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Pure Strong Sativa

Type: Indoor Only
Growing: Experienced
Flowering Time: 10 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: Mostly Sativa
Effect: Strong Sativa Buzz
THC: High Extreme
THC%: 25.18%    Laboratory Report THC Chart
CBD: 0.6%      Laboratory Report CBD Chart
CBN: 1.9%      Laboratory Report
Country: Canada    Flag
Yield: Up to 500gr indoors/300 Out
Genetics: Original Kush X Skunk
Price: 5 Seeds / $35.00
10 Seeds / $65.00
25 Seeds / $120.00
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Our premium strain named after the God of Olympus is our most extreme full bodied strain. Not recommend for beginner growers, Zeus is a strain that we created using only our high yielding strains with minimal leaves and full compact buds. You can expect large yields, lots of resin and high THC levels.

If you smoke Zeus, you will get a strong sativa buzz with its extreme THC level. If grown well, it can provide you with an enormous yield that will surely amaze you. Flowering time averages at 10 weeks.

It is a very potent and powerful variety that you would surely love. The buzz is powerful and energetic yet social. Be prepared for a strong high! You will not be disappointed with Zeus.

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31 Reviews of Zeus Strain – Regular Seeds

Says : germinated 5 seeds and 4 were females. tall plants. flowering for 7 weeks now and oozing sweet smelling resin. 5 gallon pails with PRO MIX and a little 10/30/10 . 3x3 with 600 watts full spectrum LED. and they are girls so compliment them daily on their good looks and they grow even faster. they'll get so fat near the end of flowering that mine needed support for the meter long branches and heavy colas.
Says : Easy grow with a little bit of care involved. Beautiful looking plant,easily trained. All seeds germinated from crop king seeds. Thanks crop king seeds.
Says : I grew 4 Zeus and to my surprise it tested 16 THC 16 CBD AWSOME . Wish they had feminized seed. So far 1 out of 6 seeds female. But what a great female she was. Yield was 1/2 lbd.
time for a new seed bank
Says : STOP discontinuing regular seeds, not all of us want hybrid crap.
Says : I grew Zeus and it was the best I've seen yet I also got around 100 seeds
Says : I ordered my seeds in 8 days, I've got them in my hands for 3 min them there germinating now. if they come out as good as I've heard .. I'll be getting a whole lot more!
Says : i never tryed zeus but a tip to anyone growing it is the best way to find out if its a gurl is to do a comparison even if it doesnt look like whats in the picture your looking for dark green leafs as the first to adjust jus after the true leafs i did this with all of the kings strains and colour mines alot so if you have light green starters after 2 weeks thats male and dark green for zeus thats female do this with all regular strains makes the guess work easy
wu hu
Says : my zeus looks nothing like those pics , mine is a monster. 32days from germ 19in tall , slo down a bit ,topped him at 8th node. grew 2new tops almost 4inches in 8days .going to be a big yield if its a girl another 14-21 days in veg . i have finished a couple of crop king seeds , hash plant , unreal smoke sedated from 1 plant tester 3weeks early ,63 days flower. ssh is amazing potent smoking buds off it since 5th week flower , but to get yields needs 60+ days veg. Northern lights auto is my fav so far but cant clone . currently growing purple kush ,ssh ,zeus , re - vegging best hash palnt. CROP KING ROCKS!!!!
wu hu
Says : is this site real? nobody has finished off a zeus,and now its discontinued? i have 1 in veg 32 days old 19in high with huge cabbage leaves ,sure hope its a girl!!!!!!!!!!
Says : Zeus was great easy grow good quality all popped up and finished with a big Bang thnx to the King
Danny Rack
Says : This has been my second attempt at this strain. My first go I knew nothing and my zeus showed. This time my Zeus looks great considering I'm a 2nd string newbie. A little help from Ricky,Bubbles and Julian and now my Zeus has shown the True GoD it could be. Looking towards my 3rd order. Amazing High. I actually got two of these well over 5ft. CKS should call this strain KiNg Trident because they loved they water.
john bougas
Says : bought seeds from here hopefully they come i have a seed from a nug i had with a seed in it its growing good but the yeild its gonna be as much as there saying there seeds will be im running a dwc bucket in a grow tent with 600 watt light my location has mid grade weed going around and im tired of smoking this shit gonna grow my own plain and simple done it before but outdoors never inside so imma have more control over everything i just hope theses seeds come
Says : I just finished my Zeus and I have to say it's a beauty. I was hoping to finish before Halloween and it did with weeks to spare. The flowers are dense and smell wonderful. I can't thank Crop King enough for their discreet shipping and their germination rate was 100% on this strain. Would I grow it again? Hell Yeah!! Just follow their germination technique and you'll have great success. My next grow will be their Hash Plant and their White Cookies and I'm extremely anxious to get them germinated. If you're thinking of growing this one I say stop thinking and order them now. Thank You Crop King for your excellent customer service and Excellent seeds!!
Says : Germinated formed weird leaves early on but grew into shape nicely week 4 veg. Pics upon request.
Calvin Brouwer
Says : Looks very promising.
Says : Excited about this Zues strain. 8 of 10 seeds popped. 2 had strange warped leaves and were messed up right from the time they popped. Still pleased with the 6 that are just starting veg and hoping to pass out cigars when I am blessed with some girls soon! Also recently received my NL Auto's. Excellent company, fast shipping, awesome packaging and information included with the seeds. Follow the germinating instructions. Its the only way to go!
Says : Got my order in short time. I got Zeus I have nice little plants and they are about to go into veg. I am very excited about this strain. I will send my pics in. It will be under a 400 watt M.H. then I will use a 600 watt H.P.S
Happy Camper
Says : the dude on the phone was what customer service should be !!! He went way above & beyond anything ANY company has ever done for me. Can't wait to receive my order and make another order. You da man Crop King !!!
Stu k
Says : Germination was good 9 out of 10. Mostly similar looking phenotypes with some variation in height. 2 males out of 10. Had 3 that have very warped looking leaves and growth. Will provide pictures on request.
Says : Just got my order in today. I must say that I was on edge but it came through an left a smile on my face. I'm going to put together my system and test the waters. Thanks again and in a few week I'm pushing though with a bigger order.
Says : I would like to know if I can make clones out of Zeus
marivel aponte
Says : EXcellent
Says : Ordered 5 seeds of Blueberry. They came out great all 7 germinated. Now coming back for 10 seeds of your Zeus. :)
Dread Boy
Says : Very fast shipping, got a couple extra seeds! Thanks, you guys are awsome
Says : I ordered 5 seeds with 2 free seeds of Zeus. It was nicely well packed and discreet in the mail. I will definitely order from them again. I planted the seeds immediately! Thank you so much!
Says : ordering is so easy, wonderful service, extremely fast delivery and free seeds. perfect seed bank for anybody. will be ordering more different seeds soon. extremely happy customer :) thank you Crop King Seeds
Says : I love my seeds thanks,Crop King Seeds,I highly recommended thanks guys :)
Happy here
Says : Ordered 10 seeds of Zeus and got 13. Thank you very much for the extras. Will soon germinate them using paper towel germination method as you suggested. By the way, thank you Lisa for the help. You are the best customer service representative I have ever chatted with.
Says : im the only one in bermuda growing zeus an white voodoo i x them with white widow an pineapple kush
Says : Got my Zeus today in the mail and they look great. You have the best packaging. Will germinate them soon.
Says : I picked up 10 seeds of Zeus in Van last month and all germinated except 1. Crop King Seeds rocks! Will order more of Zeus' seeds soon.

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