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Auto CBD White Widow (1:1) Marijuana Seeds

(12 customer reviews)

Strain Overview

This classic sativa-dominant strain has unbelievable uplifting and awakening effects that are worthy of praise. You’ll love its fresh, floral, and fruity smell and aroma, qualities that enhance its relaxing and uplifting therapeutic effects. It comes with above-average CBD and works as a safe and natural pain medication for all kinds of aches and pains.

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More About CBD White Widow

The Fruity Mind Bender

White widow is a famous Sativa dominant strain that is known for its powerfully uplifting and energizing effects. In this version, the CBD White Widow is crossed with an feminized strain together with a CBD-rich version, which shifts the effects more towards healing and rejuvenating the mind and body.

The fresh fruity floral scent of this strain complements well with its citrus flavor. This immediately makes it a tasty treat for those who want to experience a flavorful brand of marijuana to smoke. Due to its CBD content, the mind-bending effects of THC take a backseat; however, the full effects can still be felt more subtly. Relaxing and uplifting, CBD White Widow is an ideal weed to smoke in the evening.

Due to its above-average CBD content, this hybrid is a good quality medical marijuana. It is commonly used to relax the tired muscles of the body and boost the mental energies. It also works well as an alternative for most pain medications. Best grown outdoors, this weed thrives in gardens or balconies where there is constant sunlight.

12 reviews for Auto CBD White Widow (1:1) Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Fred Pratt

    Fred Pratt

    My preference for strains with CBD contain grew stronger because of this particular strain. Not only that it is feminized and autoflowering, but it also serves as an inexpensive pain reliever that relaxes the whole body. As a grower, this made me fall in love more about what I did. It has become bigger than myself.

  2. Avatar for Bob Lynne

    Bob Lynne

    This natural pain skiller slash classic strain is a bomb! I have been using it twice already and I love the resuilts. I usually suffer from headache and stress from work. I prefer this than taking medication. I think many would agree! Aside from its amazing effects to my body, I love how fresh and soothing it smells. It smells like flowers just like how I expected it. I was right when I chose this.

  3. Avatar for Andy


    This is a great website! I have epilepsy and need something to slow my seizures down or even stop them. I don’t like feeling high when I am out and about doing things in public. I also have sleeping problems through the night and I found this strain very effective. It’s not only easy to grow it also gives me a feeling of satisfaction. These seeds are very manageable and good on my balcony because there is a lot of sunlight. I will definitely buy and refer this to some of my friends who need recommendations.

  4. Avatar for Estelle


    Everything is good about this plant and quality of seed, but I did notice outside it was much more susceptible to powdery mildew whereas the other varieties we grew barely got it. I got sick of battling the mildew, so I brought it in and harvested two weeks earlier than I should have but still a great plant. The terpene ‘bouquet’ is really food herb scented like thyme, sage mixed with mint, we used quite a bit to make a large batch of infused cooking oil. We’ll grow it again but indoor.

  5. Avatar for Scooter


    Easy to grow…..100% germination rate. Grew mine outdoors…& just as described harvested @ 14 weeks…most buds were 12-14” long & about 2-3” around. These seeds are excellent if you don’t have much space,but a lot of sunlight! These seeds are excellent & Iwill definitely buy again! Thanks CK!

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