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NYC Diesel Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

(30 customer reviews)

Strain Overview

Pungent and sweet, this sativa-dominant hybrid with ruderalis is the auto-flower version of its prize-winning predecessor. Notes of citrus and fuel provide a relaxing, full-body stone. Good for indoor or outdoor growing. Compact, easy-to-grow plants yield dense, dark-green flowers in just 7 weeks.

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More About NYC Diesel Autoflower

If you are a new grower looking for premium seeds that are sure winners, then look no further than our NYC Diesel cannabis strain. A premium strain, this plant has been around for a long time and gained way more than its fair share of fans.

Watch this thing grow its majestic branches and leaves in just a few short weeks. With fat buds glistening from trichome crystals and oozing with yummy resin, this plant will have you salivating. Expect to have up to 150g of these dank buds when growing outdoors and up to 250g if growing indoors.

A cross between two hardcore strains; Afghani and Sour Diesel, NYC Diesel sure inherited the kind of potency and unbelievable buzz that its parents are known for. The THC content of our auto-flowering NYC Diesel is at 14.33%, which places this baby in the low to medium range in terms of THC percentage.

This strain is 50% sativa, 40% indica, and 10% ruderalis. Thanks to its royal roots, this auto-flowering NYC Diesel is able to produce a calming, soothing, and relaxing kind of buzz that leaves your body and muscles feeling well rested with your mind cool and refreshed. We recommend this auto-flowering strain if you are on the prowl for delicious buds that will reel crowds in.

30 reviews for NYC Diesel Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Greenman


    Less than 24 to germ. in less than 4 days 3 are above ground and sure other 2 are on way. these girls want to grow!

  2. Avatar for Jimyoung


    Absolutely awesome strain. Late to flower but it went into overdrive. Buds everywhere over night each and every night for about 2 weeks. Just harvested wet weight 3.75oz. Stinky super super sticky, extremely dense, all buds are the size of Tylenol pill bottles. Thrived and bloomed fully under t5 lights. I’m blown away by this strain!!!! Perfect bang for its buck and definitly will be growing more revolvers in the near future. Thank you CKS!!! Hey any free promo seeds? Like wanna send me a couple jack herer beans!?!? Plz plz plz plz lol

  3. Avatar for WastedKnight


    I have grown many auto seeds from the King with 100% germination! I am knocking on wood as we speak! lol this one holds a special place for me because the last one I grew had a top that was the size of a 2 liter pop bottle! Its the biggest single bud that I have grown! I still can’t believe it! Amazing! Great genetics! Thanks to all involved! Will definitely grow again. I have to see if I can grow another bigger,! Next to impossible but I’m going to try!

  4. Avatar for Don Dunham

    Don Dunham

    I’m an Old School Cannabis Connoisseur & I Grow My Own Organic Indoor Cannabis. I actually had no intention to Grow Autoflower Plants as I had heard from other Growers that they just don’t yield enough for the time & effort. I figured I would have to see for myself and got a five pack of Revolver Autoflower Seeds & was glad I had after the 3rd week I could tell that The yield might not be as big as a Feminized Plant especially Indica however I was quite impressed with what I did get and how absolutely incredible the High from the Revolver Autoflower Strain is. 👌

  5. Avatar for Sidewayz


    Another Show Stopper!! 180 gram, fruity and heady!! For a lower THC percentage autoflower, you could have fooled me. Blitzed high but great muscle relaxer, not to mention, a stress deleter! Thanks CKS!! As always, keeping me happy in “The AutoFlower Kingdom” Tthis sight is Too legit, too legit to quit!

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