If you are looking for high CBD seeds of cannabis, then you have just landed on the right page as we have cannabis seeds that will grow into plants that will have high CBD content.

With the popularity of the cannabidiol substance these days, there is no wonder why high CBD marijuana strains have become more and more in demand. This is particularly true in Europe, where marijuana seeds that contain high levels of THC are restricted, cannabis plants grown using CBD cannabis seeds have become the ideal choice for many growers.

Also, since CBD is known for its therapeutic appeal, most cultivators are now starting to create high CBD cannabis as more and more people go for it.

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What is a high-CBD variety?

Even though there is no actual definition of CBD strains at the moment, cannabis strains are usually considered as high in CBD when they have at least 5% of CBD. Still, it should be noted that this amount is nowhere near to what a real CBD strain is like. Hundreds of CBD strains are now available on the market, created by various growers, and the average CBD content is at 8 to 12 percent.

However, some cannabis growers even take it a level higher. Some strains are now available with 18 to 22 percent of cannabidiol content. There are even some that reach up to 26 percent! Despite the idea that high CBD varieties are primarily preferred for their CBD content, these varieties still have a considerable level of THC content.

There are several strains that have low THC levels or even less than 1% of THC, while there are also others with at least twice the amount, even containing up to 5 to 15% of THC. There are also certain strains that are high in CBD, with up to 25% of THC content.

What are the advantages of CBD strains?

There are a number of positive effects offered by CBD. If you are not yet familiar with the potential of this substance, then it should be noted that CBD has actually been used in treating some serious illnesses, such as depression, chronic pain, migraine, as well as other conditions and illnesses.

There is also another significant reason why you need to choose CBD seeds, or at least take into consideration buying high CBD cannabis strains. Strains with low THC but has high CBD levels won’t make you get high thus it is mostly useful for treating health conditions rather than for recreational purposes. CBD is antipsychotic thus serving as a natural medicine, and is known to reverse any psychotic effects caused by THC.

On top of that, CBD is also known to decrease anxiety and paranoia which might occur upon marijuana consumption. Experts usually recommend taking into consideration the THC: CBD ratio. This means that high CBD with low THC strains are known to be healthier and safer.

Generally, there are two groups of people who might be interested in getting CBD seeds. One, a medical patient who use cannabis as a treatment for their illness. Two, cannabis consumers who love the benefits of CBD plants. They are typically used for recreational purposes, enjoying the mind-altering effects of cannabis.

With High CBD Comes Medical Benefits

While marijuana is medicinal in nature even with high THC contents, the presence of CBD makes it more appealing to the medical world. The more CBD a cannabis strain has, the higher the number of medicinal benefits you can get from it.

High CBD Strains Have Less Side Effects

Since there is less THC content in these strains, then you can avoid from the psychoactive effects. CBD strains are a good choice for those who are seeking medical cannabis.

High CBD Seeds May Come as Regular, Fast Version, Autoflowering, or Feminized Seeds

We carry a huge selection of cannabis seeds you can order in our website. You can choose from regulars, fast version, autoflowering or feminized seeds that may come in Sativa, Indica or high breeds.

If you have any questions regarding the seeds that we have for sale, then don’t hesitate to contact our customer service lines. We are open 24/7.

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