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Blue Cheese Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

(4 customer reviews)

Strain Overview

Don’t fight your urges, just give in to Blue Cheese Autoflower strain. This is a tasty combination of two of the most powerful strains in the world. Its effects and aroma also stay longer in your senses that you’ll surely want more. It is an evening strain; best smoked before resting or sleeping.

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More About Blue Cheese Autoflower

Your Wine and Cheese Experience

There are a lot of unique strains that combine some of the most out of this world type to create a strange breed of cannabis. One such breed is Blue Cheese Autoflower. No one would think that the combination of Blueberry and the world-famous Cheese would result in a unique blend of flavor and aroma for its users. If you want to let loose, this is the right type of marijuana that you should be smoking. The smell of this weed along is enough to satisfy your senses. Imagine smelling cheese with a hint of blueberry. One can think of wine and cheese when smoking this weed.

This tasty treat also welcomes newbies into the fold with its moderate THC level. After a whiff or two of this hybrid, one can start feeling a developing sense of clarity. A physically soothing vibe soon follows, and you end up feeling heavier and heavier. Best use in the evening, this will leave you calm for a few hours as you get ready for bed.

4 reviews for Blue Cheese Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Donald SGaunt

    Donald SGaunt

    Impressive strain and very simple to produce indeed. Using the emergency fix (miracle grow soil), I ran this growth and it took it very well. It gave me an outstanding yield of fat and compact buds made of persistent resin. Amazing dank scent of flavor and taste, a distinctive hard hitting strain. A high performing and innovative strain of 100%!!! Thanks CKS, for always providing the best of the best and proud to have these strains.

  2. Avatar for Areli Grimes

    Areli Grimes

    The most appetizing strain that will lull you to relaxation. I grew seeds indoors easily in organic soil and developed into a small, flexible cannabis plant. It flowers fast to about 8 weeks. Gave me a great yield of fat and compact buds that is full of sticky resin. My taste buds and nostrils were both satisfied with its gourmet flavors and aromas. A great combination of cheese and blueberry. It is reminiscent like you are having a wine and cheese chill night with your partner or friends. The sparkling buds gave me an amazing smoke that hit me with a head high making me creatively productive and focus throughout the day. Then at the end of the day, a sedating force dozes me off into deep sleep and defeats my insomnia. Worth a try to experience an inspiring yet tranquil strain you will definitely love.

  3. Avatar for Cody Boydston

    Cody Boydston

    Bought a 5 pack. Today is day 7 of the paper towel method after a solid 16hr soak in spring water.. And none of the 3 that I tried to germ popped.. have 2 leftover. And will try those. But not looking promising..

  4. Avatar for Shirley Gracia

    Shirley Gracia

    What a wonderful plant! This seems to be a shy plant at first, but after 1 week the plant amazingly bloom. Grow taller, branches are just spread out. Clearly the seeds are quality genetics! Really amazes me. And the effects are extravagant. I think this is the best smoked I had. Cheers!

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