Kali Mist Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Kali Mist Feminized Marijuana is indeed a must-try pot for those looking for the best of the world’s strains. Although it is believed to be a hybrid from 2 different South East-Asian Sativa strains, the Kali Mist’s precise lineage is uncertain. This strain has a genetic component of 90% Sativa and 10% Indica, a strain you didn’t know you needed. It’s also an award-winning marijuana strain and an ideal choice for novice & seasoned smokers because of its mild THC content level of 16% paired with 0.85% CBD level. This strain releases a delicious blend of fruity solid, earthy, herbal, and pine-like flavors.

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Kali Mist Feminized Strain Specifications

Type: Sativa-dominant (90%)
Genetics Parents: Unknown
Flowering Period: 12 Weeks
Climate: Sunny Mediterranean / Temperate
Yield: 300g-500g
Flavors: Earthy, Citrus, Sweet, Spicy, Pine
THC Level: 16%
CBD Level: 0.85%
Height: Tall
Harvest Period: November
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Kali Mist Feminized Strain?

The potent smell of Kali Mist Fem can be detected by fans everywhere. With a touch of fruity and pine undertones, it has a mainly earthy and spicy fragrance. The taste is a little different than the scent, and when consumed, this marijuana strain produces sweet and spicy flavors, followed by citrus hints and a generous swirl of herbs on exhalation.

Kali Mist is recommended to use in the morning due to its mind-soothing effect and the ability to induce creativity. Its cerebral boost does not send you spinning, but rather one that clears your mind and lets you concentrate; that’s why it is used for yoga and meditation. This marijuana strain is a mood-booster and can trigger happy, positive thoughts thanks to the average THC content of 14 to 16%; however, it is believed to trigger psychedelic effects when consumed excessively.

What are the Medical Benefits of Kali Mist Feminized Strain?

Kali Mist Feminized will provide you with physical and mental relief. As a result, this marijuana strain became well-known in the medicinal cannabis industry. Patients suffering from depression, mental illness, fatigue, and post-traumatic stress disorder were said to find comfort after consuming this marijuana. It can help alleviate psychological disorders because it creates a stable and optimistic cognitive psychological condition.

Its energy-boosting effect could aid in the management of chronic discomfort. This strain has h indeed help to assist with mild to moderate pain. When it comes to menstrual cramps, this can be especially beneficial for women. You can use the plant’s analgesic properties to alleviate pain, asthma, migraines, and other serious diseases. People who are experiencing nausea and vomiting can benefit from it as well. They’d inevitably succumb to food cravings as a consequence of the munchie-inducing effect.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Kali Mist Feminized Strain

Cannabis consumption, whether for medicinal or recreational purposes, should still be kept to a minimum. There are no rules about what amount you can consume, but knowing your threshold is a good place to start. When you smoke a bit more than the recommended dosage can cause harmful effects to become far more apparent; for an instant, it can trigger a psychedelic impact, leading new consumers to become nervous or paranoid. Other common adverse effects when consuming marijuana are cottonmouth and dry eyes, but you’ll learn to adjust to it, and it can be easily cured when you stay hydrated.

How to Grow Kali Mist Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Kali Mist feminized can be developed both outdoors and indoors, but it is best grown indoors, particularly if you have the equipment needed and space. Instead of being bushy, this has a spreading growth pattern with smaller leaves but more broad buds. The Kali Mist can reach a height of about 4 ft indoors. It grows well when grown when using the ScrOG method and Low-Stress Training approaches. Flowering will take up to 12 weeks, which is longer than most other strains. However, it produces a good yield of about 300g-500g/square meter.

This marijuana plant can reach a height of 10 feet if developed outdoors. And that means there’s more effort to be done in pruning, trimming, and general maintenance. Because of the long flowering period, you’ll need to add in the harvest season, which starts in November, to ensure sure the weather is hot and sunny. Kali Mist is expected to yield about 300g-500gper plant by harvest time.

4 reviews for Kali Mist Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Steve


    Received these from CK as a free sample. Grew one plant outside this year. She was probably 9 feet tall by the end. Buds were not the biggest but they turned out great after dry and cure. Will consider trying these inside down the road.

  2. Avatar for Big D

    Big D

    Kali Mist was a gift. Thank you Crop King. This flower was amazing, it sure turned alotta heads, the size, aroma and effects were awesome. I grew this in my hydroponic system and they ate and drank like mad cows. I would grow this again in a heartbeat. I have always over the years, used your seeds, sometimes the odd batch doesn’t germinate worth a crap, but I was never one to complain. These Kalimist germinated just fine. I Thank you again for the gift.

  3. Avatar for Fras


    So far so good! Just germinated one seed with absolutely no problems! It is growing really nice and I am only one week in. If you go with the germination method described on this site, you cannot lose! Can’t wait for this to really get going! Still too cold here in newfoundland to put outside so I may grow this baby in the ole grow tent! If it warms up here, I may do a couple of clones and see how big this can get outside in newfoundland!!! Thanks King, you are simply the best!!!!!

  4. Avatar for Tone Dog

    Tone Dog

    I grew this 2 years ago with great luck. Tall and strong with dense buds that tasted great and picked you up and got you going. I really have to get some more!! I loved it!! I had trouble getting seeds to germinate but one plant was enough to hook me.

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