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Aurora Strain is the offspring of Afghan and Northern Lights. Aurora Strain seeds, similar to Northern Lights, are major areas of strength for relieving the psyche and making you feel calm. The Aurora strain is a weighty Indica, as its name recommends. Its folks are both known for making areas of strength for a body high. This most recent strain, nonetheless, doesn’t have a similar strength as the others. In any case, bear as a primary concern that it is as yet fit for overpowering clueless clients. This strain is as of now known to be extremely powerful for what it’s worth. This is made accessible just here in Crop King Seeds! Order now!

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Strain Profile Info

Type: Indica-dominant (55%) x Sativa (40%) x Ruderalis (5%)
Genetics Parents: Northern Lights x Afghan strain
Flowering Time: 8-10 Weeks
Climate: Mediterranean Climate
Yield: 400-500 gr/m2 (Indoors) Medium (Outdoors)
Flavor: Spicy, Berry, Sweet, Pine, Fruity
THC Level: 14%-20%
CBD Level: Low
Height: Short
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What is Aurora Strain?

Aurora is an intense strain that can dive its shoppers into profound, relieving thoughts. This strain is a cross between an Afghani landrace and Northern Lights. What results in a fragrant and exceptionally resinous flower that presents weighty, practically opiate sedation? Aurora’s THC content has been estimated at between 14% and 20%.

Strain Effects

Users describe the Aurora Strain’s Indica high as one that is most certainly a creeper – the impacts will gradually expand on you, out of nowhere leaving you stoned and completely loving your seat locked. This weighty actual high is joined by a gradually constructing and steadying cerebral quiet that ultimately slips you into a profound and tranquil sleep.

Strain’s Aroma, Flavor & Appearance

Blueberry’s piney notes will sting you during the initial not many hits. Every inhale may be joined by these extraordinary earthy tones, which give the smoke an impressively full body. Alongside that, there are all remainders of hot and sweet flavors that continue to cover your taste detects. The mix of this multitude of flavors in your mouth while you smoke makes for a wonderful encounter. They gradually begin to see little, appealing nuggets that look a little green and soft as the items in the all-dark holder are spilled out. With parallel side branches, it seems to grow bushier. Growers should anticipate bigger and heavier buds accordingly.

Growing Information on Aurora Strain

You may anticipate that this strain will have a bushy and short structure because it is Indica-dominant. This cannabis variety may yield 500 grams of marijuana per plant and is suited indoors for ScrOG and SOG methods. Aurora Auto Strain is suited for both novice and experienced growers with a compact structure and short blooming cycle. It produces sticky buds that are excellent for extraction and concentration. Be sure to utilize a dehumidifier to avoid the environment becoming excessively wet. With such dense colas, shapes can rapidly create, demolishing your reap.

Aurora Strain is a little plant that grows around 3 to 3-1/2 feet tall. It would benefit from however much daylight as expected whenever grown outside. In the meantime, it flourishes in soil and hydroponics when grown indoors.

Medical Benefits of Aurora Strain

Extraordinary strains are beneficial to something beyond recreational buyers. It could likewise incline toward clinical marijuana patients. The Aurora Strain Seeds doesn’t dishearten in such a manner. Muscle fits and pain alleviation are two of the most well-known utilizations for patients. Furthermore, its soothing impact quiets an individual, permitting it to help individuals deliver strain. Thus, the strain can treat a few psychological maladjustments, including wretchedness. In the long run, most clients nod off until the medication’s impacts wear off. Beyond question, this will benefit individuals who are experiencing difficulty sleeping great. Light sleepers, specifically, can benefit from the Aurora Strain.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are an Aurora strain’s common effects?

This strain instigates weighty full-body impacts and a steadying cerebral quiet. Aurora is a powerful strain for night treatment of sleep deprivation, pain, and different circumstances requiring a tranquil night’s sleep.

Will Aurora Strain cause mind flights or hallucinogenic impacts?

Seeing the stupendous light show in the attractive poles of the northern and southern halves of the globe should be elating. Accordingly, certain individuals might feel that the Aurora Strain can cause visualizations or hallucinogenic impacts. A long way from it, as this strain is 55% Indica, its impacts are more on the body.

How much does Aurora strain yield?

With this cannabis strain, you can anticipate a SOG yield of 400–500g/m2. Following 8 to 10 weeks, flowering begins. The Aurora Strain is perfect for novices because it’s simple to grow and forgiving of any growing errors that may occur.

2 reviews for Aurora Strain Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for France Alee

    France Alee

    One of the best so far, no regrets about my orders!! Easy and fast transactions Thanks, Crop King!!!

  2. Avatar for E. Gresham

    E. Gresham

    OMG! This marijuana is really fruity!! It tasted like I was chewing a mixed fruit, and on exhaling it had a coffee-like lingering aftertaste. Because of its lovely flavor, my sister wants to grow it too. Every toke relieves me of the stress I’ve been carrying around from my exhausting job as an event manager. This was really fast and easy to grow. It’s a shaggy, small plant. I planted them in my side yard and was surprised by the large yields they produced after only 9 weeks. To me, this is a masterpiece! Well done, CKS!!

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