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Blue Amnesia Strain Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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Enjoy the distinctive Blueberry flavor found in Blue Amnesia Strain, an autoflowering cultivar. It has a tremendous effect and a wonderful flavor that will undoubtedly keep you full for hours.

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Strain Profile Info

Strain Parents: {Amnesia x Blueberry} x Ruderalis
Strain Dominant: Hybrid
Flowering Time: 6-8 weeks
CBD Content: 0.3%
THC Content: 18%
Growing Difficulty: Easy

Even though it has a moderate THC content, a few puffs will leave you feeling upbeat, joyful, and prepared to face the day. Step up your growing game with Crop King Seeds and the legendary Blue Amnesia strain. With free shipping on orders 200$ and above, discreet shipping, and easy payment options, there’s no reason not to get started on your next growth today!

What is Blue Amnesia Strain?

The Blue Amnesia Strain was produced by fusing Amnesia, Blueberries, and Ruderalis. These Blue Amnesia Strain cannabis seeds were carefully developed from a Ruderalis strain and these two illustrious cultivars. One of the key benefits of growing Blue Amnesia Autoflower is its capacity to grow quickly—from a tiny seed to a fully-grown cannabis plant in as little as 9 to 10 weeks. Such a feature attracts producers wishing to stock up quickly. It matures according to age and is unaffected by the length of the day, so the convenience doesn’t end there.

As a result, regardless of the ratio of light to dark hours, it automatically moves from the vegetative to flowering phase. It is perfect for balconies, little gardens, and clandestine growing because of its persistent shortness. Blue Amnesia Autoflower can thrive in chilly, hostile environments and may literally grow everywhere, both inside and outside. Nonetheless, it needs the proper climatic circumstances to be a fruitful mother.

Strain’s Flavor, Aroma & Appearance

When properly cured, the Blue Amnesia buds have a characteristic flowery aroma that is pleasing and bubblegum-like. When the blossoms are crushed, the earthy scent of recently rain-soaked soil is also released. A mouthful of sweet bubblegum is how Blue Amnesia’s smoke or vapor tastes. Gourmet cannabis enthusiasts must not miss this flavor combination, which also includes a subtly sweet floral element. When temperatures dip near the end of the flowering period, its buds and leaves will exhibit a magnificent dark plum color.

Growing Information of Blue Amnesia Strain

One method to avoid this is to leave the defoliation to experienced growers. The use of organic soil and fertilizers enhances the scent and flavor characteristics of Blue Amnesia Autoflower. On the other hand, controlling nutrients is made easier by hydroponic systems. Whatever your taste, we firmly advocate routinely checking the medium’s pH because it could cause a pH imbalance, which is a significant factor in nutritional deficiency. For soil, the ideal pH range is between 6.2 and 6.5, and for media without soil, it is between 5.5 and 6.1. Amnesia Blue is an autoflower, thus she dislikes transplantation and doesn’t have time to recuperate from the harsh pruning that photoperiod strains require.

Although effective germination of these seeds is crucial to plant health, use the method you feel most comfortable using or direct-sow into your final container. When direct sowing, add a tiny bit of seed starter to the growing media to prevent burning the roots of the seedlings. By the time the plant needs the nutrients, the roots will already have absorbed them. When cultivated indoors, Blue Amnesia Autoflower can yield 100 grams per square meter. The humidity level in the grow chamber during the pre-flowering stage must vary from 40% to 70% for the best chances of attaining such a yield. Once the buds have opened, reduce it to less than 50% to prevent the growth of mold.

Keep the temperature below 32°C (89.6°F), as well. The Sea of Green method, which entails growing 4 to 9 plants in 11-liter pots on a surface area of one square meter, is the last strategy we suggest utilizing. This maximizes the utilization of the available space and promotes a speedier and heavier harvest. Maximum outdoor harvest for Blue Amnesia Autoflower plants is 200 grams. If you want to harvest cannabis with a yield size close to this, plant it in a location with adequate sunshine and grow it in large pots. Given that warm, dry weather is excellent, summer is the most productive season.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Blue Amnesia a Sativa or Indica?

A hybrid cannabis strain known as Auto Blue Amnesia has a genetic makeup that is divided into sativa genetics, Indica genetics, and Cannabis ruderalis genetics to a 20/20 ratio. The hybrid was produced by breeding Cannabis ruderalis with the parent strains Amnesia, Blueberry, and others.

How strong is Amnesia Strain?

Amnesia Haze is a potent and illustrious sativa-dominant marijuana strain that initially debuted in Europe in the 1990s. It has a high THC content (between 22 and 24%).

How long does Blue Amnesia Auto take to grow?

Autoflower Blue Amnesia grows quickly over a brief period of time because to its autoflowering characteristic. In fact, it takes this strain only 6 to 8 weeks to develop from a tiny seed into a mature plant that is ready for harvest.

5 reviews for Blue Amnesia Strain Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for James G.

    James G.

    Fantastic strain! With all the tension I was experiencing that day, it really calmed me down. had a fantastic night! The most pleasant strains I’ve ever tried.

  2. Avatar for Robert L.

    Robert L.

    This one helps my migraines. It is quite gentle on my body, and after an episode, I continue to use this strain for approximately a week to prevent the occurrence of another one. Although you can never be certain with the human body, I believe it helps.

  3. Avatar for King Nova

    King Nova

    A very good strain for me! I smoke one when I need a boost of energy. I grew one this year and it produced a heavy yield. It matured pretty fast too, in just about 8weeks. One of the reasons why I enjoyed it so much is that it smells so good. It has hints of sweet and spice, and kind of fruity too!

  4. Avatar for Joshua


    I grew two of these plants this year. One was shorter and darker with a heavy yield. The other was taller and lighter coloured with smaller buds but had a similar yield in the end. The short one had a black Liquorice smell to it and the tall one had more citrusy notes. Both tasted and smoked fantastically. Will be growing this strain outdoors again next season. Easy to grow too.

  5. Avatar for Michele Shealy

    Michele Shealy

    Impressive strain for me. A lot of strains I tried, and this one topped among them. I like its features, the quality of the seed and its uniqueness. Very easy to grow. The height of this is just fine with me. So much fun watching it grow. I will sure recommend this to my colleagues. A+

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