks guys :)
Says : It is six weeks today from paper towel germination of 40 Crop King, White Cookie seeds. 38 germinated. One performed badly and strangely, so I disposed of it. I only have space for 32 1 gal pots, and so, sent my 5 smallest girls to other pastures. The 32 that are still here are the best developed plants I have ever grown. Do not overwater these girls ... they perform well with daily foliar feeding and about 1 liter of water (at this point ... less earlier) every three days. Bottom water always if possible. Do not water until pot feels light and dry. I am using dutch at 60% recommendation for both foliar and bottom water. The one time I watered them a day early some got a slight nute burn, so again easy on the water! If you are bottom watering, they should suck up the water you give them in under an hour. If it sits, you have watered too much, or too soon. Get to know the weight and feel of a dry pot. When it is light, it is about to get thirsty. They seem very happy up to 31C which I hit sometimes. Good fan action also recommended. They grow wonderful thick stems given a little help. For reasons I wont bother with, I chose not to prune or top these plants other than removing dead lower foliage (which they have a fair bit of ... all good). I am now glad I did not. The lower branches of many plants have pushed through the low canopy forming perfect little bushes with max light efficiency. They are perfect for cloning and/or putting in to fruitation as/is at this time. I will be stripping the clones in a week and fruiting the spikes I am left with. From the performance so far, I have great expectations! Thank you Crop King! :)
Says : Bought 2 X 10 and 1 X 5 and so far am fairly impressed. 2 seeds failed to germinated and 3 died after about 1 week in the starter pot. Short little stubby plant that grows fairly well in average lighting (3 X T5 over each row of 5 1 gallon pots. MG organic and 2/3 perlite , 65% humidity and these girls are thirsty needing water every day. Very wide and sticky leaves (fly stuck and died on one plant). Camomile came to the rescue when the wide leaves slowed the air flow over the soil surface before the first pruning. These girls will need shaping and topping. 10-10-10 liquid immediate release works very well so far 7 weeks in. 28 inches high and as bushy as a plant can be. Will be switching from 20/0 to 12/12 in 3 weeks. They are gender stable and for indoor growers they really stink so ventilation is necessary to avoid unwanted attention. .
Says : second time growing cropking seeds. i do like them, but i don't like all the phenos i get. I'm growing 25 hash plant and 25 white cookies. and i got at least 3 different phenos with each strain.......... get your breeding down CROPKING!
Dr whites
Says : Can't wait till it worms up a bit to make my supersoil Dying to c how these baby's will grow with 1200 watt hps with the supersoil
Says : This is the fastest service I ever got 3 day On top off all that they even give me a catalog book Off all different strain amazing Forsure I'm ordering again So far I got white cookies and crown royal thanks crop king your the man
Says : Good
Says : I am very impressed with my order it's worth paying the secure package this has got to be the best site for seeds and customer service I will order again again and let's not forget again lol thanks crop king pretty soon I'll have some cookies
Says : Alright i received my order today after 10 days and am very satisfied.(White Cookies). package was very discrete. I have 1 seed germinating now as i will be running 1 big plant. rollin with roots organic soil, botanicare CNS17 nutrient line, and 400 watts.. will do a grow report/log... Thanks Crop King Seeds! 1 Luv...
Says : Hey im ordering for the first time from crop king and im ordering these bad girls was wondering if anyone has tryed the white cookies in an outdoor grow???
Says : Well all 5 of my white cookies have sprouted. Thanks crop king your seeds are #1
Says : Ordered and got my White cookies in 5 days to Florida. Germinated 3 so far and all got the tap root. Now let's see how they grow! I ordered 5 seeds but they sent me 7! Now that's awesome, I guess in case some don't germinate but so far they'll make nice extra plants. Crop king is the best!
Says : Something weird is happening with my White Cookies. It's under 18hrs of light but it's flowering like crazy! Anyone else having this problem?
Says : Strong genetics in white cookies. where can I get helpful information on growing them?
Says : Just bought some white cookies seeds. Has anyone tried them yet?
Says : 100% germination and all nice healthy seedlings.second time using CKS and 100% both times:)
Says : thank you
Brian Young
Says : Let the joy us news be spread the seeds came today and will soon be put to bed, (soil bed). Thanks Crop King Seeds, the white cookies have arrived.*****
Says : This is great being shipped today. Looking forward to these girls. I will have to join the grow chat soon. CropKing your the Best. Outstanding Service *****
Brian Young
Says : Hey folks! whats up with the white cookies? Dec 15th has come and gone. Also Dec 16th now it says coming soon?? whats up? want to get some. Any idea about date for real.
Says : I been waiting for these white cookies and look forward to buying them the day they come out and will also buy a few extra packs as stocking stuffers..When I get my seeds I will do a grow on youtube.Crop King rocks!!! And look at these dank pics Puff Puff pass...5-4-3-2-1-Blast Off!!!!
Franklin Orvis
Says : Glad to hear the cross. I have gotten a lot of feed back behind Green Crack, and Girl Scout Cookies. People have asked me to breed these two but I don't have the means to purchase the two breeds, please consider this new strain MUCH LOVE TO YOU ALL --HAPPY GROWING--
Says : Wow White cookies nice alot of grow chat groers happy. Sure make for great stocking stuffers for Christmas. . Learning to grow your own? Buy your seeds from CropKing and visit grow and learn to grow great plants. Happy Growing.
little guru
Says : A good picture says more than a thousand words.
Says : We all cant wait till the King has the Cookies, we want to grow some cookies, ya'all come see us @ grow Crop King rulzs
Says : It takes time to select suitable plants to breed and grow them. Min 3 months for that 5 if your doing your own clones. Then another 3-4 months to grow the new strain of seed for testing to ensure it's to their standards. Then there's the dry and cure time so they can rate aroma, flavours, and potency. Type if high, medical values. So there's an extra 2 months easy. Add it up and it's about a year or just over. Be patient quality is worth waiting for.
Says : ummm soon is like 2 or 3 months not almost a year

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