There are so many reasons why you want to grow cannabis plants FASTER. If you live in a country or region where there are short seasons, you want your marijuana plants to finish faster, to harvest the soonest time. And despite this, you don’t want to affect your plants’ yield, flavor, and effects.

With Fast Version cannabis strains, you can grow the fastest flowering cannabis and defy regular flowering times. With fast version strains, you’ll be harvesting a few weeks earlier, and grow more plants per year. Find out more about Fast Version marijuana seeds and why Crop King Seeds is THE BEST
place to shop for fast flowering strains seeds today.

What are Fast Version Marijuana Seeds?

We constantly look for ways to help growers get the most out of their
marijuana growing activities. One of the latest marijuana seeds products that are making the lives of growers and breeders better is fast version marijuana.

Fast Version seeds promise faster plant growth, better harvests, and good plant health. Find out more about what fast flowering marijuana seeds are and how these can make a difference in your marijuana growing activity.

You might think that fast version strains are the same with autoflowering cannabis varieties. They are not.

Autoflowering cannabis strains will grow auto plants that can flower faster and bloom automatically. However, fast version cannabis strains  aren’t autoflowering strains. They are photoperiod, which means they are light dependent, but they are a week or weeks earlier to harvest compared to the regular photoperiods.

Fast version strains are photoperiod strains, which mean there will still depend on a 12/12 light/dark schedule to flower. These strains are designed to finish faster despite the need to be in this light schedule, and thus, you won’t have to wait for a very long time to harvest your buds. Fast version plants will harvest early, but this won’t affect the plant’s physical characteristics at all.

Where Do Fast Version Cannabis Come From?

Fast version strains have feminized genetics. These were made by crossing a photoperiod plant such as an elite female clone from a bunch of photoperiod seeds and combine this with an elite automatic
female plant. The latter plant is reversed to produce pollen that will carry the automatic gene to the cross.

The result of this union is F1 quick hybrid strain with no automatic features but simply grows faster compared to its photoperiod parent. The autoflowering genetics help these plants grow at top speeds from the vegetative stage to the blooming stage.

The secret to creating high-quality, quick flowering strains is having a group of elite autoflowering marijuana strains. These elites have the automatic DNA and pass this to the F1 hybrid strain.

Benefits of Using Short Flowering Marijuana Seeds

Aside from early harvests, fast-flowering cannabis seeds have so many overlooked benefits.

Best for Cash-Cropping

Cash-cropping is growing plants for their commercial value. Cannabis strains that will grow quicker harvest faster with larger yields are perfect for cash-cropping because growers will get
more for their efforts.

Get More Resin with Faster-Growing Cannabis Plants

You’ll get a lot of resin with fast flowering high yield strains. You can collect resin to make all kinds of marijuana products like hash, rosin, live resin, oils, edibles, and more. Collect resin in small bags or in air-tight containers and smoke them if you have no more buds.

Flavors and Aromas are Preserved

Because you are combining elite strains, you are preserving the amazing qualities of these elite strains. You are preserving their taste, aromas, and even their effects, which are known to be more powerful than their regular counterparts.

Grow Confidently Even in the Northern Regions

Growers who are desperate for good strains can use fast version strain because these may be grown in areas where there are harsh weather conditions with reduced risks. By harvesting weeks before, you can protect your plants from drastic weather changes and weather conditions. People from Russia, Germany, Poland, England, Scandinavia, Canada, and the Alps can confidently grow cannabis for personal use.

Makes Growing Easy

Because you are harvesting early, it’s easier to manage your plants, and you won’t have to spend more money on resources (plant food, water, electricity, fertilizer, and equipment).

Reduces Likelihood of Pests and Fungi Attacks

Pests often attack near the end of a plant’s life because they are attracted to flowers that contain juicy resin. While molds and fungus may attack any time, they are fiercer and more devastating during days before harvest time. With fast version cannabis, you can avoid the onslaught of pests and molds will be less of a handful as well.

What is The Difference between Fast Version Seeds and Autoflowering
Marijuana Seeds?

You might be wondering, why not just grow autoflowering marijuana instead of fast version cannabis?

To answer this, you must understand the difference between the two strains. First, fast version cannabis strains are enhanced photoperiod strains which will give you bigger yields than the autoflowers.

Yes, these have the autoflowering gene in a way that it has an
automatic parent, but it remains as a regular strain that needs a 12/12 light/dark schedule to flower.

Autoflowering marijuana will grow faster and harvest faster, BUT won’t depend on a special lighting schedule to bloom. It will start to bloom because of how the way the seeds were developed and not by
changing the light schedule.

Growers who want to create new strains but don’t have time to wait for ordinary regular plants to grow can use fast version cannabis. They can grow and harvest early to test the effects, flavor, and other characteristics of their resulting strains.

Is It Hard To Grow Fast Version Marijuana Strains?

Actually, growing fast version marijuana plants is very similar to growing ordinary regular strains. Both types need the same 12 hour light and 12-hour dark schedule to bloom.

So to answer if it’s hard to grow fast-growing marijuana seeds: it depends on the strain you want to grow.

If you’re cultivating a difficult marijuana strain, then you may need to double your efforts. But if the strain you wish to grow is an easy, forgiving strain, then even a beginner can do it.

Tips in Growing Fast Growing Marijuana Strains

Remember the following when growing fast version marijuana strains:

Do your Research Before you Grow

Growing fast version cannabis is just like cultivating regular cannabis. Do your research and learn about the following before you even purchase seeds: the growing environment that the strain prefers, the type of growing medium, how much to feed, when to water, and many more.

Some cannabis strains are easy to grow while some can be very finicky.

Consider strain descriptions, just like the ones we have on our site. These will help you gauge if the strain is for beginner growers or for experts. Just a head start before you begin your new growing activity.

Indoor Marijuana Growing is Best for Fast Versions

Because growing a fast version is new to you, it would be best to watch your plants closely by growing it inside a growing environment. You may cultivate it inside a tent, cabinet, or in a spare room. Also, when growing indoors, you can tweak the environmental conditions readily to fit the needs of your plants.

Soil or Hydroponics Growing – Which is Best for Fast Flowering Strains?

Any growing medium works with fast version strains. However, most of our customers prefer the hydroponic setting because you don’t have to deal with simple worries about soil like maintaining soil and root pH, nutrient lock, and pests found in soil. With hydro, your fastest flowering cannabis will grow even quicker because the roots are exposed to nutrient-rich water. However, if you don’t the resources and the know-how for hydroponics growing then soil will work just fine.

Light, Nutrients, and Water

When it comes to light, the more, the better. Plants that get more light to grow healthier, stronger, and faster. And a lighting schedule that allows ample darkness will also benefit plants as roots grow better in the dark. A lighting schedule of 20/4 or 18/6 would be a good way to start your fast version strains and then flip the switch to a 12/12 lighting to stimulate flowering.

Fertilizer for this kind of strain would be a kind with good organic nutrients. Make sure that you’re providing the correct nutrients that are appropriate for the growing phase of your plants. Watch out for nutrient problems like high nutrient levels or lacking nutrients; these can be easily
detected when your plants start to change color in the leaves, there’s a presence of wilting or shedding of the leaves. Rescue your fast version plants by flushing your growing medium with plan, pH-balanced water, and discontinue the supplement or fertilizer. As a rule, feed half or a
third of the regular dose first. And when it comes to watering your short flowering cannabis strains, we recommend creating a watering schedule. For plants grown in soil, apply water during the early morning when the
temperature is not yet as hot, so water can stay in the soil longer to allow the roots to take water up longer—water your plants when the soil is dry and not when it’s wet or moist.

Pests, Molds and Fungus

Pests such as caterpillars, crickets, spider mites, thrips, snails, and slugs must be removed as quickly as possible. If you neglect one insect or slug, sure enough, that there are plenty more nearby. Use natural pest control products to preserve your plants.

Caring for Fast Flowering Strains

And as with all cannabis plants, you need to provide tender loving care to your fast version plants. Tend to it every day, monitor its growth, and create a diary of your progress. Take time to learn more about taking care of the type of strain you’re growing and to consult experts.

Why Buy Fast Version Marijuana Seeds from Crop King Seeds?

We Have the Best Fast Version Marijuana Seeds

We do our best to find the best fast version marijuana seeds for our customers. We know what our customers need when it comes to faster and more productive seeds. And apart from fast version cannabis seeds, we also have the latest Autoflower Marijuana Seeds, CBD Medical Seeds, Dwarf Auto-Feminized Seeds, Feminized Marijuana Seeds, Regular Marijuana Seeds and of course, our Mix and Match Marijuana Seeds.

Our Marijuana Seeds are the Freshest

Using fresh marijuana seeds is better. It’s one way to guarantee healthier, high-yielding, productive plants. We strive hard to make sure that our seeds arrive fresh at your doorsteps using our efficient breeder packaging.  Canadians receive their seeds order inside our original sleek-designed packaging while international customers will receive their seeds inside a discreet packaging designed for keeping the seeds fresh and healthy.

Fast Version Marijuana Ready to Germinate

We have a germination guarantee of at least 80% as long as you follow our strict and effective germination instructions. Follow this well, and we can guarantee easy to sprout seeds. Most of our customers get 100% by strictly following the seeds germination instructions.

We know you have many questions about germinating seeds, especially if you have never done this before. And if you’re new to germinating seeds and you have problems or questions about it, please contact our 24/7 Germination Hotline at 1844 276 7546. You can also chat with us via our live website chat or email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Special Deals for All Customers

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Forget About Other Seed Banks

There are other seed companies out there that offer fast flowering cannabis strains, but we can guarantee you that we have better products and services.  Our seeds are hand-picked by our experts and are tested for quality.

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