What Does CBD Feel Like Must-Read for Beginners

The consumption of marijuana has become prevalent not only for recreational but also for medicinal use. With the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana for several countries, a lot of people are taking advantage of its benefits. Many cannabis consumers have gained a lot of understanding of how marijuana affects the body in various aspects. This is because of its composition.

It is very much known that marijuana is composed of many cannabinoids and terpene. Two of those most common compositions found in marijuana are THC and CBD. While THC or tetrahydrocannabinol includes psychoactive properties that make the consumer high, CBD or cannabidiol, on the other hand, doesn’t include any CBD. Hence, it does not, in any way, can cause marijuana consumers to get high.

In this article, we will be talking about what does CBD feels like. But before we even go further, let us talk about what CBD is.

What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the most known substances found in marijuana. As an active ingredient present in cannabis, this chemical compound doesn’t include any psychoactive properties. It is regarded as one of the hundreds of substances present in a marijuana plant that can significantly provide medicinal benefits. Talking about its significance, entirely 40% of cannabis plant chemical composition is CBD.

Though it doesn’t contain any psychoactive properties that can make a user high, CBD has the capacity to neutralize the psychoactive effects influenced by THC. This can vary depending on how much marijuana is consumed. In addition to that, it contains therapeutic properties, both impressive for recreational and medicinal use.

One of the things that CBD does is obstructs the anandamide breakdown. Anandamide is a substance typically called a bliss molecule found in the brain. When this happens, the anandamide can stay in the consumer’s body longer than it should, which can help in alleviating body-related pain and mind stimulation.

The explanation about being able to alleviate pain, CBD has the ability to improve the generation of cytokines. Cytokines are a substance found in the body called the inflammatory molecule. Hence, the main reason it can relieve pain and other body-related difficulties.

What does CBD feel like?

CBD carries great advantages to the human body. One of the essential factors that makes it very interesting and special is its ability to aid various health conditions. This substance is specialized to provide relief and comfort. Yet, it does not only provide relief and comfort, but it can also provide lots of exciting effects.

CBD can make you feel relaxed

CBD is incorporated with anti-inflammatory properties. With that being, it can alleviate various physical-related pain, such as muscle tension, headaches, and who-body pain. With its ability to alleviate body-related pain, it can result in deep relaxation. This active marijuana ingredient acts in calming and soothing both mind and body. That is the main reason CBD is typically recommended for those who are suffering from body pains and great stress. Aside from being able to provide relief, with its great relaxing effects, CBD can also induce sleep. Given that fact, it can be very helpful for those who are suffering from insomnia.

CBD can boost the appetite

One study concluded that out of 117 participants administered with CBD, 30 percent of them reported gaining weight. As metabolism has significantly increased, the urge of someone to eat is more likely.

CBD provides assistance in advocating a state of balance through the endocannabinoid system within the scope of enzymes and receptors. With the interaction of the CB1 receptors, the inducing ability of it can further affect the users’ mood, moreover, the appetite.

CBD can alleviate pain and inflammation

As discussed earlier, CBD has inflammatory properties that can lessen body-related pains and difficulties. As such, it can be of aid to various health conditions like menstrual cramps, arthritis, dermatitis, sore muscles, headaches, and psoriasis.

CBD can enhance ones’ mood

CBD has the ability to enhance ones’ mood. As it can heighten the levels of serotonin done comparatively the same as other usual antidepressants, it can very much help in relieving anxiety and major depressive disorders. It can also affect such declination of neuroinflammation, which is known to be the main reason for depression.

In addition to that, several studies have been made and concluded that the use of high CBD marijuana could enhance the health of ones’ hippocampus. Much has been said; the hippocampus manages the emotions in the brain. With all its great influence, various researches have reported that CBD can enhance ones’ mood through its potential in aiding mood-related disorders.

With the efficacy of CBD to offer great effects and value to the medicinal cannabis society, it has also been found to present negative effects just like anything else.

What are the adverse effects of CBD?

One and the most common side effect of CBD overdose is drowsiness. Drowsiness may be viewed as a negative impression for those taking CBD, especially during the morning. Yet, this adverse effect may not be bad at all more particularly to those who have insomnia or for those who prefer to take CBD during the bedtime for a night of better and sound sleep.


CBD has been regarded to be one of the essential active substance found in marijuana. It has been considered to be a very effective compound, especially due to its medicinal value. One that is ideal for those individuals suffering from various health conditions like body-related pain, loss of appetite, and depression.

Though marijuana has been seen with a misconception that has tinted its reputation, various studies have been proven that the use of cannabis can be very valuable, especially for those strains that include great CBD inclusion.

In your pursuit of understanding what does CBD feels like, the answer is a simple word; relieving. CBD has no psychoactive properties that can make someone high, but it includes therapeutic properties that can help in alleviating mental and body-related pains. With that being, it simply concluded how many countries have legalized it with the help of CBD.

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