Smoking Marijuana While Pregnant: Everything You Need to Know

Weed Smoking

It has been noted that the use of alcohol, drugs, and smoke can give nothing but hazardous effects on a pregnant woman. Marijuana, however, offers a different scenario. As we all know, marijuana use has shown plenty of benefits. Still, there are contradicting stories regarding the use of marijuana while pregnant.

As more and more states are legalizing the use of marijuana, the number of people going to Marijuana dispensaries is also expected to inevitably arise. For women, smoking marijuana while pregnant is heavily criticized. The issue regarding this topic is that there have always been ethical concerns about carrying out experiments with pregnant women.

On the other hand, it makes sense for pregnant women to try smoking because studies showed that smoking marijuana has a lot of positive benefits. However, such studies were never tried on pregnant women. Smoking marijuana reportedly helps patients with nausea and vomiting. Such conditions are common occurrences for pregnant women. 

Is smoking marijuana while pregnant really a good thing? Or is it a bad thing? In this article, we’ll take a deeper dive into everything you need to know. Also, it is important to note that you should seek medical opinions, too.

Are more women consuming weed during pregnancy?

Oddly, yes. The use of marijuana by pregnant women has been gradually rising which puts more babies at risk of having birth defects. Also, the legalization of marijuana in many states has contributed to this rapid rise.

Is smoking while pregnant really bad?

When you are pregnant, everything you drink, eat, and even things you put on your skin may affect your baby. However, there are no claims that back the theory that smoking marijuana while pregnant is harmful because almost all clinical studies were done using animals.

Inevitably, some pregnant women use marijuana, and researchers are still unsure as to how the fetus would react. As a result, most doctors recommend staying away from smoking weed. Pregnancy is a very critical part of a woman’s life.

Because there is no clinically approved medication of marijuana for pregnant women, the Center for Disease Control highly opposes the use of marijuana in any form.

What about medical marijuana?

The same applies to both medical and recreational marijuana. Either of these could also potentially harm the fetus, so it is best to avoid both. That being said, some pregnant women who use marijuana to treat their mental and physical conditions such as chronic pains should seek a provisional plan from doctors.

For women who are expecting a child and at the same time managing their conditions through the use of marijuana, they should tell their doctors immediately. This is to protect their baby over the course of their pregnancy. It’s best to tell your doctor right away to address the situation as early as possible.

What are the effects of smoking weed when expecting?

The most active ingredient in marijuana is THC; it is the one that gives the feeling of head high and body stone. It is also the compound that activates cannabinoid receptors in the brain to suppress nausea and vomiting.

However, THC is said to be passed on to the baby from the mother through the placenta. Therefore, regardless of how light or heavy the mother smokes, the baby inside the womb is affected.

Any kind of smoking can potentially decrease the amount of oxygen and nutrients that are being transported to the fetus, thus – leading to growth defects.

Effects on fetus

For the fetus, a recent study from the University of Nevada showed that the effects of smoking weed while pregnant might lead to an increased risk of low birth mass, reduced oxygen levels, and other negative health factors. In most severe cases, smoking marijuana while pregnant may lead to miscarriage.

To get this information, doctors reviewed sonogram data from 450 women claiming that they were smoking marijuana daily while pregnant.

Effects on women

The same can be said for mothers using marijuana. So, the only advice they should follow is to stop smoking marijuana while pregnant.

Also, using weed during pregnancy may have adverse effects on yourself too. This includes:

  • Risk of falling– marijuana makes you high, and this often results in dizziness. Falling can be tremendously risky for pregnant women.
  • Lung impairment– much like smoking tobacco, smoking, in general, affects the lungs. It has the potential to irritate the lungs and may increase the danger of lung infections
  • Breathing problems– this is because marijuana depresses oxygen levels in your body.

When should you discontinue smoking weed while expecting?

If you are a regular cannabis smoker and happen to be pregnant, it is important to stop it right away. As mentioned above, you wouldn’t want your baby to incur all those ill effects because of your doing.

But then again, if you are using medical marijuana to treat your chronic condition, it is always important to seek advice from your doctor.

For people who are using marijuana to treat their conditions, it is essential to let their healthcare providers know their situation; in this way, they could gain access to alternatives to treat their health conditions. This is to avoid withdrawal symptoms during the early stages of pregnancy.

Are there any laws prohibiting women from smoking marijuana while pregnant?

Federally, it is prohibited or illegal for anyone to smoke weed. However, the legalization of marijuana has gone rampant. Regardless of the law, it is important for pregnant women to avoid smoking marijuana at all costs.

Final words

It is important for pregnant women to be educated on the use of marijuana during pregnancy. No woman expecting to be a mother wants a miscarriage. If they want to deliver a healthy baby, they should follow all the precautionary measures from their doctors to achieve a successful delivery.

Lastly, smoking marijuana while pregnant is a hot topic in today’s generation. Also, there are a few pieces of research that back these hazardous claims. So, it is in the best interest of life to avoid marijuana during pregnancy. Just stay away from weed. Besides, nine months will just fly by in an instant. Delivering a healthy child should be on top of your list!

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