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  • NO, according to the Farm bill act of 2018 – we do recommend to always check your local city/state laws. You may find more comprehensive information from the United States Department of Agriculture –
  • Minimum age of 18 years old is required with valid method of payment
  • All sales are final – No refunds or exchanges.
  • No refunds or exchanges can be applied to any order with a tracking number established & applied.
  • Any possible replacement seeds will be different batches of the same strain on the original order.
  • Order Updates – Can be made to orders with no tracking number established.
  • Refund Exceptions – Any package with tracking number applied must have “returned to sender” status, mailer must be completely unopened & not tampered with
  • Canada based orders ship out of Vancouver BC with an estimated time of arrival being 3-7 days after the package is shipped.
  • All other orders ship out of Los Angeles, CA with an estimated time of arrival being 3-7 days after the package is shipped.
Please call in to go over the germination method used during the attempt. We will identify possible areas of improvement for reattempt.
  • 1 Free seed is given for confirmation of 5 star review.
  • 10 Free seeds are given to every order with subtotal higher than $420
  • Check out our Sale page for great deals & free seed promotions.
Any order with a subtotal over $200 qualifies for free shipping.
  • Submit photos to: [email protected], be sure to include contact information, phone & order number.
  • To be featured on your social platforms email Strain name & photos to: [email protected]
    • Be sure to specify if you’d like to remain anonymous, or specify your social networks & tags for photo credit.

If you are interested in becoming a retail point for selling seeds, & you have a store front location for your business visit :

International Shipments

  • Any shipment outside of Canada, United States of America & US Territories is considered an International shipment & will require 20 or more seeds per order or a subtotal minimum of $200
  • No 80% germination guaranteed on international orders.
  • Transit delays may occur, there are no established dates of arrival but all packages are sent with USPS Tracking Numbers.
  • Payment Options for International shipments
    • MoneyGram
    • Bitcoin
    • Cash or International Money Order
  • We do NOT accept international credit cards
  • Correct & Accurate shipping information is required

For any questions not answered here please reach out to : [email protected]

Payment Methods & Coupons

  • All sales are final – No refunds or exchanges.
  • Prices are denominated in USD for all customers.
  • CAD pricing is available for all Canada orders, once country is selected at check out.
  • Credit or Debit cards with a Visa or Mastercard logo, registering to USA or Canada are accepted forms for credit card payments.
  • Bitcoin payments accepted
  • Cash or Money Orders can be mailed in with order forms or order number referenced.
    • Cash is to be mailed & Money Orders are to be made out to:
      6311 VAN NUYS BLVD #154
      VAN NUYS CA 91401
  • Money orders made to Crop King Seeds or making reference to “Seeds” will be returned to the sender pending updated one.
  • MoneyGram payments are accepted Electronically
  • Any orders over $420 USD/CAD are subject to signature & identity confirmation upon purchase, As well as Signature upon delivery. All sales are final.
  • Coupons are non-combinable & can NOT be applied on top of ongoing promotions or sales.
  • Previous credit – New order MUST BE PLACED AS CASH TO REDEEM any seed credit or coupons promised for previous orders, customer must call in to speak with a representative to apply credits, coupons & payment for current order.
  • DECLINED payments are subject to reattempt – twice a day for two week’s time. Unless Customer confirms a different payment method or the deletion of the order.

Delivery & Shipment Issues

  • All sales are final – No refunds or exchanges.
  • We are not responsible for any loss or damage sustained during transit.
  • All orders below subtotal of $200 are subject to a standard price of $20 for shipping.
  • Orders for US customers in all 50 states as well as US territories – ship domestically out of Los Angeles California, via USPS Priority Tracking.
  • Orders for Canadian customers ship domestically out of Vancouver BC via Canada Post.
  • Packages are shipped with a 3-7 day estimated time or arrival from the day tracking number is applied. This time may vary depending on the postal carrier.
  • For any delays or issues after package has left the warehouse, receive or customer must file a claim with their local mail carrier via Links provided below:
  • Packages Lost in Transit or stolen require a Postal Service claim number for reshipment
  • Packages with a confirmed Delivered status require a Postal service claim number. Secondary packages must be shipped with Signature verification or updated address.

Germination Guarantee

  • We can not honor any germination below 80% that was not attempted using our outlined germination method sent with every order.
  • After taproot is produced to ensure survival of seed place into PLAIN potting soil
    • NO nutrients & NO Fertilizers
  • After sprouts appear in soil – Germination Guarantee has been met & Grower’s personal method is responsible for plants overall outcome.
  • All sales are final – No refunds or exchanges.
  • Crop King Seeds is not responsible for any environmental responses the plants may have.
  • An 80% germination rate is promised to any pack size when the germination guide is followed correctly.
  • We will not honor any germination attempted with any other water than Bottled Spring water. Tap water, RO water, Distilled water, well water, etc.. do NOT qualify for replacements if germination rate is below 80%.
  • No Germination guarantee will be give to seeds that were placed into a bag, had a covering on any kind, or used a seed / heating mat during germination attempt.
  • Order is eligible for one time product replacement per order.
  • Orders are eligible for germination guarantee, up to two years after purchase, if seeds are properly stored & correct germination method is used.


Can’t find the answer to your question? Feel free to Contact Us, we are ready 24/7 Worldwide to assist you with any question you may have.

Attention all International orders

All international orders are not covered by the germination guarantee. Before placing your order, please ensure the email address provided is current and accessible.

Customers are responsible for the cost of shipping for any package reshipments. Taxes & Fees may be required during pick up or delivery, some countries require brokers to clear package (submit to your local customs).

A minimum of $200 Item total and 20 Seeds on cart required to purchase an order.


We accept US and Canadian dollars, Visa, Mastercard and Bitcoin. We accept Interac E-Transfers for Canadians Only. Our mailing address is provided upon check-out

The prices for our seeds displayed are in US dollars. Since we are a global company we choose to process in US dollars for all orders outside Canada.

We ship to all countries. Canadian customers receive seeds in our original packaging. Customers from all other countries receive seeds inside random objects such as pens, flashlights, birthday cards and other items. Anyone can buy our seeds as long as they are over 19 years of age. Only authentic Crop King Seeds are found inside our famous packaging. Be careful of knock-offs


Crop King Seeds come in special packaging that is sealed for freshness. All of our orders are shipped discreetly and with complete privacy
Authentic Crop King Seeds packaging can only be sent to Canadian customers. We are unable to send empty packaging separately to other countries.
  • Free Shipping – For all total item orders over $200 free shipping applies. Simply order enough seeds an we will cover the cost of shipping.

  • $20 or $40 Priority Registered with Tracking Guaranteed Delivery with insurance, depending on country of destination. 2 – 7 business days within North America. No Signature Required Importing seeds to some countries can be difficult. Approximately 5% of our orders are seized. Choosing the $20 or $40 Priority shipping option guarantees delivery of your order.

NOTE: Priority shipments take 2-5 days for delivery

Other FAQ's

We have spent 12 years building our company and the seed business is all about word-of-mouth referrals. We have no interest in keeping your money. We will make more money by ensuring you are delivered a quality product, so you can tell your friends and family.
Our main office is in Vancouver, British Columbia, on the West coast of Canada. We do not keep a record of your credit card number on file. We do not sell email addresses either.
We are always looking for new retail distributors for Crop King Seeds. You will find that your customers will come back to buy more packs directly from you. Contact us with information about your store and why you would like to be a distributor.
Yes, Crop King Seeds are sold in many retail and online stores. Please look through our list of stores provided in the website banner to find a retail location closest to you.
The best method for germinating seeds is the cup of water & paper towel method. For detailed instructions, See the germination page on this website to learn how to germinate Crop King Seeds.
At Crop King Seeds we stand by our product. Our seeds are inspected, tested and handpicked to be mature and viable. Each strain differs somewhat in size, shape and colour. Some seeds such as White Widow will actually be paler in appearance, or “white”, which is completely normal. An immature seed is green in colour or has a husk still attached to it. The guarantee is for germination only and does not extend to growing in your choice of medium such as soil.
The height of a plant is dependant on the environment the plant was grown in, anything from the soil, the light or even the air quality can cause a plants height to vary. In general dwarfs are shorter, indicas tend to grow wider and bushier and sativas grow thinner and taller.
Yes, in rare circumstances this can happen. On average it is about 1 in 1000. This is caused by stress during the germination process. Always watch your plants carefully for characteristics of hermaphrodism. If you do begin to see such traits, move the plant to another room or dispose of it immediately to ensure you do not seed out your own plants or those of your neighbours.

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