Moby Regular Marijuana Seeds

Strain Overview

Moby is short for Moby Dick, a prominent fictional animal from a novel made many decades ago. This animal lives in Moby, a sativa-leaning strain one of the most favorite when it comes to flavor, taste, and effects. It is an uplifting strain, perfect for a good night’s sleep or a relaxing afternoon nap.

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Additional Information

More About Moby

Top Shelf Strain

Short for Moby Dick, this legendary name comes from the fictional character that shares an equally legendary status in the cannabis world. This classic Sativa dominant strain is considered one of the topmost favorite marijuana to smoke. As a hybrid of two iconic strains, Haze Sativa and White Widow, Moby is a testament to how science works. This strain offers a different take on the classic pine and earthy flavor and aroma by incorporating a vanilla taste.

With 27% THC levels, one should expect an uplifting euphoria at the onset, followed by fits of giggles and laughter. This strain also encouraged philosophical thinking and heightened creativity that should favor artists and other brilliant minds to work better. Apart from its effects, this hybrid is also popular amongst medical marijuana users with its potential for stimulating the appetite and calming down the nerves.

As a grower, the ease of growth and outstandingly high amounts of yield will ensure that you are always getting the value for your money.


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