Lemon Pie Regular Marijuana Seeds

Strain Overview

Lemon Pie is a sativa-leaning strain made from three legendary strains. It has fantastic citrusy flavors with a classic earthy aroma and tastes. It has intense effects that begin with an energetic vibe that will slowly become a relaxing state. It requires a lot of sunshine and warm temperatures to grow and flourish well.

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Additional Information

More About Lemon Pie Regular

The Only Lemon Pie, You Will, Never Forget

Lemon Pie is a Sativa dominant strain that comprises of three strains. Two of which are Skunk #1 and Amnesia Haze. The addition of an unknown strain makes this weed unique and mysterious. However, there is still a lot of information about this hybrid. Lemon Pie pretty much has a lemon citrus flavor and a classic earthy fragrance. Its intense effects start with an upbeat demeanor that slowly descends into a state of relaxation. Before that can happen, a whirlwind of creative thoughts and ideas circle the mind.

Growing this strain should be easy as it only needs decent amounts of sunshine and a stable temperature. When needed, this strain is also good medical marijuana. One can expect this strain to re-energize the body and help beat fatigue. The blissful state of mind allows for a happier mindset. When you think about Lemon Pie, you think about the comforting feeling of ease and happiness.


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