Green Crack Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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A Skunk No. 1 cross, this strain is good enough to be named by Snoop Dogg himself. Green Crack provides an intense body high guaranteed to have you coming back for more. Citrusy sweet with hints of lemon and spice, a little goes a long way with this smooth, spacey strain. Robust plants grow quickly and often require trellising. Expect an easy grow, strong yields, and flowers maturing in only 9-10 weeks.

*on newsletter ‘5 packs’ refer to one pack of 5 seeds

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More About Green Crack Feminized Marijuana

Named by Snoop Dogg, Green Crack feminized marijuana is a well-known strain that is mostly Sativa and grows indoors and outdoors. The THC content of this strain is quite high over 21%.

An offspring of superstars Afghani and Skunk, this is a high-yield strain that produces up to 300g indoors and 600g outdoors. This plant can get absolutely massive, so make sure you have a lot of grow room. Green Crack lets you harvest huge quantities of sparkling, trichome-coated buds.

If you are looking for a heavy buzz that kicks in hard, this strain is ideal. A few hits of Green Crack and you’ll be tied to your couch, savoring the citrus-like scent of these dank buds. Each muscle relaxed and soothed, you can rest away from the whole week’s stress in the hours you will be spending under the influence of Green Crack.

Afghani and Skunk are two of the most popular and sought-after strains today. They have remarkable properties, and those have been beautifully fused in Green Crack. If you have always wondered what it would be like to smoke these two parents together, a couple of smashing Green Crack buds is all you need.

68 reviews for Green Crack Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Steve


    Some of the best plants I’ve ever grown. Grown indoors, under LED, in living soil, and with GH nutes. We got around 12oz off 4 plants in a 4×4 tent. The buds turned out absolutely beautiful. COVERED in crystals, beautiful citrus smell and only getting better after a month in the cure. Will definitely get more of these down the road. Well done Crop King

  2. Avatar for Ricardo


    Got 4 pounds of Aswome Aswome green crack out of 5 seed package all sprouted I’m soo happy with this product 5 stars for king Crop seeds 💯

  3. Avatar for Herbert Donalt

    Herbert Donalt

    Now I understand all the hype this was getting, I got crazy high after a couple hits! Very trippy with a slight head rush. I swear I was seeing things lol. I’m gonna have to test out a few more seeds next month! I especially loved how easy it was to germinate. I had no problems whatsoever getting them to sprout!

  4. Avatar for Logan


    I never had a problem growing this plant, truly an amazing strain. Also, it gave me very satisfying yields. I also love the taste and smell of this. Highly recommended for those who want to have a relaxing feeling. Will surely buy again here at CK.

  5. Avatar for Green Gregg

    Green Gregg

    Started with 5 plants lost 1 due to high winds outdoors should have listened info . Two grew over 10 ft. needed trellising huge colas fertilized with combo Alaskan fish emulation kelp and big bloom should yield approx. 800 grams per plant

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