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Marijuana has now become not just a hobby but a lifestyle for some people in the United States and the best part is marijuana seeds here in the USA are widely available through different seed banks all across the states. But if you are looking for a trusted seed bank that can deliver high-quality cannabis seeds at a reasonable price then you have come to the right place. Crop King Seeds has been in the industry since 2005. In the last 17 years, we’ve grown from a one-employee business working out of a single apartment to a leading seed bank with over 700 strains on the market.


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Feminized marijuana seeds are specially bred to produce only female plants, ensuring higher yields and potency. This eliminates the need for growers to identify and remove male plants, saving time and resources. Feminized seeds offer a reliable way to cultivate high-quality cannabis and are favored by both commercial and home growers.


Autoflower marijuana seeds are a game-changer for growers. They automatically transition from vegetative to flowering stage, regardless of light cycle. With a shorter life cycle, they offer quicker harvests. Perfect for beginners, they require less maintenance and are resilient. Get ready for hassle-free, fast-paced cannabis cultivation!

High CBD Seeds

CBD marijuana seeds are bred specifically for their high cannabidiol (CBD) content and low tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels. These seeds offer therapeutic benefits without the psychoactive effects of traditional marijuana. Ideal for medical users, CBD marijuana seeds provide relief from pain, anxiety, and inflammation. Enjoy the goodness of CBD without the high.

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1 Free seed is given for confirmation of 5 star review left on our company for our company at Crop King Seeds. 10 Free seeds are given to every order with subtotal higher than $420, Check out our Sale page for great deals & free seed promotions.

We accept payments via Discover, American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and Bitcoin, as well as US and Canadian dollars. For our Canadian customers, we also accept Interac E-Transfers. After placing your order, our mailing address will be available at check-out. If you choose Bitcoin, select the Bitcoin option to direct you to our payment page for auto-processing. Please note that payments must be completed within 10 minutes to avoid time. If you encounter any issues or prefer to make a manual Bitcoin payment, contact our support team at [email protected]. American customers can contact us at +1 (818) 456-1046 and Canadian customers at +1 (236) 260-0658. After your Bitcoin payment, please provide us with the transaction ID. Upon confirmation, your order will be processed.

To 49 countries, Crop King Seeds Seeds delivers discreet shipping options and branded merchandise. For orders over $200 before taxes and discounts, free shipping is available. A $20 express shipping fee is applied to orders under $200. International orders must be a minimum of 20 seeds.

Delivery times for North American orders typically range from 5-7 business days, however, they may vary. Keep an eye on your tracking information for updates. International orders may take 7-14 business days to arrive.

  • Please note that shipping cannabis seeds internationally can present challenges, and Crop King Seeds cannot be held responsible for any issues related to packaging seizure, weather, distance, carrier, or tracking updates.
  • If you experience any significant delays, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team.

At Crop King Seeds, we make sure that germinating your marijuana seeds is easy and successful. All of our seeds are viable and have a guaranteed germination rate of 80%. To ensure the best results, be sure to check out our germination page for tips and guidelines.

At Crop King Seeds, we offer a diverse selection of marijuana seeds including regular, feminized, and autoflowering varieties. In addition, we also carry High CBD seeds for medical use and fast version seeds for an accelerated harvest.

Our seeds come in packaging that is easy to identify thanks to a viewing window, and we also offer discreet packaging options upon request. We’ll send you the shipping location via email. For US orders, we use USPS and for Canada, we use Canada Post. For international shipping, please check our shipping tab for more information.

Crop King Seeds are available in various retail and online stores.

If you follow our germination guidelines, we guarantee that 80% of your seeds will germinate. In case of a lower germination rate, contact us at 1(800)805-7835 for assistance. You may be eligible for a one-time reshipment of failed seeds if all seeds were attempted. Crop King Seeds is not accountable for issues beyond germination. If you’d like to potentially be featured anonymously on our social media, submit germination photos/videos to [email protected].



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