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Afghani Regular Marijuana Seeds

(46 customer reviews)

Strain Overview

This original landrace strain gets its name from its country of origin. First discovered high in the mountainous regions of Afghanistan, this euphoric and relaxing indica strain is perfect for cloning, cross breeding and large volume production. Above average in THC, this well-known classic is a must have for experienced or new growers.

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More About Afghani Regular Marijuana

Crop King’s Afghani regular marijuana seeds are ‘Regular’ cannabis seeds that are a mixture of both male and female seeds. If the male and female seeds are grown together and pollinate, they will produce more seeds instead of flowers or ‘buds’.

If the aim is for your plants to produce buds, but you still want to use a regular strain instead of a feminized strain, you can separate the males before they pollinate the females while they are still immature plants. An easy way to tell the difference between male and female plants is during the pre-flowering stage. At this time the males will produce pre-flowers that are ‘ball’ shaped, while the females will produce pre-flowers that are ‘pistil’ shaped.

Crowd favorite Afghani is a high yielding strain that is very potent and delivers a lasting high. Above average in THC, this indica-dominant original landrace strain gives way for a relaxing and happy high that works for both new and experienced users any time you need to unwind.

The perfect smoke to cap the night, consuming this indica-dominant strain will give you a strong body buzz, and will have you glued to your bed while soothing and calming your tired muscles. Afghani has a robust full-flavor accompanied with hints of exotic fruit.

The yield for this strain is remarkable, reaching 500g when grown indoors and 300g outdoors. These are hefty amounts, given that every part of Afghani’s huge, gorgeous, sparkling buds is absolutely packed with stinky and pungent goodness and a kind of satisfying body high you rarely find.

Order yourself some of these delightful cannabis seeds and be prepared to harvest impressively huge yields of beautiful, sticky and stinky buds after a few months. Afghani is definitely worth the work you put into it.

46 reviews for Afghani Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for MM


    Just received my souvenir package that I was told would take 7 to 14 days. It only took five days so shipping was super fast and customer service was also great when I had questions when I first was buying. I am assuming that the amount I received was an error or a hook up since I’ve only bought a 5-pack, in my souvenir package I received 7. Hopefully things will keep looking up from here I will keep updated.

  2. Avatar for Chris K

    Chris K

    I ordered these seeds 12 days ago and they arrived today discreetly packaged – I live in the North East USA – I honestly expected it to take a little longer but I was very happy today when I saw the package and was even happier when I saw they enclosed a “gift” with my order. I already ordered more seeds and have enjoyed some of the finished flower my sage mentor grew with seeds from CK and I can’t wait to get these germinated and in the ground. Will update with photos as the process proceeds. Thanks CK – so far you are as impressive as advertised

  3. Avatar for Keith


    Very pleased, last summer I bred the Afghani (m&f), also with White Widow (fem) and Crown Royale (fem). Got the most seeds from the straight Afghani. I had good luck with all the varities but the Afghani are more hardy and a better looking plant.

  4. Avatar for Beekeeper


    It was great weed, exactly as described. Good body buzz. All 5 seeds germinated. 1 male 4 females. Some plants grew 10 feet tall 6 across outside in one season. Highly recommend

  5. Avatar for Verified Customer

    Verified Customer

    Had ordered 5 and received 7 had a few not germinate after following step by step process. Finally got 2 to grow. One male and one female. This was my first real stab at growing and the female smells phenomenal. Buds looked very good and after harvest I tried a little after a week of hang drying. Very good taste and the high was very strong. They’re all curing now in jars for a couple weeks and can’t wait to really get to smoke. I did have to pull a little early but still great cannabis. Definitely will try this again

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