Somango Regular Marijuana Seeds

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Just sit back, relax, and let Somango take the wheel. It will steer you away from stress, anxiety, and pain with its very potent relaxing effects. It is your key to a quiet evening or a blissful weekend afternoon. It allows you to be productive, to concentrate at work, and to increase your confidence during social situations.

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More About Somango

Tropical Fruity Goodness

Somango has a lot to offer for different kinds of marijuana users. For one, its flavorful mango taste and aroma are the right mixture of fruity tropical goodness. That also means that this highly addicting strain of weed is ideal for those who want to sit back and relax for a quiet evening.

Through crossing Big Skunk Korean, Super Skunk, and Jack Herer, Somango was created. This parent strains certainly contribute to its flavor, aroma, and potent effects. When smoked, one would be able to function through its high while under a mild body stone. It effectively induces a great amount of focus and motivation, thus allowing for increased productivity at work.

When grown in the right conditions, Somango produces heavy yields while remaining relatively easy to grow. Much of its great effects and medical value is tied to its stable lineage. This strain promises less stressful and more productive days.

2 reviews for Somango Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Elliniel


    Such a super tasty strain! You could really enjoy its sweet and fruity flavor in every whiff. Plus, growing it was easy enough given that I’ve been growing cannabis for a while. Beginners should be attentive in taking care of this one. Overall, the quality of this strain is as promised by this site. The delivery was also fast. Thank you for this!

  2. Avatar for Asher


    What a terrific experience! Who would have thought everything wen smoothly- from online order, delivery, and most of all, the products. Thank you so much, CK!

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