Grape Drink Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Grape lovers, come out! The mouthwatering Grape Drink Feminized cannabis is a treat that was created specifically for you. Quench your marijuana thirst with this weed, which was produced by crossing two grape-flavored strains: Grape Ape and Purple Punch. 

Experience this Mary Jane once, and you will definitely be coming back for more, not only for its tasty profile but also for its relaxing indica punch.

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Grape Drink Feminized Strain Specifications

Type: Indica dominant hybrid, Feminized
Genetics Parents: Grape Ape x Purple Punch
Flowering Period: 7 – 8 weeks
Climate: Warm
Yield: High
Flavors: Berry, Grape
THC Level: High
CBD Level: No data
Height: No data
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Grape Drink Feminized?

There is no element of surprise in its name; you can easily tell that this weed tastes like grapes. An excellent mix of yummy flavor and desirable relaxing effect is found in the Grape Drink Feminized marijuana. As you enjoy its berry-grape taste, you will also get to enjoy a peaceful day where you can just sit back and relax. The body buzz will wash away any muscle tensions and make you feel as if your limbs are melting. With this, you will find yourself not wanting to move around and just be lazy all day. Thus, this is best smoked for unwinding during the long weekend or at the end of the day.

What are the Medical Benefits of Grape Drink Feminized?

The Grape Drink Feminized strain will also be able to help tokers looking to relieve their conditions. It is best known for managing physical discomforts like pain due to its indica genes. However, it has enough sativa DNA, which can help aid a wide range of mental disorders. Smokers will also experience mental clarity, which is beneficial against anxiety, depression, and stress. When your mind and body feel notably calm, this ganja will easily lull you to bed. Even insomniacs will find themselves with heavy eyelids.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Grape Drink Feminized

Even though dry eyes and dry mouth are minor side effects only, many find these extremely uncomfortable. These conditions are familiar to those who smoke weed, so a lot of smokers already know how to combat these discomforts. Luckily, it will not take much effort to manage these. When you smoke the feminized Grape Drink strain, drinking plenty of water and applying eye drops will help you get rid of these. 

While there are no reported serious side effects, it does not mean that you can smoke this Mary Jane excessively. Avoid taking this strain for granted by overindulging no matter how delicious and relaxing it is, or else you might suffer from unwanted severe repercussions.

How to Grow Grape Drink Feminized?

The Grape Drink Feminized plant is pleasurable to look at. It has complementing green and purple-colored nugs that are covered with curly orange hairs and shiny trichomes. These beautiful buds can be collected after 7 to 8 weeks or by October. 

Cultivators can either grow this plant indoors or outdoors. Being an indica variety, it is possible that it will grow short only, which is perfect for those who have limited space only. However, this is just a possibility, and it is yet to be confirmed.

As a feminized variant, cultivators can expect to have heavy yields since no male plants will develop, ensuring that every bud will be used for smoking. This will also make sure that no time, effort, and resources will be wasted on male plants, which will only end up being thrown away.

2 reviews for Grape Drink Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Luis Dominguez

    Luis Dominguez

    This.strain..sounds.. Great…i…love. Grape.. Favor. Want..beans🍇🍇🍒🍉

  2. Avatar for Adam Mayne

    Adam Mayne

    It’s a must to try this calming weed! It’s what I’ve called “my after-shift pot” since it helps me unwind after a long day. When smoked, it has a lovely taste and smell, and I enjoy how smooth it is. My sister was glad since it relieved her menstrual cramps. As a result, I’ll have to purchase additional seeds in response to her request. It also helps to relieve muscle soreness. This is never a waste of money, dude. It was so simple to cultivate that I kept it in my basement and it produced excellent crops in only 7 weeks. This is pretty impressive!

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