Fast-Version Seeds

Fast Version Seeds

If you want to harvest more quickly, don’t look any further than Crop King Seeds’ Fast Version seeds! These fast flower seeds enable an early harvest without compromising on yield, flavor, or impact because they were created especially for short-season climates. You can develop more plants each year and harvest a few weeks early with our fast flowering seeds. You can purchase our seeds with confidence since they are backed by a satisfaction guarantee. Don’t pass up the advantages of fast growing weed seeds; place your order with Crop King Seeds right away!

What are Fast Version Seeds?

Fast Version seeds promise faster growth, better harvests, and healthy plants. Unlike autoflowering seeds, they are light-dependent and finish faster than regular photoperiods. They still require a 12/12 light/dark schedule to flower but are designed to finish faster, allowing for early harvests without affecting the plant’s physical characteristics. Crop King Seeds offers these fast version strains to help growers optimize their marijuana-growing activities.

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5 Benefits of Fast Version Seeds

Improved Survival Rates

Fast version marijuana seeds are designed to be more resilient, resulting in improved survival rates compared to traditional seeds. This enhanced durability makes them ideal for farming, as growers can enjoy a reduced risk of crop loss.

Faster Germination

The faster germination time of fast version marijuana seeds allows for a more efficient and streamlined growing process. By sprouting quickly, these seeds can reach maturity in a timely manner, enabling growers to reap the benefits of their hard work sooner.

More Suitable for Farming

These seeds are specifically created to meet the demands of farming, with their faster germination time, improved survival rates, and resistance to disease and pests making them a top choice for large-scale growers.

Reduced Pesticide Use

By reducing the need for pesticide use, fast version marijuana seeds offer an eco-friendly solution for growers who prioritize sustainability. This results in a reduced environmental impact and a more responsible way of cultivating crops.

Increased Yields

Fast version marijuana seeds are known to result in higher yields compared to traditional seeds. With a faster germination time, improved survival rates, and efficient growth process, these seeds allow for more buds per plant and ultimately, a greater overall yield.

Where did Fast Version Seeds come from?

Fast version seeds are feminized and made by crossing photoperiod plants with elite automatic females. This results in an F1 hybrid that grows faster than its photoperiod parent. Autoflowering genetics help these plants grow quickly from the vegetative stage to the blooming stage. The key to creating high-quality, fast-flowering strains is using elite autoflowering marijuana strains that pass their automatic DNA to the F1 hybrid.

What are the Advantages of Fast Version Seeds?

Fast-flowering cannabis seeds offer many benefits, including early harvests, larger yields, and more resin. They are perfect for cash cropping, preserving flavors and aromas, and growing in harsh weather conditions. They also make growing easier, reduce the likelihood of pests and fungus attacks, and are great for growers in northern regions. With fast version seeds, growers can harvest weeks earlier, manage their plants more easily, and spend less on resources. They also reduce the risk of pests and fungus attacks. Buy fast version seeds from Crop King Seeds for a fast and easy cannabis-growing experience.

What is the Difference Between Fast Version Seeds and Autoflower Seeds?

Fast version seeds are enhanced photoperiod strains that offer faster growth, bigger yields, and the ability to change the light schedule to initiate flowering. Autoflowering marijuana strains, on the other hand, do not require a special light schedule to bloom and may grow faster, but typically have smaller yields. Growers looking to create new strains quickly can benefit from fast version seeds.

How to Grow Fast Version Seeds?

It’s important to do your research before growing and consider the strain’s preferences for growing environment, medium, and nutrients. Indoor growing is recommended to closely monitor the plants. Fast version strains can be grown in soil or hydroponics, but hydroponics can lead to faster growth. Adequate light, the right nutrients, and a proper watering schedule are essential for success. Pests and molds should be removed quickly and natural pest control products should be used. Remember to provide daily care and monitoring for your fast version plants for the best results.

Where to Buy Fast Version Seeds Online?

Buy your fast version marijuana seeds from Crop King Seeds, a reputable and trusted seed bank. We offer high-quality, premium seed strains with superior genetics and world-class production standards. Our seeds go through a strict selection process to ensure the best quality for our customers. Trust us to provide you with the best value for your money and keep your identity safe during transactions.

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