Wedding Cake Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Wedding Cake is a sweet strain with a fragrant smell and taste. It is enticing with indica effects that will help you relax, clear any mental worries, and will keep you calm and contented throughout the day. It is also a strain that can deal with different medical issues, including pain, anxiety, stress, and depression.

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More About Wedding Cake Autoflower

The Sweet Tasty Treat That Will Make You Say I Do

Wedding Cake Autoflower is a mix of fragrant aroma and delectable taste. The smell of this weed alone is an enticing treat for those who are looking for an alternative weed to smoke. The fruity odor mixes well with the earthy vanilla flavor that is distinct from this strain. This Indica dominant hybrid starts with an invigorating buzz that clears any mental cobwebs. An emerging sense of happiness soon follows such mental clarity, and the user is left in a blissful, relaxing state.

For most people, eating sweets usually helps in reducing stress. The same concept takes place when you consume Wedding Cake Autoflower. This sweet-smelling treat is a great stress buster, and its healing properties are highly effective against other health-related issues.

Made to improve the amount of yield that the original strain lacks, this auto-flowering version ensures that once harvest comes, growers will fully enjoy a good amount of yield.

8 reviews for Wedding Cake Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Buddha Gardens

    Buddha Gardens

    WC Auto is amazing and a must grow. All 5 seeds popped and produced towers of flowers each 24 – 26″ high. Big juicy buds with a dry weight just under 2 oz’s per plant. Seed to harvest in 71 days, outdoors in soil /5 gall pots. Killer smoke, very euphoric, def top shelf.

  2. Avatar for Madelyn


    4 of 5 germination. Amazing growth shown by these plants. I have a 400 watt HPS along with the Mars hydro TS1000 in a 5×5 tent. I’m using advanced nutrients, (micro, grow, bloom, sensei cal, big bud) and I’m also scrounging. Very different phenos as well. One may be huge, another may be small and stubby. Great smelling buds but I’d be happy to get a return on my seed that failed to germinate. Thanks

  3. Avatar for GVOnurser


    very forgiving plants for first time growers. I’m about 40 days in, and just starting to show pre flower. you can follow along the progress on IG @gvonursery if you’d like to see the end results!

  4. Avatar for K


    Huge buds, best I have ever seen from an auto. 112 days from seed to harvest, and worth every second. 3gal pots with good soil, and Grow nutes only. All 5 were just monsters, just shy of 2oz per plant.

  5. Avatar for buds_and_bassetts


    Popped two of these 70 days ago. Two very different phenos but both happy and healthy and very easy to grow. Guessing yield nearing an ounce per plant when finished. Grown in 3 gal fabric pot/soil. Grow photos @buds_and_bassetts on insta. Thx CKS 😊. Hoping to follow up with yield in the next few weeks.

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