Where To Buy Marijuana Seeds?

Where To Buy Marijuana Seeds?

As you consider growing cannabis plants, you will eventually think about where to buy marijuana seeds. Yes, some growers are not as fortunate to have seeds handy. Some may even be starting their very first garden and looking for their first marijuana seeds.

Before, it was hard to look for marijuana seeds. There were no seed banks around the corner, and there was no internet to order from online seed banks. People just used their common sense where to find cannabis seeds, often leading to a lot of trouble.

But now, cannabis seeds are sold almost everywhere there are growers, and anywhere it was legal to sell it. To guide beginner growers, here are some ways to buy marijuana seeds and some simple steps on how to do it.

Buying marijuana seeds locally or offline

We will divide this tutorial into two: buying marijuana seeds locally and online. Many people are lucky enough to be able to buy cannabis from exactly where they are located. Growers who are from countries where cannabis is legal or regulated often have the privilege to procure seeds from a regulated seed bank or from other sources. But some are not as lucky as well.

From a local seed bank

Growers from Canada, where recreational and medicinal cannabis use, selling and growing are legal; you can find seed banks in key cities and in all provinces. In Nevada, Washington State, Colorado, and California, where cannabis use is also permitted, you will find seed banks and other shops related to cannabis use near regular business establishments like cafes, banks, malls, and airports. But how do you buy from these establishments?

What you need:

  • ID card – to prove that you are at a legal age to buy cannabis seeds and growing paraphernalia
  • Cash – most seed banks don’t accept credit cards or debit cards and may only prefer cash
  • Prescription and medical marijuana card – if you need to buy medical marijuana. The card will indicate your personal information, your doctor’s number, etc. The prescription must be a current prescription. It tells you the type of cannabis to buy and the dose you need.

How to do it

  1. Locate a local seed bank from your home.
  2. Arrive at the seed bank early to avoid long queues.
  3. Present your identification card as soon as you enter.
  4. Sit down and wait for your name or number to be called.
  5. Enter a waiting room or area where you can select the strain you want.Take note that every seed bank has their own regulations on how buying should proceed, but all are required to provide educational materials and guides on how to select the ideal strain.
  6. Place your order and your payment.
  7. Take your seeds home.


Seed banks maintain their own policies in serving customers. They have the right to revoke entry if you don’t present an ID card, or they may also allow only a number of customers at a time. Children and teens are not allowed to enter, and loitering is not allowed inside and near the premises. Some may have an ATM inside the shop where you can make a withdrawal before you purchase your seeds. But you should also ask if debit cards or credit cards are allowed as a method of payment.

Take note that most regulated seed banks will only sell a certain number of seed banks according to policies set by the state or province. Follow these closely to avoid any trouble with regulations. Also, many prefer buying locally because of convenience; however, not all seeds are available from local shops. You may have to be contented with the strains they have on stock.

From a local grower

Where to buy marijuana seeds? Some local growers may choose to sell seeds to locals and to people that they know. If you know one in your area then you’re in luck. All you need to do is to contact the grower and arrange for a visit.

What you need:

  • ID card – a local grower may not ask for your ID but take one with you nonetheless.
  • Medical card and prescription – to clearly find the strain you need, take your medical card and prescription. The grower may suggest a good alternative in case the one indicated in your prescription is not available.
  • Cash – local growers are more likely to consider cash.

How to do it:

  1. Locate the nearest grower in your area. Ask around, talk to friends who have purchased from a trusted grower.
  2. Call or email to set an appointment. If a friend or a family member has ordered from this grower before, ask him to do you a favor and order on your behalf.
  3. Carefully consider the date and time you can drop by. The schedule must suit yours and the schedule of the grower.
  4. Go to the designated address or meet up the place with a friend or a family member.
  5. Make your purchase; present your ID and your medical credentials if these are asked.
  6. Pay for your purchases and thank the grower for his time.


Some growers openly do this as it is hard for them to sell their products in a local shop or seed bank. However, some may not be as welcoming, so be ready for anything. And of course, as these growers are not seed banks, they may not have a large collection of seeds and strains. But of course, this is better than nothing.

From a collector or souvenir shop

In some places like the UK, cannabis is not legal to use, purchase, and grow. But, seeds are considered souvenir items or collector items, and these are purchased as such. As you may expect with the collector’s item products, these are very expensive. But this is the only way people can grow marijuana seeds in the area.

If you have the same situation in your state or country and there are marijuana seeds souvenir shops in your area, then this is the way to shop.

What you need:

  • Cash or credit card – souvenir shops will likely accept cash, credit cards or debit card
  • ID card – although it seems unlikely you’ll be asked for an ID to buy souvenirs, it’s still best to prepare.

How to do it:

  1. Locate the nearest shop in your area. Use Google to locate or ask friends who have ordered in the same way.
  2. Be early as other people who need seeds may be doing the same thing.
  3. Visit the shop and present identification if necessary.
  4. Buy your “souvenirs.”


As a special warning, never mention anything about growing or ask for advice from storekeepers, managers, or employees regarding cannabis use or growing. They will not answer you or entertain questions about growing. Also, people might suspect you’re up to no good if you do this, so please don’t even try.

So what does a souvenir cannabis seed looks like? Are these viable seeds? Now, this is where things can get uneasy. You may have to take a chance and pray that you’ll get viable seeds. There’s no way to find out if the seeds you purchase are of good quality or not too.

Also, the seeds may not be placed in ideal containers for storing marijuana seeds. Cannabis seeds should be kept in a dry, air-tight container that’s free from dust and light. And did we mention souvenir cannabis seeds are very expensive? This must be the last resort because you might end up wasting your money on seeds that won’t sprout.

From a friend or a neighbor who grows cannabis

Another way to buy cannabis seeds is to buy directly from people, you know. If you have a friend or a family member who’s also growing cannabis and have extra seeds, you may buy from them directly. This is a very straightforward way to buy seeds: no identification cards, medical cards, or prescriptions.

But take note that quality must never be overlooked. Ask about the growing outcomes of people who have grown these seeds. Also, ask if the THC or CBD amounts were tested and if they could give some samples.

Where to buy marijuana seeds – buying online

Year after year, more new seed banks sites register online, with each one promising the best products. The idea of buying cannabis without leaving your home seems to be very appealing, but there are a few disadvantages to this as well.

First, and probably the biggest one is the threat of dealing with a dangerous site. These seed bank sites look like any ordinary site you’ve visited before BUT are not up to helping customers but are out to scam them. The scam happens when they take your money without the guarantee of getting your orders, sending out bad products, getting your personal and financial information, and stealing data from your PC.

Let’s face it; first-time growers are very gullible. They will do all they can to buy a few marijuana seeds, even the cost of giving away their personal information!

So the very first thing to consider when buying cannabis seeds online is to be wary about your safety. Be cautious about any information you share online. And, always use the safest ways to send money or pay for your purchases.

From an online seed bank

An online seed bank from Canada may be different from an online seed bank from the US or the Netherlands. The content is different, and so are the price, deals, and delivery rates. So before you start filling your shopping cart, check the following:

  • Check if the seed bank will deliver to your area. Most don’t deliver to the US.
  • Consider the seed bank’s contact details. You need these in case you want to complain or for any questions about your order.
  • Check the payment methods that the site accepts. Be sure that you’re comfortable with these methods.
  • Check the delivery methods available. Make sure that this is available in your area or country.
  • Check delivery requirements (ID, prescription, cash payments, or credit card, etc.).
  • Consider reviews of the seed bank and make sure that these have positive reviews and ratings.

What you need:

  • A computer or smartphone
  • Cash or credit card, if this is accepted by delivery services
  • ID card – you need to present your ID to the delivery personnel

How to do it:

  1. Find the online seed bank site to order from. Consider all the tips we provided earlier to order only from a safe seed bank site.
  2. Create or sign up for an account.
  3. Select the strain/seeds you want to buy.
  4. Indicate the amount of seeds (usually seeds are purchased in packs of 5, 10, 20 or more)
  5. Fill your cart with all your purchases.
  6. If you’re ready, proceed to checkout.
  7. Pay for your purchases using the method you are comfortable with.
  8. Double-check your delivery address and submit your order.
  9. Wait for a confirmation email regarding your order. Usually, this email also comes with a tracking number to track your orders safely.
  10. Contact customer service in case you want to ask any questions about your order.
  11. Wait for your delivery. The delivery time varies from location to location.
  12. When your package arrives, you will need to show some form of identification or an ID card to the delivery personnel. Depending on the policy of the delivery company or the online seed bank, you may or may not have to sign to receive your package.
  13. If you are not home to receive your package, you may ask a representative to do this for you. Just make sure that he or she is at the legal age and can show a form of identification. Also, leave a letter indicating that you have a representative (state his or her name) to receive the package on your behalf.
  14. If no one is at home to receive the package, it won’t be left out the door (as per Canada Post policies). Instead, you will receive a card indicating that you have a special package left by Canada Post at the local post office. You need your ID to claim this package.

All about stealth shipment

A delivery method known as stealth shipment is available in some marijuana seed banks. What happens is your orders will be shipped in a discrete manner by the seed bank site. Companies that provide this service will charge additional fees and most who have used it say that it’s safe, and it’s worth trying out.

They may ship your seeds in different packaging and even inside items that are totally unrelated to cannabis to avoid suspicion. You’ll find seeds inside clocks, greeting cards, CD cases, and inside toys. Seeds are placed in protective wrapping first and are shipped carefully. Still, there are orders placed inside unmarked boxes with no recipient name, and there’s no indication that cannabis seeds are inside.

These packaging will be delivered to you without needing to sign before you claim it. If you pay for these purchases using your credit card, debit card, or through bank transfers, the name of the seed bank company will not appear in your bill. Instead, a fake name will be placed to completely hide your activity.

About border inspections and package seizures

The most common questions about buying cannabis online are if your orders will get seized at the border or by security checkpoints. The answer is no. Even if there are drug-sniffing dogs in the area because seeds don’t contain THC, the compound that can make you high in cannabis. THC develops as the cannabis plant blooms.

Also, you won’t get into trouble with cannabis seeds. Your orders may not be able to make it, which is the worst thing that could happen. Some seed banks understand this situation and will give customers a refund or will ship another order to compensate. All that the customer needs to do is to contact the company as soon as this happens.

Some online buying tips

  • To test the waters, buy in small amounts from different marijuana seed banks. This is the best way to test if orders will be able to make it and to check for quality.
  • Order using stealth shipment as much as possible. It may cost more but will be worth it.
  • Check reviews first to make sure that the site has a good reputation.
  • Be mindful of special deals, discounts, and offers like free deliveries, free seeds, or discounts, especially for first-time customers.
  • Be sure to double-check your delivery address and don’t use a PO Box. Use an actual address to make sure that your orders will arrive.

From growers and breeders online

Another way to buy seeds online is directly buying from breeders and growers. Just like seed banks, these entrepreneurs have their own website where you can place your orders directly. But before you do, make sure that you are ordering from a legit site.

Just like ordering from a seed bank, be particular about the products that they offer, their delivery methods, their payment methods and reviews or ratings for their business. The contact details of the website should be noted, as well.

What you need:

  • Payment in the form that’s accepted by the online business.
  • ID card to receive the delivery

How to do it:

  1. Locate the site and make a thorough safety check.
  2. If all checks well, sign up to create an account.
  3. Sign in and place your order.
  4. Make a payment and wait for email confirmation about your orders.
  5. Contact customer service for any questions about your order
  6. Use the special link to track your order; you will find this link from the confirmation email you received.
  7. Present your ID to receive your order.
  8. Assign a representative to claim your package but make sure that he or she is of legal age and has an ID to present.


There are several downsides of ordering seeds through breeders or growers. First, you will be limited to the type of strain that the grower or breeder is selling. You won’t have the variety that online seed banks have. Also, there are no guarantees and discounts too.

Just like online seed bank scams, some sites that sell seeds claiming to be growers and breeders may also be scam sites. So as always, be careful and be on the lookout for any signs of scams.

From friends and family on social media

If you have friends or family members who share the same passion as you have with growing cannabis, you can buy seeds from them. Just like buying personally from friends and family, this is a very straightforward way to buy seeds but is the safest. Also, you don’t need to present an ID or any prescription/marijuana card to make your purchase.

Let’s go back in time

Still can’t find the best way to buy marijuana seeds from our list? If you can’t order online, buy from a local seed bank, or depend on friends and family, then your best bet is to find cannabis in the wild. It may sound ridiculous, but this is something that the very first cannabis cultivators did before cannabis was mass-produced.

Early growers may have stumbled upon cannabis plants from a forest or a clearing and decided to gather the plants as well as their seeds. It may also be possible that these early cultivators did not consider cannabis for recreation and were only interested in the seeds, leaves, and other plant parts for food or as medicine.

It’s possible to find rouge weed plants in wild areas like forests and in mountainous areas. Cannabis plants can adapt well and may even be found in warm or cold areas in the world.

And no matter where you want to buy marijuana seeds, make safety your most important priority. Don’t be too eager; buy cannabis only through legit and safe means.

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