Top Seed Company Canadian Cannabis Awards 2017


We Did it! Crop King Seeds was awarded the Top Seed Company at 2017 Canadian Cannabis Awards.
At the 2017 Canadian Cannabis Awards Crop King Seeds was recognized as the “Top Seed Company” on November 30th.
In addition to Top Seed Company award, Crop King Seeds was also in the 3rd spot in the Top Advertisement category.

How the Winners Were Chosen?

The Top Seed Company and Top Advertisement Categories were all voter-driven. They were opened to the general public between September 1 to September 30, 2017. Voting was done via the Canadian Cannabis Awards website where voters were asked to list their top picks for each category.
Then the voters were asked to apply a score for each of their top 5 picks. The winners were chosen based on the average ratings.
We are incredibly thankful and proud that our customers voted Crop King Seeds as the Top Seed Company and voted us highly in the advertising category.

Crop King Seeds has Won 2 Years in a Row

This isn’t the first time that Crop King Seeds was included in the list. We were also awarded as the Top Seed Company in the 2016 awards.

We could not have won this award without the support of our loyal customers and fans. We appreciate all of you and look forward to making 2018 an even better year.
Being named as the Top Seed Company is a testament to the hard work of every member of the Crop King Seeds family and the high standards we set in providing quality products and customer service.
Crop King Seeds strives to up the standard of cannabis seeds and the quality of customer service that its customers will get.

We always strive to stay as number 1 and set standards not only in Canada, but the whole world.

Thank you to Lift for creating the Canadian Cannabis Awards and thanks to all our incredible fans/customers.

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