Original Skunk Regular Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Skunk is back in its finest hybrid genetics. Originating in the 70’s and bred specifically for Crop King Seeds, our Skunk comes with its classic aroma and potency. For beginner and experienced growers, Skunk is perfect for cross-breeding and making unique strains like ‘Skunk Widow’.

Crop King’s Original Skunk cannabis seeds are regular. ‘Regular’ cannabis seeds are a mixture of both male and female seeds. If the male and female seeds are grown together and pollinate, they will produce more seeds instead of flowers or ‘buds’.

If the aim is for your plants to produce buds, but you still want to use a regular strain instead of a feminized strain, you can separate the males before they pollinate the females while they are still immature plants. An easy way to tell the difference between male and female plants is during the pre-flowering stage. At this time the males will produce pre-flowers that are ‘ball’ shaped, while the females will produce pre-flowers that are ‘pistil’ shaped.

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10 Seeds Pack


25 Seeds Pack


Additional Information

More About Original Skunk Regular Seeds

Our take on the classic favorite Original Skunk lives up to its name. This stinky plant announces its full, pungent presence from miles away. This strain has THC levels reaching over 15%. Although this figure is not as high as those of other strains, Original Skunk regular seeds is favored and patronized anyway by users and growers alike because of its unique characteristics and amazing effects.

Original Skunk does not cause overly psychedelic effects. The high is mainly a good body buzz, momentarily gluing you to the couch while keeping your muscles and limbs soothed and calm. Original Skunk also produces effects that may benefit medical marijuana patients. Anyone suffering from exhaustion, body pain, and similar problems can benefit from this strain.

Outdoors, this plant has been known to produce as much as 250g. That number becomes 400g if grown indoors. These numbers may not be as large as those of other strains, but you would be amazed upon seeing your first couple of Original Skunk buds. Each one is a fat, frosty, resin-rich golf ball-like bud that reeks of awesomeness. No matter who you ask, no grow room or garden is complete without the good old Original Skunk.

26 reviews for Original Skunk Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Alevtina Balashova

    Awesome delivery from Cropking seeds! Very good Customer service with beautiful voice of her.I got my seeds
    packed them very well. All of them germinated, easy to grow. Nice plant with dense buds. It has a satisfactory height. For me, Can also grow this to spacious indoors. Over all, I am a happy customer. Thank you King for the best seeds!

  2. Zygmunt Majewski

    I’ve been growing several strains. So I bought this one for me to try. Quick and easy to grow. All germinated
    and easily popped out. Original skunk regular is one of the best I ever planted. It has a good height, very dense buds..
    Excellent seed for me. Will definitely recommend this one!

  3. Guilla Mercier

    This is my first time growing this Original Skunk and I couldn’t be more pleased.They were slow getting started and then I got a “hint” from a reading your guides. First time having success growing Original Skunk Thank You Crop King Seeds!!!

  4. Robert

    Old school af! Every seed germinated.then we planted outside. I used 6 and killed 3 males. I cloned from the strongest of the 3 remaining as we identified them before they started budding. I’ve had the momma for 2 years. Genetics are strong with every clone. We love this one. Thinking of trying to germinate the rest and keep the males out in the green house with the pineapleexpress we have and see what happens.

  5. Sabine Urner

    I think this is one of the best strain I ever tried. All seeds are quick to grow. I have not experienced any issues at my growing journey. It’s perfect for my relaxation moment. And felt like just happy mind and want at peace. If you are suffering from any problems in life, this is good for stress reliever. A great weed for me. Thanks CK!

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