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24K Gold Regular Marijuana Seeds

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24K Gold cannabis strain, also known as Kosher Tangie, is an Indica-dominant strain that provides a long-lasting combination of mental stimulation and physical highs. Its genetic lineage was done by crossing two famous strains in the High Times winner Kosher Kush and the citrusy Tangie cannabis strains. Its THC level ranges in the 18% to 24% range, so expect an intensely sedating and euphoric high coupled with its strong kush flavor with citrus undertones. This weed has been a long-time favorite of both recreational and medical marijuana users!

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More About 24K Gold

24K Gold – Rich in Flavor, Rich in Effects

24K Gold probably got its name from its high value in the marijuana community. Also known as Kosher Tangie, this Indica dominant strain is known for its prolonged physical effects as well as its impressively high THC content. It also does not hurt that it is a good smelling plant with a fruity flavor and hints of pepper on the tail end of the smoke.

The high from 24K Gold comes fast and hits hard. It immediately sends a euphoric sensation, and the cerebral effects come crashing down. Smokers would become sedated, and speech becomes slurred.

Laughter would fill the room, and the conversations flow endlessly. Many are enticed to smoke this weed due to its many medicinal properties, which include a solution for chronic insomniacs. This strain is ideally consumed in the evening or late at night when you want to have a good conversation with a friend, or you just want to end the night with a good blunt.

5 reviews for 24K Gold Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Ronaldo Martinez

    Ronaldo Martinez

    Two of three were males, but since they had to share a container, the survivor is only 3 feet tall, but for some reason it started to flower a month sooner that the rest of my crop. But the bud are HUGE!

  2. Avatar for GUY


    planted 6 all are over 6 feet tall. plenty of big leaves. no buds or seeds (yet?). leaves as big as 9 inches.

  3. Avatar for Ronaldo Martinez

    Ronaldo Martinez

    I’m at day 42 and these puppies are lush! They have some of the biggest leaves I’ve ever seen.

  4. Avatar for Wadamelone


    To start I think it got its name from the color of trichomes, when the buds start to frost it looks like someone dusted the top of the plant in gold dust. The high ly describe is dead on though. Bought 5 regular seeds one was busted pretty bad on arrival out the 4 remaining got 3 females. The only complaint I have is you guys need to do a better job of marking your seeds. I bought four different strains all together and what I thought was one strain would turn out to be a different strain. For example my current 24-karat gold thought we’re lowriders, my lowriders I thought were New York Diesel. Other than that I’m very happy with the service you guys provide, out of the 25 seats I bought 23 popped. Lost 4 most likely due to being a first-time grower.

  5. Avatar for Thisaru Pramoj

    Thisaru Pramoj

    Can you know if this is made in Sri Lanka? Can our country order this online? Very soon. Thank you

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