Side Effects of Smoking Dabs – Are There Any?

Smoking Dabs

Before talking about the side effects of smoking dabs, let us educate you first about what dabs are and how they are being used. Dabs are concentrated forms of extracted THC and Cannabinoids. It is a solvent similar to carbon dioxide or butane. This marijuana concentrate is sometimes referred to as shatter, budder, wax, and BHO.

Typically, marijuana dabs are heated in a surface and then inhaled using a dab rig. However, the smoking of dabs is rapidly gaining notoriety in recent years. The arrival of more cutting-edge extraction approaches has led to an overflow of cannabis concentrates that developed dabbing’s reputation.

As you may know, extracting non-intoxicating compounds found in Marijuana such as CBD and THC is possible. THC is the main ingredient that gives marijuana wax and dabs their potency. Terpenes or the oils that give cannabis its flavor can be extracted, too. However, these compounds might be a little harder to preserve during extraction because they are volatile compounds.  

Dabbing poses a lot of health risks that the public should know about before they go for it. In this article, we’ll discuss thoroughly the side effects of smoking dabs and other information regarding it. 

What Are The Alleged Risks of Dabbing?

Yes, dabbing can be quite dangerous. It is the extraction part that is primarily dangerous because the process might get tricky, and there’s no professional way of dealing with it especially if you’re extracting on your own. Those who extract marijuana in their own homes think they have all the tools necessary for extracting; this is the most dangerous.

The worst case is a mix of flammable gases and a very poor ventilation. And these aren’t done by professionals; they are done by so-called amateur cannabis scientists.

Even a home extraction that goes well doesn’t necessarily mean that every impurity and harmful contaminants were extracted successfully; if there are harmful contaminants left in the extracted mixture, it could pose a great risk to users. The greatest risk involved in extraction is an “open-blasting.” This is very dangerous and highly-lethal to be even tried.

There are already reports on amateur wannabe’s who had extracted cannabis in their own homes resulting in blasts or explosions and causing serious injuries and even death. These particular scenarios have stigmatized the production of dabs throughout the world.

Professionally made extracts don’t pose any harmful risks, nor are they deadly.

Dabbing necessitates unsafe tools such as blow torches. As you may already know, smoking dab requires heat. That being said, the traditional way of dabbing is through a nail. It’s a torch where you can heat your dab on. You need a specific amount of heat, and it might be dangerous to hold on for too long. 

There would be less risk if you are skilled enough in using a cooking stove. While hot nails may cause some injuries and burns, the same cannot be said for stove burners. They are slightly safer to use as compared to nails.

It is indisputable that the use of cannabis concentrates has increased over the years. For long, cannabis concentrates had been relatively unknown to the public eye and had become a cultural phenomenon. Many believe that the use of cannabis concentrates will take the world by storm and may soon surpass the traditional use of the weed worldwide.

Are There Cannabis Concentrates that are Harmless than Others?

Dab is the general term for cannabis concentrates. It can refer to a lot of derived cannabis substances that have been extracted. In short, not all concentrates are called extracts. There are a lot of ways to create dabs and cannabis concentrates. Take note that the extracts do not always contain significant amounts of possibly hazardous chemicals.

To achieve safe dabbing, it is important to note that the only cannabis concentrates that pose a health risk to humans are those that were cheaply and improperly made by amateur extractors.

Other side effects of Smoking Dabs

The High is overly powerful

Dabs are quite popular for their powerful high. A single inhalation is comparable to 3 to 10 inhalation of the traditional cannabis flowers. Some users might not get accustomed to its potency. The danger lies in the possibility that dabs might slam your system shut in a single concentrated high.

It is not recommended for inexperienced cannabis to take dabs. The safer route is always smoking the traditional marijuana.

It may increase your tolerance with Marijuana

Dabs contain towering amounts of THC. And when administered on a regular basis, your body might get accustomed to the high it brings. The cannabinoid receptors are saturated by the increased amounts of your intake. This will result in being tolerant of it. Meaning, it may take a higher dosage for you to get the ‘high’ that you desire. And once your body is accustomed to the high, smoking traditional Marijuana won’t entertain you anymore.

Wrapping Up

We are more concerned about the side effects of taking dabs. It is imperative to weigh the positives and negatives. If the positives outweigh the negatives, then go. It is important that the dabs you take are manufactured professionally for illegally manufactured dabs pose a high risk.

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