Smoking Weed for the First Time? Here Are Some Advice

smoking weed for the first time

If this it’s your first time to smoke weed, you are lucky to get some helpful advice to avoid getting too overwhelmed and feeling too high. Smoking weed for the first time can be overwhelming. Some people describe that they don’t feel anything when they smoke cannabis for the first time, and there are also others that say that it’s the best feeling they ever felt in their entire life.

No matter what’s your reason why you decided to smoke cannabis, there are some things that you may need to know. Experienced marijuana smokers will be delighted to tee you a few lunatic stories of their strange high. However, being a first-timer, you still want to prevent any hallucinations, especially for your first try. 

Tips When Smoking Weed for the First Time 

1. Choose an Ideal Place Where You are Comfortable

Sometimes, it is enticing to obey your friends’ advice who have more marijuana experience than you when smoking weed for the first time. But when it comes to choosing an ideal place where you feel comfortable, safety and security should be your priority. 

Try to imagine that you get high for the very first time in an area with many unmanageable intoxicated people in a strange place. There is a possibility that cops show up anytime. Are you ready and comfortable in such situations? Well, it is absolutely not. 

You may choose an ideal place, somewhere private, such as in your house or your friend’s home, where you can surely appreciate the high effect of weed. Just allow the high to ingest you without even obstructing by any possible risk.

2. Choose for High-Quality Weed

If you’re living in an area where cannabis is considered to be legal, you can purchase it from a local cannabis dispensary and allow them to assist you in choosing the best strain. Local cannabis dispensaries possess top-notch quality marijuana that can definitely supply you the best strain and greatest high that you’re longing for. 

A cannabis specialist can suggest a weed strain that is suitable for your needs and preferences. For example, if you prefer to have a daytime high, the staff of the dispensary can advise you to avail of Sativa cannabis strain. You’re also allowed to ask some questions that bother you. Dispensaries staff may feel delighted to assist you just to assure that you have a great experience for the first time that you smoke weed.

3. Make Sure that You Inhale the Smoke

You cannot get the high as expected if you are not going to inhale the smoke. Most beginner smokers can draw the smoke directly into their mouths, or they sometimes swallow it. 

By swallowing the smoke, weed could do nothing but can possibly cause overcast burps. If you don’t even feel that you’re really getting high that you want, it’s likely that you’re not properly inhaling the smoke of the weeds. Just allow the smoke to load your lungs, and this can bring you up to the infinity and beyond.

4. Avoid Smoking with Strange People

This thing obviously happens in real life. But when it’s about smoking weeds, never smoke with strange and questionable folks. If you smoke weed for the first time, it can be a great experience if you’re with friends that you can trust. Surround yourself with trusted friends. Smoking weeds is a great bonding moment. 

Smoking cannabis added to the conversation with friends is a great experience. This can make your first-time smoke a very enjoyable and memorable experience, especially if you have seasoned weed smoker friends. They can also give you some tips about the weeds. Avoid smoking with unfamiliar people so that you may avoid others to judge you possibly.

5. Avoid Smoking Weeds Alone

Some people feel the effects of the weed right away. Others may take some time before they feel its effect. If you are a first-timer smoker of marijuana, avoid smoking it alone. 

Cannabis can make you feel too calm or even sleepy, weeds can change your behavior, and it can possibly immobilize you from giving the right control for the things around you. So, do not smoke weed alone; you will never know what effects it can give to your body.

6. Set a Positive Mood

If you feel stressed and there’s a lot of things running through your mind, you need to loosen up first before you attempt to smoke. Even though weed is known to uplift feelings, there are still some people that get increased anxiety. Regulate your mood first and make sure that you are in a relaxed condition if you smoke the weed for the first time.

 You can first do some tasks to reduce the anxiety or problem that is weighing on your head, such as doing daily chores or your everyday job at work before you smoke your first puff. You can successfully get the high that you wish for if you smoke weed when you’re in a good mood. Also, make sure that the area is comfortable enough to give you a maximum enjoyment experience for the first time.

7. Go For a Walk and Let Yourself Enjoy the Nature

You can see the best around you or appreciate nature when you are high. You may feel that the sun seems to hug you, or the trees seem more aggressively beautiful than usual. You may notice every single thing that you don’t even notice before by simply walking around to enjoy nature. 

After your first-time smoking of weed, while you are high, breathe the air and feel the wind that is flowing in your skin. Getting outdoors and enjoying nature is an excellent idea to spend time while you are feeling high.

8. Drink More Water Before Smoking Weeds

Weed can make your mouth dry, most especially if you are first-time to smoke weeds. It is advisable to drink a lot of glasses of water before and after smoking weeds.


For newbie cannabis smokers or those smoking weed for the first time, following the tips mentioned above will make your experience fun and memorable. Whatever the result, smoking cannabis for the first time can sometimes be thrilling, intoxicating, and slightly terrifying or especially upsetting. That’s why proper precautionary measures should be in place.

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