How To Germinate Marijuana Seeds

We sell and test thousands of marijuana seeds per month. By germinating weed seeds and testing this high number of seeds, it ensures we only ship viable seeds with germination rates of 80% or higher. There are a lot of ways in starting marijuana seeds, but this method is proven and tested to work by our experts and our customers thus we can only guarantee a high germination rate if you follow this Guide. 

How To Germinate Marijuana Seeds

1. Submerge your seeds in bottled spring water at room temperature.

  • Start a timer and soak the seeds for 14 to 18 hours. Don’t soak them longer, or they will die.
  • NOTE: Even if the seeds have not cracked, you can proceed to the next step. The sinking of the seeds is not necessary.

2. On a ceramic dinner plate, lay two thick paper towels on each other.

3. Fold the paper towel like a burrito on both sides to cover the seeds. Then pour the water with the seeds over it.

  • Make sure there is no extra water. A plate or a zip lock bag should NOT be used to cover it.
  • Oxygen, warmth, and moisture are essential for the seeds.

4. Keep the paper towel wet by adding water occasionally. Put it in a dark and warm open room (75 to 80 Fahrenheit). The seeds should not be soaked in water.

  • For successful germination, the seeds need access to oxygen. Avoid putting them in a cupboard, drawer, or any other small enclosed area, as they will have difficulty opening.

5. Before transplanting into plain soil, wait for the seeds to crack open and a taproot to grow 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch.

*It will take 2 to 7 days for each strain to crack open.*

Storing Seeds: For up to 2 years, seeds can be stored in a sealed glass jar. You should store the jar in a dark and cool place (such as a basement or garage). The temperature should be between 41 and 45 Fahrenheit.


Your seedling can be planted into your next medium (soil) when it has a taproot of 1/2 inch (2 cm). Use plain soil with no nutrients or fertilizers for the first three weeks because your seedlings are very fragile.

To plant your seedling, dig a hole about a fingertip deep and place the seedling in it with the taproot facing down. Then cover it with soil and put it under a light source or natural light. Water it lightly and wait for it to sprout on its own.

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