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Type: Indoor / Outdoor
Growing: Easy
Flowering Time: 10 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: 50% Blend
Effect: Relaxing High
THC: Moderate Indica
THC%: 12.61%    Laboratory Report THC Chart
CBD: 1.8%      Laboratory Report CBD Chart
CBN: 1.0%      Laboratory Report
Country: Canada    Flag
Yield: Up to 500gr indoor/350gr out
Genetics: White Widow X Maui Waui
Price: 5 Seeds / $35.00
10 Seeds / $65.00
25 Seeds / $120.00
White Voodoo
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White Voodoo
Our best effort was used to produce this white Indica blend hybrid. We named her White Voodoo for the thin leaves, white hairs and crystal THC Trichomes which sparkle under daylight. An excellent strain for medical relief and depression while giving you a full body buzz associated with Indicas.

The flowering time for White Voodoo is up to 10 weeks and it will provide you with a relaxing high. This strain is just easy to grow so any marijuana growers can go for this strain. This can be grown indoors and outdoors so you don’t have to worry about your growing environment. For as long as you are giving it the right soil, fertilizer, light, and water then it will provide you with high yielding cannabis plant.

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21 Reviews of White Voodoo Strain – Regular Seeds

Says : Really wish you guys would bring this strain back bought some seeds two years ago one of the best strains ive had so far
Danny J
Says : Have to grow small so my first was a male but what a smell then my second was a female going in the 4th week the crystals already showing what a beautiful flower
Jonathan C.
Says : 2 1/2 weeks into flowering using a five gallon bucket and 600 watt LED's - got so big so fast in veg state I thought for sure it was going to be a male with the growth spurt characteristics. But was happy to discover now at the flowering stage it's female, took only 1 clone but WOW I sure wish you would bring this strain back.
Says : It seems like they are pretty good seeds to what everybody is saying
Solo G
Says : Long live the King!!! I have 2 White Voodoos and a 1 Rogue Thunder in my tent, all three germinated and sprouted with 4 days. Hoping all 3 are female & strong! Pics coming soon...
Says : Love this strain. Cant believe its being discontinued. Will have to get more to save the genetics.
Jonathan C.
Says : Ordered ten of these as I was impressed with the breeding (White Widow X Maui Wowi) and since they are discontinuing the strain on April 20 wanted to try it before it is gone. This was my/our fifth order from Crop King (3 from me and 2 from a friend I referred) and even though I wont be using the strain for another month they looked very, very nice in size and color. Slight oversight in shipping as I only received 7 safe and sound, but emailed the king and without questions they said they'd send out more the next day! I would highly recommend CK to anyone!!
Says : regular, feminized and auto flowers.... if you don't know the difference between the three.types of seeds you probably should pick yourself up a medical majijuana grow bible
Crop King Seeds
Says : The seeds are under the regular section of our website. Even the name itself on this page has them as White Voodoo Regular seeds. We have no idea how to make it clearer. If you were unsure, you could have asked us via phone, email or livechat.
Says : I am not happy with these seeds. I planted two of them and both were male. I am disappointed. Nowhere on the white voodoo regular site does it say that this is a possibility that you will get male seeds. Not very forthright of crop King.
Says : Awesome delivery and super fast for international order. Got seeds germing right now. I will update as I go. The shipping was fast and proper!! TY!
Says : ordered the white voodoo a few weeks back, 9/10 popped! And they are doing great. Bad ass customer service as well! Fast shipping! Definitely coming back to crop King in the future!
Says : How do you buy to buy seeds
Cw dunivan
Says : I'd like to try some of this medicine I have a feeling thatd it would be great for a my pains
Says : after making a short stop to petes i pick up a pack of your white voodoo 3 seeds were great 2 were so small i knew they wouldnt do anything but i got them about to be planted and soon they will be added next to my blue berry and kc brians tnr which is a monster at the moment anyways thank you very much if it wasnt for crop kings my garden would look pretty sad right now with just one kc tnr but i got the dream garden i wanted thanks to cks i will be back with bigger orders next year
Says : I would like to thank Crop King Seeds for discrete and under 3 business days shipping. Including a catalog, Crop King pin and the sturdy hard plastic protecting the seeds adds a level of professionalism and extra touch that will have me coming back until I try them all. I germinated 2 seeds at once from a 5-pack due to space limitations. I ended up with 1 male and 1 female. That female is 2 weeks away from harvest (Jul '15). As a first time grower this plant has survived everything. Being knocked over as a seedling. Heat up to 41c. And small errors with feeding. Despite all this I have a beautiful surprisingly healthy plant with a hard to describe but pleasant odor. Looking forward to my other 3 seeds, this time bigger and with less mistakes.
Cyrus mora
Says : Hopefully I get a great deal
Says : Got your seeds in the mail. Thanks a lot
terry jonathan
Says : 10 seeds--70$
chris allan
Says : hello I would like to sell your seeds to many growers threw out the usa would you consider this proposition thanks in advance
Betty in Van
Says : I hate my local store here in Van because when I went there to order White Voodoo, they ran out of stock. I hope you guys won't run out of White Vodoo. Are people going nuts with your seeds? Can I order online instead?

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