Dark Angel Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Dark Angel balances indica and sativa characteristics while growing easily enough even for a novice grower. An excellent strain for gentle relaxation or for moderate pain relief while allowing your mind to explore. This strain typically has dark green leaves and produces flowers that are rich in trichomes with THC level that can reach up to 20%. The terpene profile of Dark Angel has hints of coffee and nutmeg.

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More About Dark Angel Feminized Seeds

Being equal parts Indica and Sativa, Dark Angel feminized seeds gives you a taste of the best of both worlds. Capable of growing and yielding handsome quantities of resin-rich buds indoors or outdoors, this plant is classified as an easy grow. If you are new to growing weed, this may be a good option for you.

Dark Angel is the offspring of crowd favorites Cheese and Jack Herer. When growing this plant outdoors, you can expect yields of around 350g. Indoors, a single Dark Angel plant can give you up to 550g of trichome-filled deliciousness.

This strain is primarily used for relief from minor and moderate body pain. The body buzz induced by Dark Angel is guaranteed to keep you locked to the couch for hours as your mind is left free to wander and think clearly.

This strain is nice to have around if you are into spending weekends in absolute relaxation or would like to calm or soothe aching muscles. This plant is also quite versatile. The THC content is high, with a good amount of CBD at 0.4%, which explains the effect of this plant against some bodily ailments.

We recommend Dark Angel for growers who would like to have an interesting, versatile, and easy grow in their garden. This strain caters to both medical and non-medical marijuana patients, and it combines some of the best effects of its parent strains.

26 reviews for Dark Angel Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Doodles


    Started 5 for indoor grow, 100 percent survival. Into my 3rd week of flowering and looking good. Will post when all done. Love Crop King, 3 orders with you all and great results.

  2. Avatar for Chronic


    day 19 looking great thanks cropkingseeds

  3. Avatar for Mike


    Absolutely loved this strain! I’ve waited almost 8 months to post this review. This was my first order from CKS and first time growing. Ordered five seeds, received seven. All seven did germinate. I only had four actually make it, but that was due to my mistakes since this was a new experiment for me. This strain took a long time for me to finish. They were in veg for around 3 months and then switched to flower for almost 14 weeks. It was well worth it! Taste great and smokes smooth. Great for pain or just wanting to relax in the evening. This strain was my go-to choice for pain relief after back surgery. Thanks, CKS for making it easy to get high-quality cannabis seeds!

  4. Avatar for Medical Cannabis Anonymous

    Medical Cannabis Anonymous

    So far I’ve done 3 legal medical grows with Cropkingseeds seeds and have grown 4 varieties. I’ve grown: dark angel, purple kush, early miss and am now almost done white widow. I’m 2 years in. I noticed that Dark Angel was the best, each seed produced really ultra massive colas that were insane. Each plant was massive and one plant even had a strange volleyball sized super cola. Each plant grew with a 600W Mehzi reflector. Dark angel was clearly a highly superior seed. Dark Angel was legendary because it was like going for the “american sized” portions. HUUUGE colas that were insane, endless bags of really high end dense buds, the more you watered, the more they drank, I had never seen anything like it.

  5. Avatar for Vt Dude

    Vt Dude

    Very easy to grow, I got 100% germination and had no problems. Strong buzz, be careful letting it flower too long, unless you like the disabling high.

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